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Scam and cheating

I don't know if this is legal, if it is something needs to be done. I admit my account is pretty well...

Rediculous and Hidden Charges

I don't know where to start!!! A couple years ago I had applied and received a credit card from Applied...

Horrifying & obscene fees

I foolishly have a credit card with Applied Bank, never investigating it before I got my card. I have had the account for a couple of years now and have ALWAYS made my payments on time. Recently, due to no error of my own, Applied Bank claims to have received one payment of mine 4 days late and they are now charging me $180.00 over and above my last ON TIME payment to this account!!! I called to speak to customer service and was told although I do have an excellent payment history, there is nothing they can do. They want the $180.00! This Bank is getting away with ROBBERY!!! Stay away from Applied Bank!!!

scam of false charges and lies

I recently contacted you in regards to account number [protected] on or around March 20th 2008 in regards to the current status of my account. I reached a representative to whome I explained my current situation.
Credit Limit Available Credit Days in
Billing Cycle Billing Cycle
Closing Date Payment Due Date Amount Past Due Minimum Payment
$1200.00 $- 263.00 29 03/2/2008 03/27/2008 $210.00 $347.00

I spoke to the representative about the current status of my account being past due in the amount of 210.00 and a minimum payment due of 347.00. The representative that I spoke with on that day enrolled me into a program that Applied Card bank had known as a hardship program. Under the agreement that the representative enrolled me under the situation was stated that starting April 16th the amount of 100.00 dollars would be withdrawn from my account. Subsequently on the may 16th, and on June 16th consecutively that a payment would be withdrawn from this account.. According to your website you have received 2 of the three payments as shown below.
Payment Post Date Amount Method
05/16/08 $100.00 MULTI CUST SVC PYMT
04/16/08 $100.00 MULTI CUST SVC PYMT

As these payments were being processed to get my account up to date according to the representative advised me that only one charge of 12.95 for the first payment would be charged along with a suspension of any over draft or late fees for the months of march April may, and June that would normally be assessed would not be charged to the account and at the end of the three month period my account would be satisfied as up to date.
I kept receiving letters, phone calls and emails about my account not being up to date so around may first I check with my online account access and found that after my payment was received I was charged a over the limit amount of 35$ and a late fee of 35$ on 3/2/2008 and on may 2nd 2008 after payment was made and after a verbal agreement was reached with your representative a month prior. Wondering if there was a mistake in my account I called into your customer service line at [protected] I explained to the representative the situation as explained above and they advised me that after the program was completed that all the charges would be refunded. This was not acceptable because so I requested they be removed so that I have an accurate reflection on my account because along with the payment and the fees which would still accrue interest at the 29.00% interest rate and the representative is not able to answer so he transferred me to a manager the manager advised me there was nothing he could do and he would submit the issue to the correspondence department for review and someone would get back to me with in 24-48 hours
After this time I had not received any communication regarding my inquiry and so I contacted Apllied card bank back at the same corresponding number. I spoke with another representative who again could not provide me any additional information so transferred me to another supervisor who placed me on hold while she communicated with another line manager about the current issue with my account. The supervisor advised me that since my account was not enough payments passed due that the original representative that set me up on the hardship account had no write to do that because the program was still in a testing phase.. but that since the original agreement was made that she would talk with her direct supervisor or director and that they would get the account balance were it was suppose to be. She provide name and extension of herself and direct supervisor which I can supply upon request.. After a couple of days with again no communication I called back and was giving the same information that it was a mistake on there end and they would rectify the situation. And that there is nothing they can do at the moment about the current fees. I called back several more times being transferred to a number of departments where no one could provide me a resolution to the issue above. If upon request would like documentation on the phone calls made I can supply a phone bill because of the long distance number being called and the exact amount of time on the phone trying to come to a resolution.
I called again one more time today May 22, 2008 and spoke with a supervisor who said that they would not honor the original verbal agreement made because the representative that made the arrangements was not authorized to make them. So I again advised them of the situation and advised that I have been completely accountable for my part making my payments when requested and asked again for the 4 356$ fees to be removed and have my account reflect a current amount of 1347 dollars as originally agreed. And that I should not be punished or made to pay more because applied card bank could not keep the verbal agreement that it originally made instead the supervisor said she could enroll me in another hardship program where I would pay an additional 6 months of 90 dollar payments an that I would again not be charged late or over the limit fees and that my interest rate would also be reduced to 22% this is unacceptable

  • Ho
    Howard Douglas Clements Nov 14, 2008

    ITRIED TO SETTLE WITH APPLIED BANK BUT THEY DIDNT WANT TO SETTLE I HAVE givin 556.00 in payments in 5 months and have only charged 399.00 I feel i am payed in full

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Terrible experience!

Like a fool I accepted this card. I paid my payments until I got sick in February of 2008 and contacted them. I explained to these people that I was disabled and with their protection policies it should cover the charges. They charged me outrageous fees for late fees and for anytime I used the card. Also they charge a monthly fee of $10.95 regardless if you use it or not.

I tried to cancel the card and told them I would pay them when I was able to return to work and they do care. I have been harassed by them and I am only behind on one payment. Then they charged $32.00 for being late after I notified them. I have pneumonia and I am disabled anyways. I draw Social Security benefits and I owe more than the card even began with. Every week they charge more money.

This is the worst company I have ever seen and should be checked into.

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Predatory lending!

I used to work for Applied Card Bank/i would happy to talk to any lawyers suing ACB for predatory lending.

  • Ma
    maudi May 27, 2008

    i could not agree more a gentlmen called me stating he was from a law firm represnetingg applied bank and set up 2 consecutive payments for me but i unfortunately misplaced his number and needed to contact him about one of the payments when i contacted applied bank about this gentlemen they told me that my account was still with them and that they only send accounts to either collection or there credit collections department and that they couldn't identify this gentlmen.

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Scam and lies!

My experience with them began in February of this year and ended pretty abruptly when I found out the truth about Applied Bank. This is, in fact, the very same CROSS COUNTRY BANK that ripped off THOUSANDS of people and caused headaches for many more.

I fell for an email ad that came through asking me if I wanted to apply. I was told I was 'pre-approved' for a special offer. This was nothing more than a scam. The application was simple and all seemed well at first... I filled it out and was approved immediately. Then I got a sickening feeling in my stomach like something was VERY wrong here. So...

I began to do some digging online and ran across the very company that Cross Country Bank had used to harass and degrade consumers: Applied Card Services. So I called Applied Bank and was told that it was a mistake and they were not Cross Country Bank, they had nothing to do with Applied Card Services, blah blah blah. I called the PA Attorney General's office and sure enough... the man on the other end, who did not give his name, told me that they were ONE IN THE SAME and that the AG's office will soon be filing a lawsuit against this company for deception and attempting to gain an injunction against them to stop them from ever doing business in PA again.

Eventually, I also found the REAL terms of the card I applied for: 29.75% interest rate... charged from the get-go. The fees begin the minute the card is printed --without you having to activate the card. There is no grace period on new purchases -- you have to pay interest right off the bat. There are two fees. One is a $50 fee charged for issuing the card to you. The other is an astronomical $100 annual fee. And the card only has a $350 credit line. This is the biggest rip off on earth if you ask me.

I called Applied Bank and told them I wanted to cancel. They told me that I could not cancel, and that I was stuck with the card because I asked for it. Then the person I spoke with hung up. I called again, said I wanted to cancel. The person became indignant and began using obscene language, then hung up. The third person I spoke with did cancel the account. Just to make sure though...

Caveat Emptor... Buyer Beware!

  • D
    D Mar 27, 2008

    How about just not paying...who cares about credit anyway? it always takes your money...just pay cash and say ciao!!!

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  • An
    Angie Mar 27, 2008

    Has anyone filed a lawsuit against them and if so whats the info so I can sign up I really need this off my credit. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Ja
    Janae Aug 12, 2008

    applied bank, just like all other credit cards, give u contracts. the cardholder is responsible for abiding by the contract and if they dont, it cleary states all the fees that are taken place. if u cant handle the facts, dont do what u dont know!

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  • Li
    lisa ambroe Aug 26, 2008

    Were do i begin with these scamers closed my account after i got my aug bill they charged me 8.00 for using there free customer number its not free then a 10.95 maintenance fee that put me over credit limit then a 32.00 over limit fee after that i closed my account .

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  • La
    larry Oct 08, 2008

    Absolutely ridiculous. Just when I thought they couldn't go any lower...I closed my account, paid almost $300 to pay the balance in full which included the $13 phone payment fee. I got some guy saying "yes your account is now you will not receive anything else in the mail...your confirmation # is xxxxxx." Then, just because I know these rats, I check my account online and sure enough, they kept my account open and charged me monthly maintenance fees after this date, with interest, and more! How is this allowed to happen? Why are we screwed? This is extortion! limitlessly charging people money, so if they don't pay they can screw your credit report and keep a bill for you, keep charging late fees, etc. How is this guy allowed to stay in business? He just changes the name of his bank and starts his criminal activity all over again. This should not be allowed to be called a bank, it should be put in the category of the mob.

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  • On
    One Angry Consumer Jan 26, 2009

    I made the mistake of going to one of those sites that "rates" credit cards and applied for a card from Applied Bank. They did tell me in the description that once Applied Banks sucks your money out of your account for a secured card that it will take six weeks to process your card. So after having my money for 17 days, I called and figured something might not be right, so I just wanted to get my $500 deposit back. They don't even have an 800 number, it is a call YOU have to pay for! The customer service agent was polite, but not knowlegeable at all. I told her I wanted my money back, and she immediately asked to place me on hold (at least she DID ask permission). After a bit of a hold, she came back and told me it would take at least 2 more weeks to get my money back. I have been in the call center industry for over 10 years, and I have worked with banking institutions. This is rediculous for Applied Bank to do this. Essentially, I told her, if they have at least 2, 000 customers who applied for the card at a $500 deposit, Applied Bank has one million dollars to play with without the CUSTOMER getting the benefit of using their own money. She then told me that actually it could take up to another 30 days to get MY money back! I asked to speak with a supervisor thinking that perhaps the supervisor could expedite the process. That turned out to be a nightmare. I spoke to a "supervisor" named Felicia. She was absolutely horrible with NO customer service skills whatsoever. She kept cutting me off, telling me that "they" are the ones over at processing or the credit department that make the policies, that HER department has nothing to do with it etc. She kept trying to over talk me when I spoke to her, and she rudely put me on hold without asking my permission which is a STANDARD teaching point in the call center industry. She assumed absolutely NO team responsibility to see to my needs as a customer, nor did she make any attempt to provide any kind of customer SERVICE whatsoever. All she did was blame the other department and speak to me in a condescending and rude manner. I was passed over to someone called George (no last name). He went through the motions of providing an insincere apology for Felicia's behavior. I advised him that she should be spoken to and advised on how to treat a customer. She shunted that aside and wanted to know why I was calling. I again advised him that for the benefit of his company that there needs to be re-training for Felicia on her customer service skills. To sum it up, I suspect that he and Felicia will only be talking about how annoying "these people" are who call, and it will be business as usual. George also was providing no solution nor any attempt to assist me as a customer with my situation. I AM the one who had to come up with a potential solution to my issue to which he agreed. Now we'll see if he follows through. This group knows NOTHING about CUSTOMER SERVICE nor seeing to the needs of the customer. Bottom line, my advice is avoid this group like the plague. You will be doing yourself a favor, save yourself a headache and time. I do not become upset with customer service people because I have been in this business for so long and I understand how challenging this work can be. But Applied's polices and FELICIA managed to ring my bell. That is why I am on here writing this lengthy comment. Be ware!!

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  • On
    One Angry Consumer Jan 26, 2009

    I want to correct my statement above. They did NOT tell me in the description that once Applied Bank sucks your money out of your account for a secured card that it will take six weeks to process. Also, they do NOT tell you that they are going to do a credit check. The credit check is one of the reasons that they were stating that the process takes so long. I've run credit checks on consumers before too. Takes all of about 10 minutes, most of which is putting the information in the computer. It comes back quick. More lies by Applied Bank.

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  • Db
    dbaldwin Feb 09, 2009

    I am in the process of trying to get my money back as well. At this point I am going through the process of the legal affidavit with my credit union, after 3 weeks of them promising to reverse the charge in 24-48 business hours. I am so furious with this company. I am looking for the lawsuit information as well. We need to do a class action.

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  • Ra
    rayne Mar 18, 2009

    just a follow-up to my previous complaint. i have contacted the BBB in Delaware, and the State Banking Commission. if i have to take it to the state Attorney General's office, so be it. they f#*ked with the wrong person this time.

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  • Ge
    genpa1 Apr 30, 2009

    Applied bank are nothing but rape artists...I thought rape was illegal in this country! We went from owing them $350 to over $1200 and had to fight with them to close the account. The "mob" probably had better rates. Their customer service employees either do not speak english or the have less then a high school education. If our new president has any gumption he needs to crucify these criminals. Never again..its cash and carry only.

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  • Ap
    Applied loler May 15, 2009

    I hear form ppl that work for this ### company and they treat their employees worse then anywhere. You ppl are being lied to everyday, the company is outsourcing people and India is messing more ppls accnts up then usual. If u have this card idk y! U have to always read the fine print this card is truly the biggest scam ive seen in awhile. The best part is in order for any of u guys to get into there hardship prgrms u have to have 1 of ur family members die! lol "Im sorry Mr. cardholder u have to have 1 of ur family members dead or a natural disaster, oh u just need help paying your bills no problem just kill ur wife and kids and flood ur house an call us back to be enrolled in our ### prgrm". BTW george was fired felica was fired the collection floor from what i hear is down to 30 ppl an still firing. The biggest scam with this company is if u nvr ever miss a payment an u miss 1 ur apr is 29.99 wow. u get montly maintence fees too wtf. STAY AWAY FROM APPLIED ###

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  • Ca
    Catatonic Jun 11, 2009

    My experience with applied bank:

    After submitting my application I read on their website that it could take up to 30 days to process everything and get you your card (this was for a secured credit card). When I had called they said it would probably take around 5 days once everything was set up, but money was too tight to risk it.

    So I called to have the account canceled. The girl I talked to says sure, we can cancel your account, but once we get the money it will take up to 30 days to do a refund. Now, the email I got from them initially after submitting the application said that if they cannot withdraw the initial deposit for ANY REASON, the application will be denied and that will be the end of it.

    So I got the great idea to empty my account so my bank wouldn't put that deposit through. Sure its a $35 NSF fee but thats worth it to avoid waiting 30 days in my opinion.

    So the payment gets denied, I think everything's great, my applied bank application cancelled. Right? WRONG! They kept hammering away at my account trying to get that payment through. You wouldn't believe the NSF fees I racked up. Luckily I had some money coming in so it wasn't such a big deal, so I figured what the heck I'll just get the card as I wanted a secured card to fix my credit anyway.

    So I call, ask them to cancel my cancellation and the girl goes "I don't show that this has been requested to cancel". Now, not only did I request the cancellation but per their email my account should have been denied something like 5 times over for all the failed withdrawals, and she's not seeing any of this. What the heck?

    So I verify the account, do the song and dance to get the card, and ask how long it will take before I can get it. 5 to 7 business days she says. Alright, good enough. A week later I call and ask for status as I havn't received the card yet.

    "Sir, did you request to have this cancelled? Yeah...last month I see a cancellation request. Its going to take 30 days to process this."

    WHAT? They were hammering away at my account trying to take that money out...JUST SO THEY CAN TURN AROUND AND REFUND IT (UP TO 30 DAYS LATER)? I am going ahead and getting the card, because like I said I need one and they've already got my money, but I will shed blood before I let my account get into any kind of trouble that would require me to deal with these people.

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  • P1
    [email protected] Jun 12, 2009

    They suck. Period. I will squawk like crazy and be a total pain in their ### if they don't refund the $300 I put up to get this stupid card. They've even got an A+ by the BBB and others but are the biggest scam in the world. IF you have this card, CANCEL IT. Don't bother calling their listed support number, call 484-840-2705 to cancel this scamtastic card, you should get someone in the US. It took me 4 calls to 877-208-3928 to get that number, and their listed customer support number goes to an automated system that will NOT transfer you to a representative, it just keeps looping. ARRG how annoying. If I run into any problems getting a refund or getting calls I'll repost and start a f---in lawsuit and start being a REAL nuisance. Seriously.

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  • Va
    valstar Sep 13, 2009

    They took my money on 9-1-2009 and 13 days later my application is still pending. They have had my money for almost 2 weeks and my app is still pending. They have called me 3 times asking me to verify my info and every time i quickly called them back and gave them info they asked for. You would figure once would be enough but i just got a 4 th call today asking me verify my info again for a 4th time. This is a stalling tactic so they can keep using my money to invest or get interest off of it as long as they can. I called today after reading reviews for hours about how so many people are getting scammed this way and not getting thier money back for months some times. So in the time it takes to get your money back they have made money off your money with out even issuing you a card to take a risk i guess hoping you would get fed up and cancel the application and they get more time to use your money with out any risk from you. Once they have milked your money they return it.

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  • Ke
    ke11y Sep 18, 2009

    yeap, they got me too. just paid almost 400 dollar on bill and still got hit with $80 in misc fees. i called to argue with the company and the result was---too bad. suck it up. deal with it. they suck. they are scam artist. and once you get a credit card from them it is like the IRS---so many fees you can never pay the stupid thing off! if anyone is thinking getting in with this company --forget it!!!

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  • Bi
    BillyB Sep 21, 2009

    This company targets people with low to bad credit and charges monthly maintance fees. they state its to help report your credit but when you pull you credit report they show up under an area thats states companys that could be neg. affecting you credit score. They will not help with any credits they changed their cycle date for their montly fees from the 30th to the 1st and billed you two fees on one statement within the same billing cycle and will not issue credit for them. when you ask question about the fees they read a statement and will not give you a correct answer nor will they issue credits for the two fees that they charged in the same cycle. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY BAD NEWS. they want to take the american money and pay foreiner to work for them instead of keeping the money that we spend with them in the US. I hope they get fined, and go thorough a major law suit.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Barber Jan 23, 2010

    Scam, possible. Terrible service from CUSTOMER SERVICE etc etc etc
    This is one reason why America is becoming a country with bad rep

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  • Sm
    SMILIE183 Jul 27, 2010


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  • My
    My Rights Jul 27, 2010

    You can call the # on the account that was used by someone else and also send them a letter. Call and write to the Secretary of State in your State for help. Call the credit bureau too. There is something call a fraud alert you can place on your credit until you have it resolved. It is free and worth doing.

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  • 83
    83brandon Oct 13, 2010

    Applied Bank is a joke!!! I applied for one of their secure cards and gave them my checking account and routing number for payment, but decided to cancel my application thanks to the horrendous reviews I was reading about them online. Anyways, the next day they opened (Monday), I spoke to one of their ghetto call reps. (Alexcia) who told me it would be cancelled, yet they (Applied Bank) still took money out of my bank account two days later. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Comission and would urge everyone to do the same. I'm curretly working with my bank to have the funds restored. Oh, and each time I called Applied Bank to complain about the error, I got a looped message that kept saying their lines were busy and that I would be on hold for 5 minutes. Roughly 25 minutes later, I got through. Thanks to the french woman with an accent. I'm sure she had no idea what I was talking about!!

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  • He
    hefreaky2002 Oct 05, 2011

    Applied Bank is the worst!!! Can't wait to pay it off and close the account and close it!!! Never use them, try another company, do make the mistake of using them, you will be sorry!!!

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  • Br
    bratcat72 Jun 11, 2012

    applied bank are nothing but lairs and excuse i never received a card and we got calls from them but they never said to who or from who so i called and demanded my money back they said 30 days he it is way over the 30 days I called back wanting my money they never canceled so than they said 72 hour here it is over 72 hour and still no money back now they are saying tonight or Wednesday it should show in my account i finally told them if it was not there by Wednesday i am going to law enforcement because they are now saying the electronically deposited Friday so i believe there is no reason why its not there

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  • Ka
    kat22222 Jul 12, 2013

    stay away from their credit card. the are not ethical, they give unwarranted charges, they have unqualified people answering the phone, charge you if you check balance more than twice. RIPOFF RIPOFF RIPOFF RIPOFF STAY AWAY THEY ARE THE WORST

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  • Cr
    crocks Apr 07, 2015

    This company is run by a few thugs they will not delete the negative report of my credit even though i provided them with prove that i never had an account with them complete rip off

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Scam charges and lies!

Stay away from this Bank card... They charge you $100.00 for an increase in your credit account... My wife...

Extreamly high fees!

They charge $10.95 monthly fee plus $6.95 to pay online. If you are late the charge is $35.00 the over the limit charge is $35.00. they cashed my check for $8.00 instead of $80.00 so they charged me $35.00 late fee as well as a $35.00 over the limit fee. They told me they cannot refund charges you have to submit in writing a complaint but until then you have to pay your monthly bill plus your late/over the limit fees or you will be charged the next month $35.00 late and $35.00 over the limit. If the dispute is in your favor they will refund the fees bu need to pay them because a dispute can take 10 business days. I would steer clear of this credit card scammer.

  • Sa
    sandra Mar 10, 2008

    I also have an applied credit card. They have charged my card 3 times for the same over the limit fee. My card is not over the limit and they are still charging me 35.00 extra dollars.

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  • Li
    liza n. Apr 07, 2008

    where do u go for help??? what IS the "next" step? this co. is a scammer and I could add my tale of woe..but I just want to know where do u go from here????

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  • Mi
    Mike Engles Apr 25, 2008

    I'm being charged over $200.oo a month for a card that as yet I haven't even used. My Sears and Visa Cards don't even charge that much. And I HAVE used them.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie McCoy Oct 13, 2008

    I also have an applied credit card. They have charged me three times for a overlimit fee of $32.oo. When I called to dispute it I was told that the fees are valid and that I need to dispute them in writing. Plus customer service reps and supervisors are rude.

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Breach of contract!


In June of 2007 my account with Applied Card Bank was referred to NCO Financial, a collection agency. NCO Financial, acting as the legal instrument of Applied Card Bank, negotiated a settlement agreement that was agreed upon by Applied Card Bank and myself. To be payed in 2 equal payments on specified dates.

On 6/22/07 I made the first of the payments by phone with the NCO Financial representative as agreed. I got my confirmation number and the payment was withdrawn from my bank account. The payment was reflected on the next statement that I received from Applied Card Bank.

On 7/6/07 I called and made the second and final payment with NCO Financial. I received my confirmation number and asked if the account was now paid in full. The representative said yes that the account had now been settled.

The following month I received a statement from Applied Card Bank. The second payment that I made with NCO was not reflected on the statement. Additional late charges, over the limit fees and interest were added to the remaining balance of the account.

So, I called Applied Card Bank. When I told them that the account had been settled with NCO Financial I was told that the account was under review. I found this very curious, so I called NCO Financial.

The representative that I had dealt with told me that Applied Card Bank had pulled all of their accounts from NCO on the day of my last payment and they were not able to debit my account for the final settlement payment. I was told by NCO that Applied Card Bank should honor the settlement agreement that we had made. So I called Applied Card Bank again. They again told me that the account was under review and not to worry about it.

So what happens next. I get a letter from another collection agency, Wolpoff & Abramson, stating that I still owe Applied Card Bank money. I immediately called Wolpoff & Abramson and explained the settlement agreement that was made with Applied Card Bank through NCO Financial. I was asked to fax the paperwork that I had with NCO to Wolpoff & Abramson, which I promptly did. This was done the first week of August 2007.

I have made repeated phone calls to Wolpoff & Abramson since then. On 10/05/07 I called them again, now feeling very frustrated. After I had explained the situation with the representative, he took my phone number and said he would call me back personally. He NEVER did!

On 10/12/07 I called Wolpoff & Abramson again. This time the representative said that Appilied Card Bank would not honor the original agreement that NCO Financial had made with me for Applied Card Bank. Instead, I could work out another settlement with them. At this point, they said I owed them more that I had originally owed in June 2007.

Honestly, I feel that Applied Card Bank is in breach of contract because they accepted my first payment on the settlement, which I made on time. Yet, they did not accept my second and final settlement payment, which I had made on time, as agreed. IF THIS ISN'T A SCAM, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

I owe Applied Card Bank only what we had originally agreed upon. I am ready to take this to the next step legally but I am not sure where to begin. I just know that I am sick and tired of these big companies screwing people over. I am not going to take it anymore. I guess small claims court. I think I am in my legal rights to take this one to court.

Applied Card Bank is a ripoff artist and they should not be allowed to get away with this.

  • Am
    Amy Oct 16, 2007

    I'm going through th same situation with these idiots Wolpoff & Abramson for some very old At&t wireless account. Me & my husband moved multiple times in 3 years & we NEVER got a letter from these scammers until 9-24-07 & they put a lien on our account on 9-26-07... WHAT ***HOLES. I went to civil court with my husband yesterday 10-15-07 & I'm going to fight this, they have NO right & Wolpoff should be shut down for good. They are NOT going to get away with this, people need to stand up & fight! I'll keep everyone updated on the situation but feel free to email me or reply to my story, thanks so much & wish me luck.

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  • Ja
    Jaclyn Feb 14, 2009

    Hi, I just made my final and last payment, and I am worried they'll try to rake me over too. I would have had them paid in December but they charged me five fees that put me over the limit. I have yelled at them so many times, but if they try to say they didn't receive it I will be taking them to court. I already told them that. They actually had the balls to smart off that there was nothing I could do, to go ahead, nothing would happen to them. I was pissed. But, this time I am not playing with them. I wrote a note to tell them that once they have received my check and applied it to the account, I need a letter that says I no longer owe them money. I will call them daily like they did other people harassing them to make sure they send that. I will also be having a lawyer make a phone call if by the end of February I haven't gotten that statement letter. Any advice?


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Poor service!

Good Luck getting ANYWHERE with this so called bank-they will be the first to lend you credit and the last to commit to any customer service. We have been with them for a few years and now my balance is down to zero-yet I am being billed for a 11.92 month maintenance fee?? I totally agree if I HAD an outstanding balance-but I have NONE. I called the bank and spoke to someone who told me I HAD to pay it but I could dispute it through the FAX number [protected]. They refused to lower my interest rate of 29.99%-after paying them for a few years now... I am going to cancel the card. Well I just tried and their phone system is such a mess-it just keeps rerouting you to the computer link-giving you your balance and such-I tried to reach a human by reporting a lost or stolen card and I got kicked off the system and was told to call at another time!!! This is just another "bank" offering credit to slow/bad credit-the customer service is run out of someones bedroom. Choose another bank unless you are dying for credit.

  • Ja
    James Richards Nov 10, 2007

    I am having trouble with this same company running credit inquiries on me constantly although I have not applied for credit with them and do not want credit from them. This is bringing my credit score down and I am in the process of trying to buy a home. They claim I have signed a contract for credit which is not at all true.

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  • Ni
    Nightsterdarlin Mar 25, 2008

    I am getting billed of over the limit fee of 32.50 when I don't go over the limit and pay my bill on time..but once they charge the 10.95 monthly maintence fee they slap the over the limit fee. When you try to call you get charge 1.50 for each call..and thats with a compter...that also gives you another number to speak with a Rep and then its either busy or you are on hold forever...I am going to pay full balance and then close my account...Don't get sammed like I did...I am sending my complaint to the Attorney General's Office too.

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  • Ni
    Nightsterdarlin Mar 25, 2008

    I mean Scammed

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  • An
    Angie Mar 26, 2008

    Does anyone know who they were in 2001 they say I open an account with them but I dont know who they are never heard of them before. Did someone buy the company or has it always been this?

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  • Ap
    AppliedSucks Mar 27, 2008

    This bank is a SCAM - SIGN UP AT YOUR OWN PERIL!!!

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  • Te
    Terri Apr 03, 2008

    They were Cross Country Bank in 2001.

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  • An
    Anonymous Apr 06, 2008

    i use to work there on the collections floor the supervisors tell us not to waive fees and they charge a ridiculous phone payment fee

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  • Li
    liza n. Apr 07, 2008

    i called and after a good 20-25 min. figured out how to manipulate their phone maze and spoke to some idiot. I was informed that 23.99% is the lowest a.p.r. they offer.. I wanted to close the acct. but they still charge u all those bogus high fees until the acct. is paid in full...and don't EVER get into their bad graces. They will charge u back into the stone age!! Your really better off going to your local capo and negotiating a lower interest rate.

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  • An
    ann j May 10, 2008

    You have a legitamate complaint about Applied Bank. Well the way to get total satisfaction is to file a complaint to the OCC.

    This is the gov' t agenct that regulates the banks. Be patient communicate clearly. Go to their website and follow the procedure it works and the banks hate it.

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  • Di
    DIANE DALLAS Aug 26, 2008


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Predatory lending and rudeness

"Predatory Lending and Rudeness" now have a new name: APPLIED CARD BANK. Beware of this so called "Bank"...