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Why in the world would you remove one of the most popular items on the menu? People are trying to eat healthier. Your Sweet potato fries and mashed Sweet potatoes were the best thing on the menu and we always ordered one or both of them. NOW, PLEASE RETURN THEM TO THE MENU !!! We are not going as often to eat in your establishment as we used to because of this!!! Thank You, Katie C.

  • Updated by kcmslwrkr, May 30, 2018

    You have removed 2 very popular items from you menu and we are not happy! Please bring back both Sweet potato items! Why fix something that is not broke? My husband has bad teeth and the mashed Sweet potatoes and fried was very easy to eat besides being healthier that white potatoes. Please bring these items back!!! You often get rid of items that are popular. I understand wanting to change up things, but, really you should remove less ordered items!!! I don't think much of your marketing department! Thank you

May 30, 2018

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