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Unfair fees and charges

In 2007, Applied Bank allowed me to enter into a hardship payment plan which would allow me time to pay down my balance free of finance charges. While in that plan my charging privileges were suspended and there was a strict stipulation that all payments had to be made on time or that the payment plan would be canceled. I maintained my payments timely and once the plan was ended and finance charges were again being applied, I was told that I would never regain charging privileges. Realizing that this was no longer a credit card account but simply a bill that I had to pay off, I continued to make monthly payments, most of which were on time. For the last year and a half, Applied Bank has charged me late fees of $35.00, on a couple of occasions, claiming that my on line payment was not made before their cutoff hour on the specified due date. Applied Bank also charged me a $35.00 over the limit fee, after charging me a $100.00 "annual membership fee, " which had caused my account to go over the limit in the first place. Why was I even charged a membership fee for a Visa card on a closed account? Since I was unsuccessful in fighting all of those unfair charges, I resigned to just pay off and rid myself of this Applied Bank bill. Then in January 2010 I missed making my $35.00 payment on my $107.45 balance. I received two phone calls inquiring about the minimum due payment of $105.00 ($35 each for Jan & Feb and $35 late fee). I explained to each representative that my pay day was on the 5th and that I would make the full payment at that time. The first representative accepted my answer, but the second representative told me that the payment had to be in by the 8th. and was pressing me to set up an automatic payment, which I refused to do. This morning (Feb 8, 2010) I went on line to not only pay the minimum, but to pay the total balance due. My current paper bill stated a balance of $160.33 (with no due date) but the on line statement quoted a balance of $175.33. I selected the total balance payment plus the $6.95 on line payment fee and received a transaction number for the submitted payment of $182.28. When I viewed the real time statement it quoted $210.33 as the total balance, which was including a $35.00 late fee claiming that the payment was due on Feb 6th. When I spoke to the customer service representative, "Leah" and her male supervisor (unidentified) they claimed that the last call I received was on Jan 27th and that they would listen to the recorded conversation in regards to me being told that "the payment had to be paid by the 8th." They quoted a total balance due (before my $182.28 payment) of $221.??. I refuse to accept anymore unfair charges.

No help on payment plan

I've had an Applied Bank Card for many years, paid on it every month @ more than the amount due, I noticed my debt wasn't going down after several payments of over $ $100/mo. I called customer service and was told my debt was correct even though my payments were large I told them to re-evaluate my acct. No said they it is what it is. I asked for a payment arrangement because my rent had gone up by $125/mo and I was only on SSDI for an income, they said pay amount due, period. I asked for a hardship payment plan, and they told me they had no such thing. Pay or else and they closed my account and every month increased the amount owed with interest & late fees. This ended up to be over $1325 more than I owed, to a total of approx. $2550. They turned me over to NCR collections then after months the RMS collections calling me day and night on my home phone and cell. I talked to RMS and told them I could pay some but I didn't owe what was claimed. Applied refused to settle and said Legal Action would follow. They have ruined my Good credit rating to Very Bad, posting negative comments every month. Now with my rating I can't afford to move because I'm a Credit Risk. Applied has ruined me, after I had been a good customer for years.

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    APPLIED BANK CARD Apr 10, 2011

    I've been a long time Applied bank card user, always paying my bill with more than the amount due. When hard times hit this year (2011) I had just made my last payment of $111.00 and found I couldn't make payments of the monthly due. I called Applied to ask for a reduced amount to pay along with a reduced % on my account, with the promise to pay but got a negative answer and told I must pay the minimum amt. each month. I'm on SSD and couldn't pay and asked for a hardship payment plan. I was Refused and after put into collections for not paying. I tried to arrange a payment plan. Their answer was NO. They applied charges to my account that took my debt up over $1250.00 more than I originally owed. Turned it over to RMS collections and they to wouldn't arrange a hardship payment. My credit rating went from good to very poor in less than 1 yr. They have continued to post negative things on my credit report every month and is driving me down to where if I have to move I can't get another place to rent because of such a Bad Credit Rating. RMS collections call my home and cell at least 3-4 times a week and when I talk to them they say I must pay or Legal Action will be instituted. I am a Disabled Vet and was when I got the card, I only get SSDI for income and they won't help my case. Watch Out for them, if something happens that changes you ability to pay your monthly charge. 4-9-11

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Illegal Collection Practices; Poor Customer Service

Four years ago I was trying to rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy. I was approved for an unsecured Applied Bank card. I made payments on time until about 6 months ago when I relocated to Florida. The job I came out for, wasn't there. I still continued to make the payments, but it became harder to do so. I found another job quickly, however it didn't pay as much. I fell behind. Then I started receiving the harassing phone calls. Then I had a checking account closed from under me. I had a payment scheduled but moved that over to my new opened checking account in the nick of time (that day). Apparently, when I called Applied to let them know of this they didn't notate any of this on the account. They have been chasing me for the past three months for a payment, and they have been trying to debit out of an account that has been closed. They call day and night. They call on Sundays, they are now my alarm clock. Its so nice to be woken up with a collection call. I have asked repeatedly for them to stop. I have been nice, angry, etc. they only respond with this payment is past due. You Jackwagons! I informed you of what happened. You still received a payment for that month.
I signed up with a credit counseling service. They are making payments on my behalf. These people still call. I am legally taking care of this debt. Applied is receiving payments.
I've counted as many as 12 calls within two hours. Unacceptable. Other creditors are playing ball and working with me. Not Applied. I still owe them $50.00 from August. Friends, this simply isn't right.
Do not get any card (Secured/Unsecured) from them. This financial organization is simply evil.

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    E in Fl Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To those who recently commented. Try living this hell everyday. I dare you. Also please read ALL of the post. Applied agreed to the terms and conditions set forth with my credit counseling company. I am not shirking responsibility. I am making a sizable payment every month. I have TWO jobs to help with this. In a year all of my credit card debt will be paid off with or without credit counseling. Twelve times during the hours of 7pm to 8pm is not acceptable in any state. Nobody is asking for forgiveness here. Up until 6 months ago things were paid on time and almost in full for 4 YEARS!. I could afford the card and what I charged. 64 customers also registered a complaint of some type against this company, so I know I'm not alone here...

    You registered your comment and now I will retort. What a cold and particularly callus way of looking at things both of you. To Stealth Pilot: Hmmm $50.00? I'm not that much of a skinflint...I'd let it go and move on, truthfully. But hey I'm the forgiving type...

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    E in Fl Nov 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So you guys work for Applied...right?

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  • Ei
    E in Fl Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey, I just call them as I see 'em, and before you get all testy and your man panties in a bunch, I make the payment EVERY month. If you'd like that proof, I can show you.

    I didn't come here to whine about my financial situation or flame others, I 'm here to inform other people of the poor service and highly illegal practices of this company.

    I've done some reading up on you since I posted, Stealth. Your a "flamer" in the worst way. Now that I have that information, I won't be playing your game anymore. I just thought you were cold and unfeeling, now I know your just bored and apparently have no life, and its a game for you. I guess negative attention is better than no attention at all, right?

    I've said my last two cents on this. Next negative replies I receive from you or your buddy will be forwarded over to the webmaster, c apish?

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  • Ei
    E in Fl Nov 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stealth I am done with you. I explained that earlier privately and publicly. Stop flaming, and buddy just for the record you started it first here. Did you think I was going to take your abuse? Seriously? Just because you need to feel all big and powerful inside? You don't understand the situation, nor do you want to understand it and that's your problem. Your stance/argument has flaws and is coming apart. Leave it and move on. Your tactics are a bore.

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  • Ei
    E in Fl Nov 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for the advice Brenda. Some sane rational thought.

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  • Ce
    ceilidh Nov 15, 2010

    The truth is that Applied Card Bank has no intention of lending to anyone in an effort to help them rebuild their credit or help them with anything else regarding an existing account. This company functions like a loan shark. They have always preyed on those who are down and out and will do nothing but kick you down further because they know that you probably don't have the financial ability or the intellect to fight back. This company is not transparent, not easily accessible. The FTC is well aware of their illegal business practices and I advise anyone who is experiencing any problem with this bank to file a complaint with the FTC and Applied Card Bank's regulatory agency. Keep a notebook of all correspondence with this company. Keep copies of your statements. If you want to close your account, you will need legal assistance in doing so. I tell you this because it's virtually impossible to close your account without accruing penalties and additional fabricated charges. This bank needs to be shut down and it could be if enough folks would take the time to file the necessary complaints with the FTC and the regulatory agency. Please contact the FTC today.

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CANNOT get rid of them!!

I closed my account with the a-holes at Applied Bank a couple months ago. I did this because I was tired of them saying my bills were late, even though I had had DELIVERY CONFIRMATION on them!! I finally got sick of it and stopped payment on a check and instead payed online. Of course I was slapped with 4 different fees and they suspended my online bill payment privledges, my telephone payment option, as well as anything from my bank account. That left me with absolutley NO way to pay them except for MoneyGram(account info doesnt even exsist), send them a Money Order( but then it will be "late"), or Western Union (which costs you $19.95!!). So I had to use Western Union, paying $19.95 would be better than all the fees they would charge if i mailed them a payment...I did this on Thansgiving Day when my payment was due. Of course the next day they had NO RECORD of it ( even though I had all necessary reciepts and proof)!! Finally, today they said they got the payment, but because there was no one there to process the payment(Turkey Day) I would have a late fee!! THIS IS ILLEGAL!!! That was the day it was due!!

I just turned this over to my local Attorney General's office and plan to take full legal recourse!!! I would like to know how they are even still allowed to conduct any buisness in the U.S. after all of their lawsiuts, fines and violations. I small another lawsuit???


Fraud, Scam,Abuse

This company is making me go broke. I pay my bill on time every month.. i have for 4 years with not 1 missed payment. Every time I check my account they keep charging me for late fee's, over limit fees and other fees that I have no idea are for. I have called them so many times.. I am so frustrated with them. they are purposely making it extremely difficult to work with them. I have disputed 2 items in the past year. one of the disputes was a double charge from a vendor having technical issues. Because of this double charge it caused another 35 dollar over limit fee. I disputed it. Applied bank never acted on it. I disputed a recent transaction. they actually refunded the money but it also caused an overlimit fee which they did not refund. but then they reversed the charge and took the money back from me that then again caused another over limit fee. I have tried and tried to talk to them on the phone and they will not fix anything.. this place should be shut down! this is illegal buisness!

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Secure Credit Card

Below is a formal complaint filed with Delaware Banking Commission against Applied Bank
Financial Company Information:
Credit Department
Bankcard Service Center
Applied Bank
Wilmington, DE [protected]
Telephone: [protected]
Type Account: Not approved secured Visa credit card with $200.00 removed from my checking account via ACH
Persons I have dealt with at the above telephone number:
9/16/2009 0936PDT Agent/Shawna
9/19/2009 0843PDT Agent/Ileana
9/19/2009 1056PDT Bank Officer/Darlene


On or about August 10th, 2009 I applied for a secured Visa on Applied Banks website Because this was a secured credit card a minimum of $200.00 would be needed to be placed in a saving account to open and secure the credit card.

The $200.00 was to be transferred to Applied Bank via ACH from my current Citibank checking account. This was to occur after Applied Bank had verified that this Citibank account was indeed mine. The verification procedure called for Applied Bank to make a minimum ACH deposit in my checking account and I in turn would verify the account by contacting the bank and letting them know the date and amount of the ACH deposit. This verification of account ownership was to occur 48 hours before the $200.00 deposit for the secure account was to be transferred to Applied Bank. I had requested that the transfer take place on August 28, 2009.

Between August 25 and September 5, 2009 I was in the process of moving to my current address in Palm Desert. I did monitor my Citibank checking account while moving and noticed the following transactions:
8/28/2009 0316EDT ACH deposit by "ccbavcppd sec ac vfc" amount $0.06
8/28/2009 0626EDT ACH withdrawal by "ccbsfcweb secured dp" amount $200.00
I never contacted Applied Bank to verify my checking account per their procedures nor did they contact me to verify my checking account.

I received a letter from Applied Bank dated August 31, 2009 re: [protected] 2 and in part it stated "we are unable to approve your application with the terms under which you applied" and "if we do not hear from you within 45 days of this letter's date, your entire deposit will be returned at that time".

I finally reached Applied Bank on 09/16/2009 and spoke with a agent named Shawna. I told her I would like the $200.00 returned to me via ACH as soon a possible. She told me this would take 30 to 45 days to process and that was the policy when a customer closed an account. I told her I was not closing an account as an account had never been opened per the bank's letter of August 31, 2009. Further I had no intention of allowing Applied Bank the use of my money for 30 to 45 days as the money was not being held in a savings account or escrow account. She asked to put me on hold, that it might take a couple of minutes to get this approved. I said sure put me on hold. She came back 45 seconds later to inform that the ACH had been approved but it would still take 4 to 7 days to post back on my checking account. I said great, thanks for the help and have a great week.

On the morning of August 19, 2009 at 0832PDT I received an automated telephone call from Applied Bank requesting I contact then regarding my credit card application. I again called the above number at 0843PDT and spoke to an agent named Ileana. After taking my information she said is this about the account you closed on August 16, 2009. I said no this was about being woken up at 8:30 in the morning about something that had been resolved on August 16th. And that being the return of the deposit money within 4 to 7 days via ACH. She then informed me that that was impossible as it always took 30 to 45 days when a customer closed an account.
At that point I said I wanted to talk with a bank officer. She told me there were no officers on the floor at this hour of the night. I told her that it was 11:45 in the morning Eastern time and it was a normal banking compliance issue an officer had to be on the floor at all times. Then she changed it to "one is not available right now but I can have an officer return the call". I said fine.

I received a call from a Darlene, August 19, 2009 at 1046PDT, informing me she was returning my call and she was an officer of the bank. She apologized for the early morning automated call. It was a computer glitch and she had received numerous complaints about that. I asked her the bank's policy on returning deposit money for a secured account when the application was not approved by the bank. She again started off about 30 to 45 days when a customer closes an account. I again stated these facts to her:
1. The bank removed funds from my checking account with out verifying it was my account
2. the bank had all information required prior to the removal of the funds from my checking account to make a decision as whether I would be approved for a secured account under terms offered on the website.
3. I never had an account to close. The application was never approved by Applied Bank.
4. I could understand not refunding the deposit if an account were opened to insure charges would not posted to that account after it was closed. But again an account was never opened.
5. If the bank can deposit $0.06 into my checking account via ACH and then three hours later withdraw $200.00 from this same account via ACH, why can't it return money via ACH in a reasonable time and I would define reasonable as 72 hours from the time the request came to the bank.
She told me she would email the department that handles that and request it be expedited. She also said she would follow up with a telephone call to that department on Monday (today) and call me with the status. I told her that I did not appreciate being lied to by the two previous agents and she said she would follow that up with their managers.



  • Ad
    ADB79 Sep 22, 2009

    Sadly, enough i got involved with applied bank through what at the time i thought was a trusted & secure source for financial advice Rodney Anderson the self-proclaimed King of Loan orginations in Texas, i will continue to blast Rodney & Applied until they start doing "honest" business its nothing wrong with making a profit but the underhanded tatics by these banks has to stop, they have told me for the last month that they have yet to recieve my card payment always suggesting the 10.95 trans. fee for paying online, so of course to avoid the 32-35 late fee i bit the bullet and paid the extra 10.95, here it is a month later and my check has yet to clear? I think this is one of many tatics used to draw interest and drive up fees by this bank i'd really be interested to see just how many people are having their money held up for 30-45?

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Overcharged greatly

According to them I went over my credit line with $9.00 and was charged a $35.00 overlimit fee. No matter how many times I ask them to find where I went over on that overlimit they can only tell me that I went over and there is nothing they can do about it. I then told them I was going to go go ahead and payoff this account by paying them in full the balance of $1, 144.19 including the $35.00 overlimit fee and ask them to cancel and close this account immediately. I was than told that even if I payoff the balance I would still owe them another $35.00 of overlimit fees for the month of March statement plus interest and the $10.95 maintenance fee. I cannot understand if the next billing cycle closest in March 16, 2008 with account having a zero balance why there would be another overlimit fee charge. Will that either was he able to explain to me. He just said if there is any other complains I can write to their inquiry department but they also will not be able to do much about my concerns. I was also told that even if I cancel this account it would take up to 90 days and I will still be responsible for the maintenance fees and the yearly fee if the account is not close by the time of yearly renewal.

Rip off Artists

I stopped Applied Bank BEFORE they could rip me off. This story actually has a happy ending, and I hope anyone who has been ripped off by these knuckleheads learn from my experience:

I had applied for a secured credit card from Applied Bank in August. I sent in the 250 dollars and was approved.

A week went by and decided to look up the site and see when I could expect the card. I had a question on what happens to the deposit I made and decided to look it up in the FAQ section of the site. There was no information whatsoever there, the first red flag.

I called them, and after being lead on a loop that keeps just giving me the account information and balance spread over an irritating 10 minutes, finally called a number (non-877 or 800) for PAYING THEM did I get through.

I explained to them I was curious what happens to the balance and the customer service rep was evasive with a nightmare out of Catch-22:

She "The balance is kept in a- non-interest account (!) and will be paid back to once you leave us. "

Me:"Ok...why is that not on the site?"

She:"Your account is set up where you have to call us for the information."

Me:"You mean it's not on the site at all?"

She:" Sir, you just axed (asked) me that question. Now you have your answer. You have to look through the site and if you don't find it, you have to call us."

Me: "Yes, of course that's why I'm calling you. Where is the information? Who do I talk to about this?"

She :" You have to look for it. I don't go to the website so I don't know where it is. If you can't find it, you have to call us."

Me:"So if I send this information to the FDIC, there will be no problem finding it?"

That ended the conversation in a hurry.

What they didn't know is I am a former network news correspondent and recorded the whole conversation getting it ready for national news casts and YouTube. This CSR was barely articulate and went round and round with me on this... I will post the conversation simulateneously with any national news organization that runs it. I will let you all know when...see how close this experience matches your own.

The good news--and ANYONE can do this--call your bank and have them reverse charges...Applied Bank might fight you, but these cowards won't fight a real Bank and the FDIC. Do this within 90 days and you won't have a problem getting your money back.

And...I encourage everyone to find the physical location of Applied Bank and go in, demonstrating your Second Amendment rights and demand to speak to someone in authority. Maybe then they'll listen to you.

Excessive Calling and fee's

I applied for the card ($500 card) in 2007. It is now Saturday July 4th, 2009 and they just called me again. (this is the 3 rd time in the past 2 years they have called me on a Federal Holiday) They call non-stop when I am late on a payment. I have made some regular payments they requested ($37) a month and I have made other payments of $40-$75..but I did miss a few payments here and there. They have verified I have made almost $400 in payments since I have had the card. My current amount due is $957.23. They charge a 10.95 monthy fee, they charge 12.95 to pay by phone, they charge last fees AND over the limit fees AND finance fees and they mark these on your bill as CASH WITHDRAWL so they can charge even more interest on top of those fees. I have Credit Cards with HSBC, WAMU, and Capitol One ... I have no problems with those companies...but APPLIED BANK...stay away from them...they are privately run and answer to no one...once again DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD THROUGH APPLIED BANK no matter what.

Harrassing phone calls

Applied Bank has been calling for 4 years for someone that has not had this number. I finally got a number out of one those idiots. I told them for the past 4 years to remove my number. So today after i cursed them out for the hundredth time. I call them back. They claim it takes 48 hours to remove the number. Wrong because they are still calling. I will report them for harassment at the BBB and other authorities. Enough is enough. I do know that they are outsource to India. They use American Names (saw it on a Documentary last month)
Caller ID: Unknown, Private, [protected], [protected]
Caller: Applied Bank
Caller Type: Collection Agency

Credit Card SCAM

We settled and closed a credit card with Applied Bank back in March 09. They keep sending us a bill saying we owe processing fees, late fees, and more. When we called and FINALLY got through to a customer service rep (I use this term very loosely), we were told they have NO notes on the settlement... Even when we gave them the extension numbers and names of the reps at Applied Bank whom we spoke with, they said there was nothing they would do. This is a complete scam - next stop is the AG office. Stay away from Applied Bank!!!

  • Un
    unomattwill Jun 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These people are crooks! They charged me an over limit fee and i didn't even get close to the limit! They also charged me a late payment fee which was not right! I wasn't late! $35 each fee! I refuse to give them a dime of my money until they correct this! When i tried to get in touch with them it was impossible! Cant talk to them on a phone or email. But now they wanna be calling my phone! HA! be a cold day in hell before they get another dime from me!!!

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  • Bu
    bUBBA Jul 18, 2008

    Something has to be done about this company, they charge me over the limit fees and will not refund them even though the charges are not warranted. I am going to report them to the attorney Generals office and I suggest everyone else does as well. That is the only way they will be stopped. If we stand together and fight these thieves we can win, otherwise they will continue to steal from us !!! contact your attorney General's office and close these crooks down for good!

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  • Te
    terri hagen Aug 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I completely 100% agree. I have been dealing with this company for over 2 years and I continue to be frustrated with them. ALL THOSE FEES. I can't even count how many conversations I have had with these people and I get nothing. They have a cover for everything, anything to be unhelpful. I have tried every angle to get somewhere and nothing has worked. I am just trying to pay this and cut up the card and be sure to tell everyone out there to never do business with these people. They are uncooperative, unfriendly, and has something stuck up you know where.

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  • Kg
    kgasink Dec 16, 2009

    I just closed an account with Applied Bank. They are the worst credit card company I have had to deal with; including charging for absolutely everything, such as making payments and then not processing payments that are sent by mail. They are horrific. High interest rates, no grace period, endless unjustified fees, and absolutely no customer service. Their representatives are belligerant. I filed a complaint with the FTC, but I will go to the AG.

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not reporting correct info on my credit report

My name is Rachel Tucker, and I had a card with Applied Bank fka Cross Country Bank . and They offered me a settlement on the account. I agreed with the offered and I was told it would be paid by settlement and the account would be closed with a balance 0. They took my money and and now reporting as closed balance due 391.00 Closed.
Mo. Payment
Close Account Details Past Due $391.00
Payment Status Charge-off
High Balance
Limit $500.00
Terms Revolving
They did not report anything about paid by settlement. So it can move over to paid section. I did report this incorrect info to credit board and is waiting for a full investigation on this company. When I call regarding this matter I was told by applied bank, they had to look up the word settlement. I also have the letter that was sent regarding settlement and is getting the letter from collection agency stating I paid and the account is closed due to setttlement.

Secured Card rip-off

I applied for a secured credit card from Applied Bank. I was told that I would receive my card within 30 days. When that did not happen, I called and found out they "had a problem" with my application. I then cancelled my app and told them I wanted a refund of MY money. They told me it would take another 30 days to send it back. Funny... it took only 2 days for them to take it. And I still don't have my money back. When I call, they just blow me off. I don't know if I'll ever see my money again! I'm thinking "lawsuit".
If you've had a problem with this bank, please post and let them know that we're out here.

  • Al
    alfies90 Aug 11, 2009



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  • Yv
    YvonneLambeth Dec 12, 2009

    They are located at 50 Applied Card Way, Glen Mills, PA 19342. They also stated that it would take up to 30 days to receive my $1000 refund. However, if I don't receive it back in 2 days, just like they drafted it out of my account, I will be camped out on their doorstep until they cut me a check and will take the news media with me.

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  • Ho
    homer68 Mar 23, 2010

    Oh yah!!!

    I have the same exact problem that you have, they opened the account, never got my card and then started charging late fees and new card fees. I never got to use my card since i never got one anyway and terminated my account. I requested a refund of my money, I was lucky enough to receive a $21.00 over payment since I paid $108.00 practically for nothing and the only reason I can think of is they had my name on that account. Pretty damned expensive ha? They wanted a copy or proof of my secured deposit (which does not make sense since you cannot open the account without having one) just to get my deposit. Up until now, it has been 3 months since I've requested my refund.

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  • Pi
    Pissed -OFF!!! Apr 01, 2010

    I just called them to get my refund back. They want information from I bank I no longer use, so they can send me my refund. Is there a way I can get my refund, without SO many hoops?

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  • Ap
    appliedbanksucks Oct 07, 2013

    The same thing happened to me. I closed my account and asked for my deposit money back as it was a secured card. They said I had to do this and do that and something else. It as frustrating but I did everything they asked and have STILL not recieved MY money back. They blow me off and keep giving me more requirements. It has been over 1.5 yeas and I STILL don't have MY money. I have a meeting with an attorney this week about a class action lawsuit.

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Secured Visa

Applied for a secured Visa from them March 3, 2009. Provided a checking account information and authorized them to take out $350 for a minimal line of credit. Was told that I'd receive a card within the next 72 hours. Checked status on March 10. Learned that $350 had been taken out from my checking account, yet no confirmation of approval. That same day, faxed a letter to [protected] requesting to cancel card request and to return $300 (less $50 for their processing fee). As of March 26 2009 have yet to hear from them.

  • Je
    jennreiter Jul 27, 2009

    This company is a scam!! I applied with Applied Bank on 06/29/09 for a secured account and on 07/01/09 they debited my inital deposit of $200.00 and I verified the account through their website as instructed. After about 9 days I called them to check on the account and they said the account information for my bank was never verified and thats all they were waiting on so I faxed them the info and then the next week it was that I needed to verify my address, I faxed them that info as well and then the next week it was oh it was sent to wrong department and we will fix it and should have your card soon. Well not trusting thses i have called again and found out that nothing has been done and im still in limbo as of today 07/27/09, 4 WEEKS AFTER MONEY WAS DEBITED!!! They of course are going to take 30 days to get my money back to me! RIP OFF ARTISTS!!!

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I missed 2 payments this summer because of a flood/out of job, I set up payments twice a month 40$ each time (minimum payment was 50). They kept charging me LATE fees'+-30$ and Overlimit fees +-30$ every month! The past 2 months have withdrew 40$ payments from my bank account UNAUTHORIZED (then called me and told me I havent made any payments recently)! I spoke with 2 people there, one who told me I authorized through the internet then continued to tell me not to worry about it because it was helping my balance (obviously not), the other said I authorized via phone back in Sept. ?!?!?!
How can these people do this?!

  • Da
    David Weddell Oct 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do NOT waste your time and apply for Applied Bank. They are charging fees and creating you to go over the limit. The rude lady on the phone told me, "you agreed to be screwed over by signing the agreement with us". I echo the reports of others on here about how rude and their charges are fraudulent. My account has never been over the limit for better than 3 months but yet they keep charging me the "over the limit" $32.00 fee. I am closing my account with them today.

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  • Ju
    Jul Franz Mar 31, 2009

    DO NOT do business with Applied Bank. They will rip you off in a hearbeat! They will take your money for a secured credit card, not send you the card and then not return your money. After many phone calls, I still don't have my money back. They just blow you off and don't care.

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  • Te
    Terry Fitz Jul 27, 2009

    Good luck with trying to close your account - it will cost you.

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  • Kr
    KRD Feb 15, 2010

    This is exactly what happened to me but I did not know they were part of Cross Country. Now they are trying to file a writ to sieze my assets! When I was trying to pay them they took my payments and said I didn't make them and charged late/over the limit fees!

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  • Ka
    Kane888 Feb 29, 2016

    Applied bank credit card. Bottom line a FRAUD...
    They are criminals and I just sued them and won.

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  • Ka
    Kane888 Feb 29, 2016

    Applied bank...
    Worst credit card company.
    They will steal money from you.

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when opening a secured credit card account with them, i authorized them to deduct $250 from my checking account. when i downloaded my checking transactions to Quicken today, i found out these thieves deducted $2500. when i called them, they had the nerve to tell me i must have entered it wrong (i didn't. i checked and rechecked the form before i submitted it), and that it will take 2 weeks to get my money back.

Unethical practices, fees

Joining in the long line of customers that Applied Bank has ripped off...I called their so-called customer service to dispute the late, over the limit and cash advance fees on my statement that ballooned my monthly dues to $203.00.
Because I made a minimum payment before my statement was processed I was charged a late fee as explained by their customer service rep. I asked them to apply the payment to the current billing statement and he said he would submit a request to do so. I still have not seen the late fee reversed.
I was charged a cash advance fee for accepting a limit increase. Mind you I already paid the ridiculous fee of $100 to get an increase and they have the nerve to nickle and dime me with a cash advance fee!
Adding to my heft bill was an over the limit fee that came as a result of being charged an annual fee, which also is subject to a cash advance fee.

It is a typical case of the hard working man being [censored]ed over by greedy, predatory banks like Applied Card. I vomit when I see banks asking the government for money while they rape you monetarily and turn a deaf and unsympathetic ear to very customers that keep their sorry ### rich and fat.

  • Mi
    missy611 Feb 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am with you on this one. Getting a card with them was the biggest mistake I have ever made. I was finding it impossible to keep up with the fines, fees, charges to pay my bill online and these charges kept piling up and it seemed that the more I paid them the more I owed them. I finally gave up. I have not sent them a cent in almost 6 months. Their employees overseas rang my cell phone constantly for about 3 months (I never answered it). Back in the fall I moved but kept my unlisted landline which is a number they didn't have but somehow they got it. Now they are trying to trick me into answering the phone by having my caller ID show "Incomplete Data". I will not talk to them. I would like to pay them off but the fees are over the top! Out of the $1200 I owe them I bet my purchases are less than $200. They have sent a couple of offers to close the account and clear my credit history with them but the amount they offer is still too high. Trying to hang in to see if they sell the account to someone else. I would work with someone else but not with them, no way! They are theives and criminals as far as I am concerned and I will not give them a dime. I have other credit cards and have an excellent payment history with them as well as other financial obligations. No problems with anyone else. If you are considering getting a credit card or doing any business with APPLIED BANK, think again...don't do it! They will rob you.

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Rudeness, harassment and fees

Applied Card bank have been the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are rude and if you ever get late on your account they will harrass you . This company have called my house and cell phone over 20 times each in a days time. They are really bad on Sundays. If you speak with them and tell them that you are unavailable and to call you at a certain time they will not take that and continue to talk and continue to call you every minute of that day and will not call at that hour that you ask them to call. I was late on my payment and had told them that I would make my payment on my payday. I receive a call on my cell that day. I told them that I would make my payment and to call me or I would call them as soon as I got home and that I was leaving work and it would take me about 30 minutes to an hour to get home. Once I got home then I would make my payment. The represntative called me a liar because I was suppose to make my payment the day before and I needed to set it up at the time he was on the phone. He refused to let me get home and refused to get off the phone. Once I hung up he called right back and was very aggressive. I feel that there should be laws to protect Americans from this kind of harrassment and rudeness. The representative barely understood English but still could speak enough to be rude.

  • Ke
    kellyscott Dec 21, 2008


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predatory lending/usary

Wow! This card has been a nightmare. I have credit available, but they decline charges. Each month I get at least one charge - along with the $10.95 monthly fee. More often than not, I get two charges, amounting to over $70, in addition to the $10.95 monthly fee. I have paid and paid and paid, to keep my credit strait - but I am really fed up with their tricky ways. They add fees on top of fees, many of the fees are not even evident until it is too late to take care of them and avoid more fees. The customer service people are not helpful - and one of the numbers seems to go to service agents in India who are impossible to talk to or understand. It does not matter anyway - they will not help and keep mentioning that they are following the agreement I signed. It seems the agreement I signed has just enough loop holes to keep them legal and me in debt. I have 5 other credit cards now, and none of them have been evil like this.

  • El
    elizasususweet Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow! This card has been a nightmare. I have credit available, but they decline charges. Each month I get at least one charge - along with the $10.95 monthly fee. More often than not, I get two charges, amounting to over $70, in addition to the $10.95 monthly fee. I have paid and paid and paid, to keep my credit strait - but I am really fed up with their tricky ways. They add fees on top of fees, many of the fees are not even evident until it is too late to take care of them and avoid more fees. The customer service people are not helpful - and one of the numbers seems to go to service agents in India who are impossible to talk to or understand. It does not matter anyway - they will not help and keep mentioning that they are following the agreement I signed. It seems the agreement I signed has just enough loop holes to keep them legal and me in debt. I have 5 other credit cards now, and none of them have been evil like this.

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  • Rn
    rnarron Jan 27, 2009

    worst place i have ever done business with. I have been trying for a week to talk to a rep. have not talked to anyone yet

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Ridiculous Fees

Okay, so pretty much I got this card to use for Christmas and then cut the sucker up so I could pay it off. Well, I am getting nowhere!!

I always made my payments on time and then, last month, I noticed my check hadn't cleared after two weeks. So I login to my Applied Bank account and there it is...a $32 late fee. So, now I am wondering where is my check? Did it get lost in the mail or did they just toss it so they could charge me this late fee (I honestly believe they do this to people to make money.)

So I call customer service and they give me this whole schpeel about how I have to write or fax a letter to billing disputes to see if they will do anything for me. Meanwhile, to get my account current, I pay a $12.95 fee to process my payment over the phone. They have now made $44.95 off of me.

So a few weeks later I get a letter stating that they will credit me for $25 since I have always made my payments on time. Whatever!?! You still made $19.95 off of me, of which it was not my fault.

So, now I decide that I will setup my payment to automatically come out of my bank account throught their website a few days before my due date just because I am now afraid that they will not receive my payment if I mail it.

What a shock?! I login to check on my account I have a late fee posted. But my payment has been posted before the due date and I selected minimum payment due (which showed $54.00) and selected a date before the due date.

So, now I'm so irritated ( what else is new?) and I call customer service. I actually deal with two very nice people ( i know shocking) who inform me that my minumum payment was actually $54.05 and that the computer only does whole numbers so it should have rounded it up to $55.00. Now I have been stuck with a $32 late fee for 5 cents!!! Yes, 5 cents of which was not my fault. So i immediately faxed a letter with all of the details, also informing them of how UNHAPPY i am doing business with them.

Last night, I open my mail, and my request for a credit has been DENIED!!

I totally believe that I am being screwed and from the looks of it so are a bunch of other people. So how do we go about getting a class action suit together because I am absolutely done dealing with this ignorant bank!?!

  • Pi
    Pissed Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't like this banks practice either and i need to get rid of them. if anyone finds out about a class action suit please email me.

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  • En
    enough Jul 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Welcome to the club. Applied is NOT a "Bank"...this is a fraud. They're using this label to imply legitamacy. I (we) understand paying a premium in the way of monthly fees etc., because of our current credit conditions, but these fraudulent and exhorbitant Late/Overlimit Fees are just rediculous and illegal. These are preditory scam atrtists at best and are currently being investigated? by atleast two States AG offices (NY & MN) for starters. I suggest we each write a well-crafted letter-of-compaint to our respective AG's Office, and send copies to the Fair Credit Reporting Agency, SEC, FTC, Congressmen, Senators and anyone else you can think of. Check for THOUSANDS MORE COMPLAINTS!!!

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