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Apple iTunes / nothing but problems

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I never owned an iPod before. So a little over a year ago I bought an iPod Nano because it had the 8GB's that I was looking for. The very first problem right out of the gate, every single one of my songs would not work on the Nano. I had to Re-Rip them from CD's and buy them. So that was hundreds of songs made useless within minutes. Secondly, I noticed that I could not just Drag-and-Drop files using "My Computer". I was FORCED to use the iTunes software. The bug ridden, giant in size, horrible iTunes software. So if I wanted to add a song from a friend’s house, I had to download the software and install in on that computer. And with the iTunes software, it has all kinds of backgrounds programs that just sit there using of resources and I have to use MSCONFIG to stop them from loading. After using the Nano for a while I have noticed the battery life is getting worse and worse. Which looking through the forums, is a very common problem with iPod's. So I looked into buying a replacement battery. Much to my horror, but not to my surprise, changing the battery is a nightmare! See your company doesn't use a standard hook and plug system like many other players out there. You solider the connectors to the board. And you use the smallest wires possible, making it next to impossible for the average person to change a battery on their own. I did read that Apple was sued for this practice, but I guess I bought my Nano too late. What makes the battery life worse is that the Nano, get this, it doesn't have an On/Off switch! You hold a button and the screen goes blank, but the player is still on and is still using battery power. Out of every electronic device ever created, how can Apple forget to add a simple On/Off switch? Why? Because they want the battery to burn out and for you to run out and drop another $200, $300, $400, ect on a new player! Apple also knows once you waste a few hundred dollars buying iTunes music, THAT CAN NOT BE PLAYED ON ANY OTHER PLAYER WITHOUT BEING MODIFIED, that you are now their slave for life! Apple owns you! On top of all of this my iPod's screen won't even turn off. I have to reset it to unlock it. And I can't stop a song from playing, because once I pause a file, I can only Play/Fast-Forward/Rewind it. The STOP option is gone. Every month brings a new set of problems. I have never had as many problems with anything else, like I have with this stupid player.

So now that my iPod is on deaths-door, I am writing this to inform Apple that I am 100% done buying iPods. And I know people are going to bash me, because once Apple controls persons thoughts through their trendy devices, no one is allowed to bad mouth them. That is why if someone even says the iPhone is junk, they will receive hate mail. It is truly sad how easily a company can make a bottom-rung device, and the blind will follow that device into H*ll, just so they can be part of the so-called COOL crowd!


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