Arab African International Bank / سوء معاملة وتطاول من أحد موظفين البنك-

Ridgewood, Egypt

The undersigned is [name removed] Wealth Managment Client- I today went to cairo festival Branch to transfer amounts via Western Union - Although I'm a Wealth management Client- i took a number "68" and waited for more than 90 min- the teller finalized transactions for 4 clients while the number was on 67- Asking him politely who turn it is- started to give me a lesson and accused me that I want to jump over others turns- the teller name is Mohamed Abdel Hadi- the CCTV inside the Branch will show you how many client he dealt with under 67 (he accepted the basis that a client take a number go make shopping and return and serve him- but we the clients abiding by the rules should wait-
A teller to try to take from me the forms in my hands by force is not accepted (it included private documents)- he has no right to try to snatch the papers in my hand- he has nor right to talk to me in loud voice and accusing me that I want to jump the turn and take others turn (he did not know I'm wealth management and could have went to Customer Service and Gave me a special number with faster turn)-
I will appreciate checking the CCTV as per the number token i entered the Branch 1:44 PM and CCTV will show that I did not leave the branch and such events of mistreating a clients was about 3:15 PM-
Last the above mentioned teller urged me -in front of other bank team and customers in a bit loud voice that "please to file a complain against him" accusing me again I'm the one who is trying to jump others turn and quote
انت عاوز تأخد دور الناس التانية
This is not accepted- you can to eliminate any doubt ask wealth management team who dealt with me- and ask them did I ever got angry or nervous- or rude- NEVER- even tellers in Street 90- Fifth district thank me for my way of treating them over polite-
Once again all such is recorded on the Branch CCTV- I informed then in CFC branch that I will file a complain and will ask that the CCTV footage to be checked-

Awaiting your action and reply-

Sep 27, 2017

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