Applied BankExcessive Calling and fee's


I applied for the card ($500 card) in 2007. It is now Saturday July 4th, 2009 and they just called me again. (this is the 3 rd time in the past 2 years they have called me on a Federal Holiday) They call non-stop when I am late on a payment. I have made some regular payments they requested ($37) a month and I have made other payments of $40-$75..but I did miss a few payments here and there. They have verified I have made almost $400 in payments since I have had the card. My current amount due is $957.23. They charge a 10.95 monthy fee, they charge 12.95 to pay by phone, they charge last fees AND over the limit fees AND finance fees and they mark these on your bill as CASH WITHDRAWL so they can charge even more interest on top of those fees. I have Credit Cards with HSBC, WAMU, and Capitol One ... I have no problems with those companies...but APPLIED BANK...stay away from them...they are privately run and answer to no one...once again DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD THROUGH APPLIED BANK no matter what.

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