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On November 23, 2016 my husband (a career army veteran of 20 years) called Amerigas to kindly ask them to fill our tank as it was at 10%. They required us to pay the full amount which we did with no complaint over the phone and the funds were immediately drawn from our account. The woman we spoke with through the Eaton Rapids, MI office informed us that the fill would take between 7-10 days to happen. My husband was surprised it would take that long but said ok and thank you.

Fast forward to November 30, 2016 where we came home to a fill ticket on the front door. It was printed out and said they had filled the tank with a total of 200 gallons (this was accurate for what we had pre-paid over the phone). There were also numbers written in as to the percentage of the tank at the start and end of the fill. These numbers were illegible to me (keep in mind I'm an elementary/middle school teacher of 18 years so I'm pretty expert on reading poor writing), so I asked my husband what they said. He said 40%. That made sense, they had filled to 40% based on the 200 gallons.

By the late evening/early morning, my husband discovers that the furnace isn't kicking on and my son reports cold water for his shower. A call was made to Hager Fox to come and check the furnace for issues. My husband stays home all day waiting for the repairman who arrives at 7:30 p.m. The furnace man takes a look at the furnace and states there isn't gas coming in. "Of course there is, they just filled it, " my husband states confidently. After a bit more checking, they go out to check the propane tank and discover there is a lock on it.

Obviously, we were stunned by several facts:
*There was never any communication when we ordered the gas that someone might need to be home upon delivery.
*There was never any communication after the fill that the tank was locked or needed further service.
*We had just paid $95.00 in service fees to the furnace man to find out something our own gas company should have told us.
*It was by this point 8:00 p.m. and was going to be very cold all night with no shower for work in the morning.

My husband immediately called Amerigas and got a corporate operator. My husband asked to speak to a manager. They had to have a manager call him back. He spoke with Sabrina. He told Sabrina the situation and indicated his dissatisfaction with the situation. Sabrina indicated there was nothing that she could do that night and that it was company policy to do a pressure tank if a tank was empty (keep in mind we called at 10% left in the tank a week earlier) . We asked Sabrina why we weren't notified. There was no explanation for that and then she proceeded to tell us we needed to deal with our local Amerigas office out of Eaton Rapids, MI in the morning even though my husband to ask for a supervisior above Sabrinan. She did say she could send an after-hours person out but they would charge US a fee to do so. Very insulting and disappointing to be treated as such and again here we are paying customers, a war veteran at that and we have to freeze all night and have no shower in the morning for work.

Today, December 2, my husband did as Sabrina suggested and called the Eaton Rapids office. They had more of the company policy excuses, no apologies, no explanation for the lack of communication, and no other viable solution then for US to pay an ADDITIONAL $100 for a service tech to come out and check the lines and hook us back up. I feel that this is terrible customer service, and an unsafe practice.

*Why would he fill the tank when he couldn't check the pressure? Is that safe?
*Why were we not made aware that someone would possibly need to be home if we were already at 10% and it might take 7-10 days for them to get there?
*Why wasn't a very clear, distinct notice left to CALL for further service????

If customer care is really a motto of this company and they wish to improve their customer reviews online and with the BBB, I would hope they would take a look at how they are treating people. I would also hope that they would consider improving their communication.

My ideal resolution would be a refund of the $100 to have a tech back out to check the lines and a refund of $95 to cover the furnace call due to Amerigas's lack of communication of the true problem.

I pray that there are still compassionate, reasonable people running companies out there. I pray that people like my husband didn't face what he's faced for people to just piss on the little guy without a thought.

Kelly Cruce

Acct info: Thomas Cruce
Perry, MI

Dec 02, 2016

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