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Today December 7, 2016 at California State University East Bay, for lunch I ordered orange chicken chow main and honey walnut shrimp at panda express. I have finals this week so I am studying while eating food. their soda was watery and perhaps that was what made my tongue feel tingly. So I kept eating until the last bite and I saw a small mushroom under the shrimp. I told them I was allergic and they pointed me to the health center. The doctor there injected me with epinephrine and I was advised to go home as they were closing soon. But I have a final! I was handed a note to send to the instructor and a bill of $8.60 for the dose of epinephrine. I was advised to go home because it may have an effect of acute tachycardia ending with high anxiety. This is a major subject that, unfortunately, I will have to repeat because of this carelessness! Meaning I wasted months and around $2000+ for classes and $1600 for equipment (books and ebook + mastering physics subscription etc.)! What I noticed during this incident, recently, when food bounces out of the tray landing on the various parts of the work station, they just flick it back into the trey using the scoop. As of right now I am being monitored, because the issue with an allergic reaction is it comes back within 3-5 days of treatment! And I have another final tomorrow! I also have to make a follow up appointment tomorrow at kaiser spending $15 Co pay for their mistake! All in all my quarter was ruined because people were too concerned about throwing out food that was flung out of its tray and on the disgusting work station, that they use various contaminated scoops.

Aramark Uniform Services
Aramark Uniform Services

Dec 07, 2016

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