Arizona Medical Boarddiagnosis of my epilepsy

I have had epilepsy all my life with all doctors to prove from epstien to saunder burns to thomas thacker and i am appualed in ur practices. They decoded to say you dont have epilpsy per carolyn of terros and also thr physchologist of mesa saying u have bipolar. No i have eeg ekg proof that it is completly invalid and have had enough of medical abuse. In addition I have been told with epilepsy that I have to be gravely disabled no Im a single mother ran my home cooked cleaned and even living with my parents paid wat i could the min 100 per month and have also a letter that was for des to prove i was builying and taking care of me and my daughter with her signature. Perjury. In addition i have facebook proof showing i never said any of the fabricated false accusations that was put on the petition. An overall I am requesting to have all illigitament allegations removed for fabricating false testifing and organized crime of social workers. Such as kim rankin abusing in a text saying u take depakote for bipolar not epilepsy that is not a drug for epilepsy. In proven text also. I have to take this also up with navajo my clan the congress and others for civilian rights attack and disability targeting and domestic violence manipulation of a life.
Terros townly mesa behavioral hospital and doctor kumar and patel

Jul 25, 2018

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