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America's Servicing Company / Filing false foreclosure

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Trying for the second time! to foreclose on my home without providing any documentation. They were the 4th purchaser of a 1994 mechanic lien.I had a 1st & 2nd mortgage @ the time. Sent my check back in 2004 saying "note matured". I called to verify that knowing that it was true but since they never responded to attempts to pay in full in 2000, I knew they were screwy. I did nothing in 2005 & foreclosure never took place. But, right at Christmas this last attempt was very disturbing!

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  • Jo
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    How do we file a class action lawsuit with this company???

  • Sh
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    This is the 2nd company to take my mortgage, and I also have trouble getting them on the phone. Getting them to post payments on time. I pay them by phone, pay the fee, and they they still don't get posted until a week later. Twice now, they have posted after I assumed the money was already out of the bank and they caused me to bounce other checks in the process!!! Even sending them money by wire, the payment didn't get posted until 4 days after I send it. WHO DOES THAT! That is the reason we pay the fee to have it there next day!!! This is causing my payments to be late, and they are threatening foreclosure in my case also. I have been told that their fees are unreasonable, I agree, and I can't believe the wait time when you are trying to get someone on the phone. I agree!!! HOW DO WE STOP THESE PEOPLE!!!

  • Su
      21st of Mar, 2007
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    I have been contacting this company since October 2006 trying to get a modification agreement done because we were 2 mos behind. At that time I was told NOT to make anymore payments. It's now March 2007 and after filling out paperwork twice, I still have yet to hear from this company regarding a modification agreement and told NOT to make payments when I call them.

  • Be
      22nd of Mar, 2007
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    This company is fraudulent and should be sued for every asset they have.

    We will be glad to participate and assist with a class action suit through our attorney.

    Anyone else interested contact us a

  • Ra
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    I sent them a certified check for $57,000.00 and they still wanna foreclose. They said it would stop the foreclosure. They said I was only 39,000 past due. Makes no sense.

  • Jo
      31st of Mar, 2007
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    Like the rest of you, but with a little bit different circumstance. We have had to call to ask for help as we were affected by the storms and power outages here in Western Washington, our area had been declared a FEMA national disaster area. We were assured when we call ASC that they would work with us, though our payment would be a couple of days late in December & January. They offered that as long as we were caught up by March 31, they would not report us as late.

    Every subsequent statement showed a late payment fee, but they would reverse it when we called yet again and confirmed that the arrangements we made were in effect. We talked to them 10 times from mid-December until now. We talked to them on 3/16, again, no worries, account status is good, will not report to credit agencies. At this time we are re-financing and on 3/20 the mortgage loan processor runs our credit report and it has plummeted 50 points and shows that on 3/16/07 ASC reported us as 30 days late twice!

    Sickened by this, because we have a 20 year record with ZERO late payments and this happens at a very inconvenient time.

    We are finally allowed to talk to the collections people, rather than regular (non) customer service. A woman there sees all the calls, all the arrangements and says they are wrong, have your lender call her and she will confirm this is ASC's fault. She will also immediately send a letter to the 3 credit reporting bureaus. Well, now this is where we learn about the afore mentioned 5 calling centers and the lady we need to talk to is in Maryland. We are advised to just keep calling back and we may get lucky enough to find this needle in the haystack representative.

    We do receive a letter in a week's time, but instead of advising of the above-mentioned error, it states there is an investigation and research being conducted and we will receive a letter with their findings in 15-20 days.

    Well that's where we stand right now. Waiting for this letter. Luckily our mortgage guy did reach the lady in Maryland and got a verbal from her that they had mistakenly reported us. But that only allows us to retain our dignity with him. The re-fi can not go forward without the actual reversal of the late payment report to show up on the bureau reports. I am so afraid to stay with this company, but now we are stuck. There are so many more reports of this similar difficulty across the country with ASC, something has to work in our favor...


  • Ve
      3rd of Apr, 2007
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    I have been totally ripped off by this company, they are charging me an extra $230 a month for an escrow shortage that never existed!! Their customer service reps are horrible and have bad attitudes and when I said I wanted to drop the escrow she said they would need it in writing and that there was no guarantee that they would stop the escrow!! I feel so helpless and I don't know what to do, I have paid over $3000 extra to them and I probably will not get that money back. I want to refinance to get away from these people!!

  • Il
      1st of May, 2007
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    Blah blah blah, pay your bills on time your debtors and you'll have nothing to worry about. Grow up and pay your bills, idiots.

  • Ke
      2nd of May, 2007
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    ASC --The company is nothing but a bunch of crooks!!! Our mortgage was sold as well from Option One and all the rest is the same. We were paying on time and then one day they called and asked where our payment was. The payment had already been taken out of my bank so I knew they had the money. They insisted that it wasn't paid, what we finally found was that it was posted to the wrong account and they said they could do nothing to fix it. We had to make a repayment plan and pay an extra 200 a month to catch up. The very next month they said we broke the agreement because the payment was posted after the due date. They admitted that the payment was there, but said it was our fault because it takes them 10 days to post it. That we should have sent it that much sooner! Who does that? We then had to do another repayment plan this time paying an extra 400 a month. It was fine for 2 months, and we started sending via certified mail to make sure it was on time, then one month the check was sent back to us stating that we didn't have any agreement for that amount. It was fine for 2 months and all of a sudden it's not? What the HELL? They threatened foreclosure and we had to ask for a hardship loan from our 401 k to catch up. Then they denied our loan modification anyway. We had to hire a third party assistance company to mitigate with them. Every stage we paid out 900, then 3300, and this last time 4500 dollars. The letter said that if the loan mod was denied they would give us the $4500 back, the 3rd party mitigator came back to us with a loan mod agreement from ASC but said we had to come up with 5000 in 4 days!! We never got the 4500 back from the bank so I'm waiting to hear if they will credit us the 4500 towards the loan modification. My house is up for auction May 16th. It is now May 2nd. Still waiting to hear. I'm sure I'll be totally screwed and my credit is already at it's worst ever! Where am I supposed to move my children to? These jerks care nothing about the people who are paying their salaries!! CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!I f anyone can help me out give me a heads up!

  • Er
      9th of May, 2007
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    First of all i am a collections rep for asc out bound collections... and first let me tell everyone do you know what asc is... its a NON-PRIME Loan servicer for everyone who doesn't know what that means it services bad credit loans, wait let me rephrase that horrible credit loans, and it makes me laugh when im talking to you and your there talking about how perfect your credit is and i see when im calling you and i see your true double digit credit scores... also your payments are due on the 1st not the 16th people who have bad credit seem to find this confusing thinking the 16th is your due date because thats when you get your late fee... also have you ever wondered why you get stuff from wells fargo with your mort. payment stuff , because asc is affiliated with wells fargo but wells fargo just doesnt want to be labeled the company with all the bad credit loans... how does asc end up with your loans... companies suck as freemont, countrywide, emc... etc companies originate loans the, prime loans (excellent credit) sub-prime (mediocre credit) and non-prime(bad credit)... the originating company keep your loan for 2 months if your lucky ,then thats where the fun starts the prime loans get sold to a company the non prime loans get sold to a company and then asc get all the non-prime loans get sold to asc... so i hope all this info answers your questions to why you have this horrible company servicing your loan... all because you all have horrible credit no one to blame but yoursel[censored]

    Oh yeah i know asc is a screwed up company but i also find it funny when i hear people talking about sueing asc... and winning... yeah right when you walk in the court room with your bootleg lawyer and then asc/wells fargo comes in with its all-star team of lawyers who get paid more in 1 day then your lawyer will make in a year... do you really think your going to win your lawsuit.

  • Gl
      15th of Jun, 2007
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    We all need to come together and complain. The government cannot ignore thousands of complaints about the same issue with this company. Someone needs to go to jail.

    The FDIC has established a toll-free Central Call Center at 1-877-275-3342

    Call Washington DC legislation 202-225-4201.

    Federal Trade Commission

  • Ri
      18th of Jul, 2007
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    I had heard that Federal Reserve is investigation ASC. Time will tell.

  • Je
      11th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    ASC is really a rip-off..... I'm 73 years old and have never had any trouble with any of my other mortgage companies until ASC took over. Things have been a mess ever since. They change my payment what i was sending in every month without even notifying me. However when i tried to resolve this problem they told me to stop payments for they could research it. They even sent my payments back and then all of a sudden they are asking for one lump sum or they will foreclose on my home. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that this is a rip you off type of company. You can never talk to the same person and whenever you get somebody you have to start all over with your reason for calling. I must say this is a pain in the ### company and if anybody want to take these rip-offs to court please count me in.

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