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Cupertino, CA, United States
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I'm not a fanboy of apple, but I must say that their products are great. But they have very high prices. I think apple products are hugely overpriced. WelI, I use Apple for many years now and I'm satisfied. I never had any problems with their gadgets. Their customer service was always helpful. I've been buying from them for 5 years and always received high quality items. But recently something happened with the company. Their products now are very expensive and they don't give any discounts. The problem is that their products are the same quality and speed. The only thing that have changed is their prices. I wanted to buy a new PC and decided to get it from Apple, but when I saw their new prices, I changed my mind. I used to build PC's myself in the past, so I know a lot about them. They have absolutely ridiculous prices for their macs. I know that macs are not the best PC's in the world and they often crash and have different kinds of problems. I decided not to buy from them. There are more cheaper and better computers. Apple, please think about your clients.

Dec 11, 2015

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