Amtrakhorrible experience!

Let me start by saying I will never use amtrak again! Ever! What a horrible experience! First I had to park about a mile away and walk in 5 degree weather to get to the station - then the escalator is broken so everyone boarding my train had to walk down an outdoor staircase in the cold to get to the platform - and then no heat on the train either leaving or returning! On my return trip we were supposed to arrive back in albany at 7pm... We didn't get back until a few minutes before 8pm because for someone unbeknownst reason the train just stopped outside of albany and sat on the tracks for 45 minutes! Mind you, this whole time we were sitting there freezing - and no exaggeration here, I couldn't feel my toes for about two hours of the ride!!! Funny how two other people i've spoken with about this said they had had a similar experience and would never take amtrak again either! I can't believe anyone would utilize their services when there are clearly other transportation options.

Jan 24, 2013

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