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Apple Macbook Pro / MacBook Pro is unstable and bad for business!

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I've always been a Windows based PC user, however after repeatedly seeing Apple ads about how much better a Mac is compared to a PC, I decided to purchase a Macbook Pro and give Apple a shot. Actually that is not entirely correct. The fact that my old computer (which was a Sony Vaio laptop) was a total piece of crap might have had something to do with it as well. By the time I purchased the Macbook, I was missing a few keys on the keyboard and the casing for my Vaio was breaking into three pieces. Not to mention, my battery completely died and I had to keep the damn thing plugged into a socket all the time to get any use from it at all. So by the time I got my Macbook, I felt like I really didn't even have a Sony laptop anymore; it was more like a crappy Sony desktop (Just for the record I actually treated my Sony laptop pretty good, and this was normal wear and tear that caused my ### computer to fall into pieces). <br />
<br />
So yea annoyed at the build of my Sony laptop, I go into a Bestbuy and buy my Macbook Pro right there on the spot. Thinking to myself that after this purchase I'm going to be in high tech heaven and all my problems are going to just go right away. Much to my dismay, I would find out that the Macbook severely limits business users, and if you actually have to access specialized programs and websites for your work, purchasing a Macbook, atleast for now, is not be a very good idea. <br />
<br />
Now, I don't like to sit here and give computer companies a bad name for no reason at all. I do like a few things about my Macbook Pro. First it looks really shiny and cool. I was even getting envious looks from the Bestbuy cashier who checked me out. She even went so far as to tell me that she had a Windows PC because the Macbooks were so out of her league (because they are more expensive than Windows based computers). I felt really good there for a second, hah. So in addition to the look of the Macbook, it is built way better than my Sony Vaio. It feels sturdier and it doesn't have a cheap plastic casing holding all the parts together. <br />
<br />
However, as I spent more time with my Macbook Pro after I brought it home, I realized that what I bought wasn't cut out to be all that the Apple ads had promised. First of all since I use my Macbook for my company, I get a lot of use out of it. It's on for quite a few hours during the day because almost everything at my company happens on a computer. Everyday I seem to have to reboot my machine because it starts acting funny if I don't . In comparison, I only had to reboot my windows computer every few days. Second, a lot of websites don't even work with the Safari Web browser that they have installed on the Macbook Pro. I can't access two very important websites that I need to use for my work from my computer. They are not compatible with the Safari web browser (thank God I have a spare Toshiba windows based laptop lying around). Third, during my spare time I like playing online yahoo games. Often times while I'm playing a game online, my safari web browser just suddenly crashes and the whole screen just goes white. That almost NEVER happened on my windows based Sony computer (even though it was built like total crap). Fourth, I have noticed that everything downloads slower on my Safari web browser when I go to any website on the net. Even on my crappy Sony laptop, stuff used to download faster. <br />
<br />
So together all these issues are causing me a LOT of grief, and I am VERY technologically dysfunctional at my work. Until Apple clears up some of these issues, or I guess eventually down the line web developers start making applications and programs that are compatible with both the Apple and Windows based web browsers, I do not recommend that professional, working people buy Apple computers as their primary computing machines.

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  • Lo
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    I'm not to sure about the Apple operation system concering your crashes and whatnot, but you can try using an alternative browser (such as IE 0r Firefox). <---Try this one, it's stable, secure, and very popular. It's a more mainstream browser so your specalized websites may work with this patciular browser.

    You can also try installing internet explorer 8 from Microsoft. Just google "internet explorer" and you should find a link to the most recent version.

    Good luck!

  • Bo
      14th of Sep, 2009
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    I have no idea what you're talking about. If you can't use a Mac, you're an idiot. Safari is the best Web browser there is. Very fast. Very stable. Seriously. If you can't figure out a Mac, you must really not know a thing about computers.

  • Jw
      24th of Aug, 2010
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    Websites not running on a Mac will not be an issue with you running on a Mac. I would suggest going to an Apple Store and paying $99 for one-on-one support. You likely will be doing much better afterward. I'd also suggest using the Firefox browser or, though I haven't used it, Chrome. I just bought a MacBook Pro and love it. I also use it constantly all day long in my business. I do, however, run VMWare Fusion for those apps that don't run on a Mac.

  • He
      12th of Jun, 2011
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    Apple Macbook Pro - Longtime User Getting Fed Up
    United States

    I have to preface everything I am about to say with the fact that in my lifetime of 26 years I have ONLY ever used Macintosh computers. We got our first mac when I was 5 in 1989 and I got my own mini mac in the early 90's. Since those beginnings I have become not just a macuser, but an adamant shopper with Apple. I have purchased 4 iPhones from them (3 full price), 2 computers, endless software and updates, and an iPad. I have always loved their customer service and felt good about the relationship I was developing with them over the years. I own a successful photography company and am at the point where I am expanding every year, and a big part of that is purchasing more hardware like computers and other products Apple offers, but I am at the point that I'm starting to believe the expense and "customer service" are not really what they say them to be.

    My first complaint goes back to a few months ago. My DVD drive - which as a photographer who needs to burn images for clients - I use often, and it just suddenly quit on me. I sent it into apple in January and I did not test it right away when it came back — because I assume that anything I send to Apple is going to come back fixed when they say they have fixed it, and I do not need to test for shoddy workmanship. This was not the case. And during my slow season in the early spring I did not realize I had a problem until a few weeks ago. I was receiving the same error and having DVDs rejected (regardless of the make, I have many different brands in my house) and it was only working about 25% of the time. I got one to burn finally and sent it to my client, who later called to complain that the DVD he received consisted solely of corrupted JPGs which upon loading in the finder crashed his whole computer. I called Apple, prior to hearing about the corrupted DVD, and was told, "You just need to burn the CDs and DVDs at a lower speed." Okay - so I purchased a 3 year warranty and your answer to me is that the computer has capabilities listed that I actually shouldn't be trying to use? I have to say also that the man I spoke with, who was a supervisor, was incredibly curt with me and I felt a little slighted that that was his response. However, I don't really have time in the summer with weddings and graduations to send my computer off to be fixed for two weeks, so I just hoped that this would work. It hasn't, and I can't even burn a CD in iTunes at the lowest speed. I called AGAIN and reluctantly I was told by another supervisor who made me feel like she was doing me a huge favor by letting me resend something in that never was fixed, that I could once more send my computer in and she would kindly email me her contact information. I WAS NEVER CONTACTED POST-PHONE CALL. Which means in the midst of making phone calls to clients and the likes I have to call Apple back again, wait for an available supervisor, and deal once more with a rude personality that acts like I'm somehow trying to take advantage of the system.

    In addition, I rarely keep projects I'm working on or music on my hard drive on my computer, but use an external drive. I noticed that there was about 40GB of space that I could not account for. After running DiscInventory there was a folder listed as "private" which did not appear in the finder. I was able to safely delete the files I needed to from there with a little work around. Two weeks later the same problem has happened again. I don't understand why my computer would be generating log files that large or that quickly. But I ran DiscInventory again and moved the files to the trash. One of those files was "VAR". APPARENTLY within those files is the log for the administrative password, a log which is activated in order to put the folder in the trash in the first place. However, once the folder has been moved to the trash, the only way to restore it is with an administrative password, which means running the log file for that which is currently in the trash and cannot be run. Do you see the vicious cycle?

    I have looked everywhere all over the internet and I cannot find any responses on how to solve this problem, even through the terminal. The only "possible" option is to reinstall and backup your data. FUNNY STORY I can't activate time machine on the hard drive I need to use WITHOUT an active administrative password.

    In the meantime I'm going to be receiving a call from Apple first thing in the morning. Who wants to bet I have to pay the $30 for the phone call?

  • Ka
      12th of May, 2013
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    Apple Macbook Pro - System is unresponsive and hangs

    Dear sir,

    This complaint of mine is to the apple technical team wherein i want to state that i have bought an Apple notebook mac book pro i7 in 2012.
    This machine was under warranty for one year and i respect the warranty policy but my mac book started some OS problem in the initial 9 months and i took it otherwise. later after about 2 more months my laptop used to hang after every 10-15 seconds. when i went to an apple center, the guy at the technical center seen my laptop and said this is a normal problem and advised to format my laptop with the genuine OS which came with the Mac book.

    And i did as per the advice given to me by the technical assistant and the Apple center But now after 3 -4 months i am facing the same problem and now the warranty is void.

    When i am trying to put a complaint on the apple official site it is showing that my technical assistance is expired, i know it is expired but i just want to raise a complaint to the apple technical team that i bought mac book instead of buying HP and DELL just because of the brand name but never expected that this machine is only waste of money and time because only in 9-10 months it started screwing my head.

    Earlier i have used HP Compaq 6710b series business laptop and it is such a fantastic machine even after 5-6 years it is working properly.

    Its my humble request to the Apple team that please do the needful because now i cannot pay more for this system problem in my Mac book.
    and its not that i am using the machine in some harsh conditions and i never ever thought that an Apple machine will become problematic like this.
    My Mac book series no. is C02FTD9LDH2H. I know that Apple is one of the best brands in the world but what is the fun in having an Apple product if the customer is not happy after buying it.

    please do the needful
    kamal mehra

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