Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chipsarthur treachers

I had the displeasure of visiting the Arthur Treachers at 12585 Rockside Riad in Garfield Heights Oh. Upon etering the resturant I observed the manager sweeping the floor. After she finished sweeping the floor she went back behind the counter preparing to handle food. While waiting for our fish to finish cooking i watch her pick up the trash can and empty the trash. Again i watched her go back to handling food.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Garfield Heights, OHIt was at this point myself and another customer spoke up and asked her if she would go sanitize her hands that we observed her sweep the floor and touch trash, and now you are going to handle our food. At this point she became irritate and begin to yell at us and say she didn't handle a trash can but it was a wastebasket. When then told her regardless of what you want to call it you are still touching trash and you are going to handle food without washing your hands or even outing gloves on. You can spread germs or something worse. She then left went to the back and never return leaving the cook to finish preparing our food.

Jan 18, 2018

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