Appletree Medical Group Complaints & Reviews

Appletree Medical Group / waiting time

Sep 03, 2019

Hi there, This is Vishal writing from Ottawa. I had an appointment with doctor and my waiting time was supposed to be 2 hours. However, what had happened is, I ended up waiting for more than 2.5 hours . This was my first experience with apple medical center and It was worst. How could you...

Appletree Medical Group / complaint to college of physicians and surgeons

Sep 03, 2019

I thought I was a patient of Dr. Gopi Arumagum's because I was told by him that me and my autistic teen son were. This was 3yrs ago, in June 2016. I don't even know where to begin. About 9 referrals to specialists were not made that he said he made. I paid for $50 to have papers for...

Appletree Medical Group / opening times

Aug 25, 2019

I called the main number to find out if there were any clinics presently open in Ottawa. They gave me an address for one. I drove across town to the clinic and when I got there I was told that they closed registration more than an hour ago. I called back the main number to ask why and they...

Appletree Medical Group / renew prescription

Aug 12, 2019

I walked in at 645pm and the reception said they are closed, i said its not 7 yet she had a smerk on her face and said nope sorry not taking anymore people. 3 yrs ago i went here and i liked the Dr and i made them my family Dr for me. After this with the smart ass smile and refusing me im...

Apple Tree Clinic / doctor’s basic customer service skills

Jul 30, 2019

This was the absolute worst service I could possibly fathom. My new boyfriend and I both checked in to get STI testing as a form of precaution. We waited over an hour. When my boyfriend and I got called, we got placed in separate rooms. My boyfriend gets seen by the doctor first who...

Appletree Medical Group / breach of confidentiality

Jul 24, 2019

Appletree Medical GroupA staff member divulged information without a signed consent form... I would like someone to please contact me via phone to discuss this...attached photo is proof provided by cas worker in court case [protected] or via email [protected] and or can someone please provide me with the...

Appletree Medical Group / patient care

Jul 17, 2019

I went to the York University location due to a post travel bug. I was treated with antibiotics and was required to provide a stool sample- which i did onsite immediately. After my week of antibiotics I was not better at all. I called back to find out about the stool sample as clearly thi...

Appletree Medical Group / echo-cardiogram results lost

Jul 11, 2019

30 days ago I had the test done (June 11th. 2019) and had to cancel an important appointment with Dr. Juan Salcedo because I know he needs the results and they are still not back. I have been his patient since about 1997 and he has taken extremely good care of me. I give him at least *****...

Apple tree medical clinic / medical

May 04, 2019

My ultrasound results were received by Apple tree back office within a week and they were not entered on my patient profile. When I went to the clinic in 2 week I was told the back office made and error. The same issue happened again on my March 29 ultrasound which was received by the...

Appletree Medical Group / unethical behaviour

Apr 21, 2019

I booked an appointment at appletree centennial college progress campus on Apr 6, 19..I almost waited for 40 minutes and they attended everybody else. when asked, she told she wasn't aware that I was there. After I went inside, I told her about that I have some rashes on my face coming and...

Appletree Medical Group / having to remove shoes during dry weather

Apr 17, 2019

I went to the Appletree Clinic at 2116 Montreal Road in Ottawa. I registered at the kiosk and took a seat. I watched as each patient was told to remove their shoes before going to the examining room. The shoes were clean, the roads are dry, the snow is long gone; why remove our shoes. The...

Appletree Medical / referral/lack of

Mar 11, 2019

I came here just after christmas to get a prescription refilled for add medication i've been taking for years and years. My family doctor was out of the country due to a family emergency and I couldn't get an appointment with any other doctors at her practice that suited my...

Appletree Medical Group / excessive wait time and don’t accept guard me insurance

Mar 02, 2019

I visited this clinic for the second time and I had waited more than 40 minutes to see doctor and doctors told to pay before he is going to checkup, I am international student and have guard me insurance and but he denied to accept it. When I came before on my visit I didn't have to pay...

Appletree Medical Group / prescription renewal

Jan 18, 2019

Hello, I visited the clinic at 941 Progress Ave in Scarborough at Centennial College. I just wanted a prescription renewal. I even brought in the actual medication bottle to show the nurse who was seeing me. She wrote me a different prescription. I had asked for Taro-Clobetasol topical...

Appletree Medical Group / negligent medical advice

Oct 13, 2018

Have gone to this clinic out of necessity as I live in Quebec and have no doctor. I pay out of pocket each time so I at least expect to get passable advice. Went in recently to review bloodwork results and to flag (again) that my bloodpressure is too high. Test results indicated a problem...

Appletree Medical Group / referrals and document management

Oct 10, 2018

Clinic has awesome wait times, the doctor seems great. Unfortunately every time I need a referral it never gets done the first time and have to go back to my doctor's office again to get a new referral. I was applying for ODSP and they say they sent the forms out, but ODSP never received...

Appletree Medical Group / medical appointment

Jul 06, 2018

Walked in to the clinic because it's close to my house. They told us there was only 1 person ahead of us. We waited for an hour. No one was being called in. When I asked, I found out that the doctor had only just arrived. He was 45 minutes late. Many bad experiences with this clinic. Thi...

Appletree Medical Group / call center

May 07, 2018

It seems that every time I call the [protected] number they have no idea what is going on. Most recently I received a call may 6th and a voice mail was left to call back. I called back may 7th and it took two tries to get someone on the phone, then that person gave me the wrong information!!!...

Appletree Medical Group Inc / medical file transfer

May 01, 2018

My family doctor sent a request to have my son's file transferred over. After 3 weeks I called the Appletree Medical Group and the call goes to their call centre as they don't have a local number for each location. The call centre agent was very unprofessional and didn't speak clearly...

Appletree Medical Group Inc / patient service / booking department completely unprofessional!

Sep 05, 2017

Appletree Medical Group is the most unprofessional group of people I have ever dealt with... and these people have access to my medical records! I have never been so angry at "patient service" department as I am with them. I requested an appt with my doctor, the guy at the booking number...

Appletree Medical / plantars wart treatment


I brought my 11 year old daughter in for Plantar wart treatment. The foot specialist was running late and made us wait 25 minutes. When he came into the room, he was extremely fast and in a rush. He badly burned my daughters feet as no more than 2 hours later had 2 burn blisters about 1...