Appleiphone 5s, black spot on my phone screen.

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Hi, I am Pratish Prabhakaran, Employee of Aditya Birla group, brand strategy. In my case I bought I-phone 5S, almost a month back on 24th May’15 from the organized out let The Mobile store, Vashi, Navi mumbai.
IMEI: [protected],
The phone from day one was showing some problem in hearing. Every time it was required to speak into the phone for the person at the other end to hear clearly. While I was figuring out all this, In a matter of one month the whole fun of buying the phone went into drain. On 8th, 07, 2015, after charging my phone and while browsing through my instagram page, I apparently spotted a
Black spot on the bottom -extreme right hand side corner of the phone. Eventually, the spot grew with time and became big and it’s still growing.

I visited the nearest, apple service centre at Andheri east (chakala) on 9th/07/2015, and without even checking or testing, I was told that specific point/ region has gone through extreme/ adverse pressure.
Which came to me as a surprise as I couldn’t recall any such situation & there is not even a scratch at the point. Further to that day 10th, 11th, 12th, I’ve explored almost all service centre and the case remain the same (without testing same answer).Around 16th, 17th of july’15 my case got registered with some kind of concern, all thanks to Apple helpline service and the Case ID: [protected].
On that basis we went to the maple service centre, at vashi on 17th/ 07/2015, where in my phone was at last taken for testing. Till today its lying with them. On 29.07.2015, we were updated with the result of the diagnosis run by the vashi, Mapple Service centre on the product I - phone 5S (IMEI: [protected]).
The final conclusion of the diagnosis is that the black spot appearing on the screen is because of pressure damage.Key outcome / observation of the discussion with Mapple service center team:
1. We found, the claim of pressure damage is made on non- factual grounds, as the apple team failed to provide any kind of evidence to the product owner.

2. The team has clearly shown complete non- cooperation in sharing images or other evidence, basis which the claim was made.

3. There is no written document / report generated of the result, with proper supporting document of the diagnosis done – which can be shared with the owner.

4. Absence of written instruction, dos- don’ts in a manual format which shares data / measure to quantify the amount of pressure the screen can take.

5. Even the result shared doesn’t carried any such measure/ scientific explanation of the issue, neither any quantifying nos.

6. Mr. Faizan made the point that he is pretty sure it’s a pressure damage, which on enquiring further came to our notice that the reference for the claim basis which he made the remark was the external picture of the phone, shared by the service centre, which he confirmed is the diagnosis result. This makes us suspect the sanctity of the diagnosis done for 1 entire week, which eventually happens to be just one picture.

7. The team wasn’t aware of the actual case which we shared with our first interaction on the case registered under the id: [protected].

Its quite surprising the way the brand is working in India compared to U.S. the U.S call center has denied the term " pressure damage" and also told it should get covered under warranty. kindly help on this matter.


Sep 15, 2015
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