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I have installed 11 windows in my home but when the gentleman came to give an estimate I was told he was putting in 12 windows because I wanted all my windows to be done he stated that two window will be done in in one frame so it counts as one but he lied. Then he put it on two different bank accounts and never told me he was doing it like that and didn't give me the information the two new credit banks he made. He also said I would have a year to pay interest free that was a lie. The only thing the was good were the installers kind and courteous and they cleaned after themselves very well. I complain to the main office here in my town and they did nothing there man of keeping me in the loop was horrible and when I said I wanted my 12 window put in they said I would have to pay for it because that was his fault but I still have to pay extra for his doing so now I have 11 new windows and one old window and pay two different banks with two different interest because within three months I had to start paying interest .I am so unhappy with the company

Mar 09, 2017

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