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Resolved misleading customers

I was approved by well's fargo for a loan modification if I paid the payments set forth in a forbearance agreement (please note I bypassed asc and contacted well's fargo). According to the young lady I spoke with my first payment would be due nov 21, 2009 next one dec and the next jan after this the modification would be set in motion as long as I made these on time with full payment.
We were so happy, I ask the next step, she said we would get a letter in the mail from asc we would however have to deal with them (asc), we got our letter in the mail today nov 2, 2009 first payment is due oct 26, 2009.
Well guess what i'm late.
According to the envelope it is dated oct 27, 2009 that's when it left the post office in califorina to come to me from wells fargo.
So it is now null and void, figure that.
So do they really want to work with me to maintain and keep my home??
If you have any suggestions to help e-mail me.

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    Donald R White Jan 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I had terrible experience with this company! Beware people!

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    imacjfe Jan 05, 2010

    No they do not want to work with you at all.

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  • La
    Larell Bryant Aug 26, 2014

    Hello my name is Larell Bryant and I'm experiencing the same thing with Wells Fargo, as Brenda, here in NJ. They took me in and out of court from November of 2013 til February of 2014, which I was granted, at least so I thought a new monthly loan modification and was pleased with my $300.00 dollar difference, now just recently August of 2014, Wells is telling me that I'm behind in my payments, which are back to $1508.99 and I never received this in writing, which also means it was a fake loan modification which took me out of work every month for court dates, so who can I turn to for help in this matter, this company has no right to toy with innocent peoples lives!

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Resolved Handling of mortgage

We have been in the process of TRYING to modify our mortgage with America's Servicing Company for ELEVEN MONTHS!!! Our home has been scheduled for auction no less than five times. We submitted all information requested no less than five times, yet we were denied a modification. I was advised the last time our home was scheduled for auction that the beginning bid was over $100, 000 LESS than what we owe on it to ASC. We have a bank willing to take over the mortgage, but ASC refused to discuss and/or negotiate with them. It's hard to believe they are willing to lose $100, 000, or more. Anyway, for those who are interested we located a company that has been representing our interests in negotiating a modification of our loan agreement with ASC. The company has had the auction(s) put on hold pending an agreement with ASC. There are no up front fees, which caught our interest to begin with. If you are interested, please email me at [protected] We have been pleased with their service and communication, of which we had none with ASC. My thoughts and prayers are with all who are associated with this company, directly and/or indirectly. No one should have to go through what this company puts their homeowners through.

Resolved Poor customer service

America's servicing company (Asc) is servicing our first mortgage loan for wells fargo. They are by far the...

Resolved Horrible customer service!!!

This is by far the most ignorant and pathetic group of individuals I've ever dealt with in my entire...

Resolved Non-Performance

America's Servicing Company and US Bank Assoc. are the selle(s) of a property we are trying to purchaase...

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Resolved Withhold information

Call ASC June 2009 to find out how I could use the stimulas package with my house loan. I then faxed everything they told me to send them on June 10, 2009, called and confirmed they received it and was told it would be 60-90 days processing.
Called to make my house payment September 4, 2009 and asked about the progress. I was then told it was on hold and they needed more information. I was never sent a letter or received a call to let me know this. I then asked why they didn't tell me the other things I needed when I faxed the first 20 something pages of information or why they didn't inform me I needed to send them more information. I got the run around and now it will be another 60-90 days.
I have had my loan with ASC for a few years and with all the bad reviews and complaints have always stood up for them. Well, it finally got around to me.

Resolved Mortgage Loan Modification

Post your America's Servicing Company story at: Add your voice to mine so we...

Resolved fraud company and a rip off

Americas Servicing Comany came in and bought the loan from New Century Mortgage and started increasing the rate of interest without letting us know what was the rate increase base on or what the next rate increse will be.It went from $1039.00 to $ 1759.00 and I ended up paying this company over $ 8000.00 over and above the original mortgage amount of $1039.00. .I asked for a modification since May 2009 and they will not respond to me later after a month they want me to send them a financial worksheet.I send them all copies of my paystubs, Insurance of house, tax returns two years, copy of all my utility bills as supporting documents along with the hardship letter showing a deficit in my balance sheet -on June 18th via certified registered mail receipt .I have the sighned copy of the letter of receipt sighned by their rep. I received a call from another rep on the 13th of Aug 2009 andthey say they have lost my papers and then I was asked to resend the papers via fax on 07/15/09 .THEY TRASHED THE PAPERS NEXT DAY. I sent it again on 07/19/09 they called me last friday saying we cannot modify your loan because that too much money for them to give up so if I cut down some expenses they will bring down the loan rate to modify. Today I received a letter from ASC where they want to do forbeareance and want me to pay $ $671.87 three times in for August September and october and in November 2009 they want $3579.96 totaling to $ 5595 for three months @ 1865 / month.( please note that I am presently current in my payments to ASC and never missed a payment and am suppose to pay $ 1359.00 with their new reduced rates at 7.25% for the month of August) your interference has made them so mad that they wrote to me that I should not have complained to you and tnow they want to go for the kill and get me so under that I - being current, mailing regular payments, with excellent credit will have to loose my home, credit, my business, and my sleep because of no fault of mine...they ar threatening of foreclosure.

Resolved Absolutely No Business being in business.

After a messy divorce, I refinanced my 3.9% mortgage to a 6% mortgage with Integrity Mortgage Co. After le...

Resolved Non-Modification & Foreclosure Initiation


Regarding payment status, I contacted my creditors, including ASC, in July of 2008 before I missed any payments because my tenants at both the primary and investment properties were withholding rent and moved owing money. Because I was not behind yet in my payments, both ASC and SPS advised they could not help me. Then when the winter set in, oil, transportation, operations and maintenance expenses, and continued loss of income made it impossible for me to satisfy my mortgage obligations. My salary has also been ###ed for the past decade due to reasons that I shall not discuss herein.


Despite being behind in my payments, ASC never sent my paperwork to an attorney to initiate foreclosure proceedings until March 2009. I believe this is attributed to the fact that First Universal Lending -- the second company I signed an agreement with in order to assist me in obtaining a loan mod from ASC -- effectively cancelled their negotiations with ASC after I cancelled a fourth payment of $499.95 since our agreement was only for three such payments for a total of approximately $1, 500.


Shortly thereafter, I received a Demand Notice and then a Summons Server named Mike hand-delivered a Summons & Complaint to me on Thursday night (June 18, 2009). Said document had been filed on June 10th, 2009. Now, I and/or my attorney have to file an Answer with the Court and ASC's attorneyby or before July 6, 2009 to ensure that ASC does not regain the property via default judgment.

Needless to say, I am very much alarmed at the way ASC has moved to advance foreclosure proceedings despite the fact we have been working to negotiate a modification for approximately a year now! Each time I submitted information, they issued a denial letter that contained expenses that were grossly above any information I provided.

I also submitted information showing how affordable the mortgage would be if the interest rate were dropped from 10% to 2%; my monthly payment would be approximately $1, 500 per month; I also advised I would be willing to pay the mortgage for 40 years to compensate for the adjustment!

I am not trying to discharge my fiduciary responsibilities. I do, however, need help and have learned a great lesson -- never enter into deals when you have to depend on gross and/or rental income to make the deal. Both are bogus assumptions. Net income is the only reliable indicator of a person's ability to pay, as long as that income continues.

I am a victim of the sub-prime predatory lending crisis and have been paying loans that average 10%. When the tenants were paying their rent, I could afford the payments, which I made from April 2006 to July or August 2008. When they stopped, my financials changed accordingly.

I do not want to lose my home and believe I qualify for President Obama's Home Affordable Program. I received counseling from HOPE NOW already. I am Client #106. What I, indeed WE ALL, need now is an affordable modification so we can move on.

Respectfully speaking, homeowners need more than Hope; we need modifications, NOW.

According to the HAMP Calculator, with a monthly mortgage of $3, 248 and a gross income of 6, 324, I am paying 51% of my gross income for the first mortgage. More realistically, however, is that I only bring home $4, 200 as my net income, the debt to income is a whopping 77%!!! when you add one rent totaling 900 or $650 (75% allowance), the debt to income is about 60%.

Despite the denials, I have submitted a fifth modification request to ASC, and respectfully request that all Foreclosure actions be ceased. I called the company on 6/17/09 and they advised that they received my fifth hardship letter and that they were effectively canceling the short sale. Nevertheless, on the very next day, Mike served me a Summons & Complaint. Failure to provide an Answer within 20 days (before July 6, 2009) could be problematic!

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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If the opportunity is so good, why are you headed for foreclosure, you might say? Well, it like everything else in life depends on teamwork and people coming together for the common good of one another.

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Thank you for providing this forum to express my concerns; God bless...

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No help with 3 applications ffor modification!!!!

Americas servicing company has kept me at bay after THREE files have been submitted for modification. I filed a request in August, again in November, and again in Februauy. They ignored all requests, no one would contact us. They denied receiveing faxes, that they later "found". They started the foreclosure processon us. We were served forclosurer papers. They insist they did not set a sherrifs sale date, and would not forclose while we were in modification, and then their attorneys state their clients granted them permission to forclose. The attorneys office at Phelan and Schmieg strong armed us into signing an agreement with them to pay, and we were misled by them.

They say they will forclose, and ASC says they will not. We are now stuck with double payments and now ASC won't modify due to the agreement. Cathc 22, and NO HELP from ASC...

  • Ch
    chaydel May 22, 2009

    I am going thru the same exact thing!!! my story is i got behind due to a house fire two years ago!!! Then lost my job and stillnot in it due to a contractor ripping us off! and ASC paid them! they are holding the rest of my funds in an escrow acct. and wont release them until i find another contractor who wont touch it cause so much of the work has to be re-done and that cost money! and where do i get the money from??

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Resolved Mortgage

We have contacted ASC, who is part of Wells Fargo Group. We have written to them with all our details and...

Resolved Misleading Information and adverse credit reporting

I recently modified my mortgage with ASC, during the time they were reviewing the loan mod. I made all...

Resolved Raised interset rate 7 points

We have a 80/20 and America's Servicing Company has our 80 loan. Our 20 loan interate went down and we get notified that our 80 with ASC went up 7 points to 15%. We did a modification with them and it took over a year with all those payments and interest of coarse being tagged onto the loan and all the they did was go down to 14%. Bless there hearts!Whatever!!! Like that help at all! We called again after my husband lost his job and then found one but at a $10, 000 pay cut and to see if we could modify again because there was no way that we would be able to pay at that rate still and they said we had to be 2 to 3 month behind before they would consider. So now we are 3 months behind which has killed our credit, and I called and they said that we have a deficiat of $400. and that we don't pre-qualify for a loan modification but we will have someone review it and she told me that we needed to try to lower the deficiat. I told the lady at ASC, well yes it is high because my house payment is so high because of the high interest rate, that's why I'm calling . In the mean time I got a letter from a lawyer to start foreclosure but no sell date yet. I called ASC and asked why I got a letter and she said that they can still procide anytime they want. So ASC raised my interest rate to 15%, then modify down to 14%, then tell that I have to be 2-3 months behind for them to talk to me, and then send me a foreclosure letter. President Obama were is the help that you said there is because I can't find it ANYWHERE!

  • Ne
    needs help Apr 28, 2009

    I agree we have been trying to work with ASC for almost a year now to get our mortgage modified to a fixed rate. I talk to them at least every other week and they always need me to send updated letters and statements and paystubs.. I don't know how this can be legal I am loosing sleep and am so stressed over this we do not want to lose our home. We have two small children and live in our dream home and wish that there was something that we could do. We have called several different people (Hope for Now, Ect.) we have even tried with a lawyer, but we just cannot afford any extra right now. We are willing and doing everything that they ask of us and still we get the run around. Is there anything that we can do...We are running very short on time and are looking for anything. Please help...

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  • Ti
    tired of the customer bs Jan 12, 2010

    Oh please. Let me just start off by saying that if you got stuck with a first and a second ARM that you should be pissed at the closing agent. Second even the most crooked of the crooked is not going to put a 7% cap per ir change on your loan. Thirdly you would have to have like a 13% margin and that means u either have the worst credit on the planet when u took out the loan or u look as stupid as u sound on here and just got straight taken advantage of. Anyway you look at it you didn't bother to read your docs at closing and that is nobodys fault but your own and certainly not asc's fault

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Resolved Murderers, Theives, Scam, Fraud

America's servicing company is a fraud. The government needs to investigate this company and shut it...

Resolved RIP OFF!

You guys ain't seen nothin yet. America's Servicing Company aka Wells fargo aka US Bank is one company that you want to stay on the good side of! Further - it has NOTHING to do with being subprime. I was carrying a score over 800 before I tangled with ASC.

First, they nearly doubled my payment days before the index went down. Then, they've raised it even more every three months - even with the index at almost nothing! It's now triple my initial rate!

Those good folks reported me as in default while I was in their special forebearance program and making elevated payments!

They filed foreclore with over $6000.00 of my money in an escrow account - the funds that I sent them while in forebearance that they refuse to apply to the loan!

Then, they topped it all off by filing for a summary judgement the day after my first court hearing. Their reason - they say I failed to answer their complaint! (I kinda thought showing up with my attorney at the hearing may have covered that.)

Luckily, the judge denied the motion. But, they still call me 6 - 7 times a day - even though I filed a cease and desist and we are in current litigation!

This company is simply unbelieveable.

  • Yv
    yvette bonamie Aug 22, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the worst company i have ever been with. They bought out another lender and call at least 5 times a week asking me to make a payment. Their rates went up within a couple of months without letting me know about it. Never deal with this company.

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  • Je
    Jessica Stilwell Aug 27, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company suck so bad. I got laid off Nov of 2006 and I feel behind in may of 07. I called them so many times to make payments when my unemployment checks would come in and they would not take them. They wanted the hole mortgage at once. I just wanted the money out of my account so I knew it was going to my mortgage. I ended up having to borrow money from my grandparents and I got them paid all but 1000$ and I told them if they could wait 3 days I would have my paycheck and I would be able to pay that to. They said no pay the 6000 and we will just add the 1000 to your monthly payments. I said so will that mean I am out of foreclosure. The lady said yes it will bring you out of foreclosure and it will stop bad reporting on your credit. So I said fine. Well tonight I spoke to ASC and the guy told me "O NO it will still report bad on your credit until I pay that off.Plus I get charged fee on top of it. I am so pissed off right now. I think they need to be shut down fast.

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  • Sa
    Sara Espinosa Jan 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not only changed our initial company without giving us another option before doing that but also they RIP US OFF every month with the fee they charge when we pay over the phone $15 or $10 over the phone!!!!
    So far I have no option but once I have the opportunity to refinance I WILL KICK THIS COMPANY'S BUTT. HATE YOU ASC!!!!!
    We should sue them ASAP!!!

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  • Te
    terri Mar 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mortgage was sold to ASC and every 3 months they are raising my payments. 1 time Iwas 2 weeks late and they threatened to foreclose they are a disgrace to financial institutes.

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  • Kt
    K teach Apr 16, 2009

    We have been going back and forth for over 18 months with ASC - aka Wells Fargo. My husband is a disbabled vet. We were blindsided when he was laid off his job and what with the length of time it takes to get disability benefits from the VA and social security...that was the only reason we even fell behind. They have repeatedly tried to foreclose, we have completed 2 forebearances. We just got out loan modification papers on the first. We are still working out terms on the 2nd. Word of advice...buyers beware...don't let anyone talk you into the first and 2nd mortgage or interest only mortgage to get into a house. It's a virtual nightmare. Anyway, as I said we just got our loan modification. We are working with the local housing authority who is helping us deal with these scam artists. We just executed the modification and wouldn't you know it. The day, the very day they received the loan modification papers back about 4 hours later our house is showing up on the trustees website with an active sale date of 7/24/09. It's a real wonder a lot of us homeowners don't band together and go gunning for these ###s. Anyway, I'm sure it's to the point now with the new laws passed they are going to wind up removing the listing or it'll be their turn to take the heat. These banks don't deserve these bailouts Obama has been handing them. They deserve to be out of business.

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Resolved FTC

Would love it if the FTC or President Obama and Congress would look into ASC predatory lending practices!!! Maybe the Ohio Department of commerce takes complaints...ASC operates out of a P O box 5106 springfield ohio...I never heard of a legitimate company that only has a post office box...

  • Mi
    mimi Feb 25, 2009

    I have reported them to my US Senator and plan to report them to our Attorney General. They have done so many things that are illegal and they are so corrupt that our HUD counselor is stupified. We have had 3 forebearance agreements and they broke two of them through sheer incompetence. We are considering filing bankruptcy but are waiting to hear the Obama plan.

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Resolved fraud

ASC just sent us a letter saying "their guideline" require us to carry hazard insurance equal to the amount...

Resolved house loan

this company is the worst company in the america . first they rasied are payment by $80.00 more a month .then...

Resolved Lost my home

America's Servicing Company is not interested in re-financing, they service one's loan. They do not care whatsoever.

I went through the "so-called" pre-payment plan and they said I was about $350 short of what was needed to pay it. There really was not a repayment plan that HELPED.

Our payments were raised also and I could not find work at the time. We also even got National Foreclosure Relief to try and help save our home, to no avail. They had no luck and got the same result that I did. They have been getting the same feedback, I am sure. National Foreclosure Relief has offered to give back half of the money I paid them to try and save our home in a "good-faith" gesture, but asking me to sign a release form before I get it. I haven't signed it yet and am still asking them questions. Apparently, they foresee lawsuit and litigation concerns as well.

We had to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with the advice of a foreclosure specialist and the attorney and lost our home.

I was trying to write Lisa on the issue of a class action suit against this company. She said to e-mail her at an e-mail address, but there is not one.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Lisa, you can e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you get this message.