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My wife and i have fallen on rough times like many others in this current economy. She is unemployed and has been since May of "08" and i have been curtailed off and on from about the middle of july. We have fallen behind on our payments for a few months now and applied for a loan modification with a.s.c. only to be denied after a month of review due to our expences were too high! Yes we would refi. if we had better credit than what we have now to get away from this heartless company. Oh b.t.w. our first mortgage company has already approved our modification with them and were very greatful for accredited home lenders helping americans out such as my wife and i in a time of crisis due to the economy we are in today! The reality is companies that perform customer no service business practices that Americas servicing co. adheres to, and not willing to work with their customers somehow manage to avoid going bankrupt during these times, yet they will be more than happy to throw you, your contract, and your dream home under the bus so you can join the forclosure dilema! We are now refiling for another modification, like the previous request so we can simply put some of the past payments due now toward the end of the loan. In my opinion we not asking for a.s.c. to meet us more than half way, just the middle this one time only! I also would like to thank Aames home loan for selling our loan to this customer no service mafia!

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  • Ta
      Apr 17, 2009

    ASC is a sad, sick, merceless company. The company is sub ### of Wells Fargo. Like father like son. ASC should bet shutdown. Report them to FTC, FBI, SEC & IRS.

    ASC has/is doing so many illigeal things, Congress must invetigate ASC.

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