Anytime Fitnessmembership continuing to be charged after cancelled. owner abusive.

Late January/early February, I went to the Anytime in Aurora. As I was trying to take off my coat and change my shoes, the owner of the franchise came over and started vacuuming the cubby area. She had me pinned in a corner, my back was to her. She hit me in the back of the ankles with the vacuum. She had been making me really uncomfortable working out, staring at me all the time on previous visits. I called her about a week later to cancel my membership and it took her about a week to return my call. When she did, I was at work.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Aurora, ILShe was refusing to cancel my membership so I said I would post a complaint and negative review. At that point, she became verbally abusive and my coworker heard the entire conversation. She eventually said that she would cancel my membership, but I would have to pay up until March when my contract was up. It is now May, and I am still being charged. I have now been assaulted, embarrassed at work and stolen from. I want my membership cancelled and the payments I have disputed from April and May returned. Anytime Fitness DOES NOT have my permission to continue charging my credit card.

May 06, 2017

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