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Employees at the Apple Retail store in Delaware are shockingly arrogant when it comes to interacting with the customer. The old adage of "the customer is always right" does not apply to the business model of this store. Today while in the store, I witnessed a teenage showing a lack of respect to a more mature customer. Not only did the teenage did not know how to escalate the customer's concern but she showed a stubbornness that is all too familiar with parents who have teenagers who think that they are the world. The customer who was being verbally assaulted by the teenager went to find the manager. As I was accompanying the customer to find the manager, I thought that the situation would be resolved. Boy was I wrong! The manager lacked managerial skills and did not have the ability to amend a relationship with a customer. The manager failed to see the value a customer brings to the store. Furthermore, the manager failed to listen to what the customer was saying. He focused on minor points and did not understand the major complaint of the customer. Instead of taking the initiative to inform the customer that he will handle the situation (as is customary of most retail stores) he asked the customer what he should do.

This experience has showed me that Apple, though an innovator in consumer electronics, is not concerned with the value of a customer. Apple is turning society into mindless computer systems and heartless humans.

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  • La
      Aug 30, 2009

    I found the same lack of customer support and respect at the Indianapolis Keystone Square store (Aug. 30 2009) I went in to upgrade my iphone to a G3 and what I found was a store that lacked any organization. I doubt that the sales reps (if that’s what they are) could even recognize a customer, basally I was ignored. When I started to ask an employee at the counter about the iphone I was rebuffed and told I would need to talk with one of the floor employees? I walked out! This was a waste of my personal time, which is very valuable to me. The impression I got was argent snobbery.

    Larry Blaker

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  • Es
      Sep 13, 2009

    Argent Snobbery not only available in Apple Retail Stores 9-13-09

    I first purchased an "ipod starter kit" from Sam's Club back in the late 90's. $350 with tax.
    Included software, ipod, earbuds, fm transmitter, and usb cable.
    It worked so well, I fell in love with it!
    Last fall, I noticed it started to malfunction so, I purchased a new ipod classic directly from Apple. No software, just ipod, earbuds, usb cable came. Shortly after purchasing the new ipod, I purchased a bose sound dock for a Christmas present for myself. $350 + tax and shipping on the ipod, $400 for the sound dock. (I save for an entire year, sometimes longer, to purchase what I consider one nice Christmas gift for myself.)
    I have been online continuously trying to download the iTunes application since the time of my purchase to no avail. "iTunessetup.exe is not a valid win32 application". I have been to the "troubleshooting" page and tried absolutely everything recommended by Apple to rectify the problem, still nothing. After nearly two years of trying online, today I finally called Apple customer service to explain my dilemma and try to obtain a software cd-rom. After all my expense, I thought it would be proper compensation.
    Having to pay for an isp, leaving my PC on for days at a time uses a lot of electricity as well.
    The customer service rep could only express to me things I already knew, try to charge me an additional $30 for some type of agreement, repeatedly put me on hold, and tell me there would be some huge expense for purchasing the software cd-rom I was requesting.
    I ended myself conversation with the representative as politely as possible. I told him I could not afford any more expense with an already defective product and that requesting a software cd-rom was my last resort to repairing the problem.
    Over $1, 000.00 in purchases, time, electricity, frustration, having to restore my PC about 100 times.
    Maybe not much to some.

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  • Al
      Jan 14, 2011

    My friend and I purchase thousands of dollars worth of Apple products a year and we both can honestly say they, literally, have the WORST after purchase customer service of any company we have ever dealt with no matter what location the store is at. The people dealing with issues after purchase could not be more rude and could write the book on giving attitude. It does not matter the dollar amount you spend with this company...all people are treated equally - like [censor]!

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  • Li
      Feb 25, 2011

    What's that old saying:? Burn me once, your fault. Burn me twice, my fault. Why, after having trouble on 3 out of 5 vacations, would you continue to subject yourself to this company???

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  • Li
      Feb 25, 2011

    The post by limo2go for this complaint was added to the wrong one. It applied to Apple Vacations.

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  • Ju
      Nov 05, 2013

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