Anytime Fitnessterminated by local owner for responding to corporate survey

We just had our membership cancelled by Anytime Fitness, Canon City Colorado, in retaliation, it seems, for filling out one of your surveys. We offered honest opinions about this gym and, bingo, we are no longer allowed access. And, if these surveys are supposed to be confidential, how is it that Jay knew exactly who filled it out in order to target us for termination? He should have just been told that “someone” gave this critique and that things needed to be addressed. That apparently didn’t happen. We go to the gym as we usually do and our key fobs no longer work. No explanation, nothing. We finally got a face-to-face with Jay Fredrick, the gym franchise owner, and he said it was because we complained and were not happy with the gym. We told him that was not the case, but that we had seen some shortcomings in the gym that needed attention and brought them to the attention of the corporation in the survey. We did not indicate that we were so dissatisfied with things that we did not want to use the center, just that things needed attention at the facility. So, our take on it now is that if you fill out one of your surveys, and it is less that favorable, you are automatically terminated. Jay said, in fact, that this was recommended by corporate.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Canon City, COWe found that hard to believe! And when pressed as to where do we go from here, Jay’s attitude wasn’t one of wanting to work things out and make our key fobs work again so that we could get in the door, it was basically one of you’re outta here, you’re locked out, how dare you to complain, go find another gym. So, we gather from what he told us, that rather than fixing the problems at the gym, you eliminate the complaint by eliminating the customer. This definitely is not customer service, and definitely not customer oriented. How can a franchise owner stay in business treating customers this way? I was self-employed for many years and if my customers were dissatisfied with any of my work I bent over backwards to accommodate my customer. That is what customer service is all about. I was totally astounded by Jay’s comments. You get paid by your members and/or their insurance companies so in reality by eliminating your customers, you eliminate your income from those sources. Why send the survey out if you don’t really want to hear the answers? With social media the way it is, we will definitely put it out there that Anytime Fitness does not care about its customers, nor want to hear any type of feedback from them that is not positive. This gym owner is milking this gym and although he says it is deep cleaned twice weekly and that he is there on a regular basis, this is definitely NOT the case. We are not the only clients of this gym who have noticed this, however, we filled out one of your surveys and were automatically terminated and basically told not to come back. Again, what kind of customer service is that? And, I’ll ask you the same question I asked Jay: Where do we go from here? What kind of solution do you offer?

May 19, 2017

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