American Swiss / wedding ring

Hello... My name is boago from botswana. Sometimes last year around august I paid off my wedding ring at american swiss game city. Everything looked fine nd I was happy about it but supprissingly this year around february I noticed a small diamond from it was missing. My hysband took it to the shop nd explained to the store assistant who then denied that that had a ring like that last year. He came back home nd we could'n find the receipt so we gave up. I consoled my self saying that atleast it was'nt noticable. Now this morning I wake up nd I find two bigger pieces are missing from the same ring. Been searching my bed like a mad person coz um failing to understand how they cud have fell off since there is no work I did yesterday coz um in bed rest since last week. Its been more than 6 months but I have not used the ring for anything it was'nt intended for nd I totally believe it have to be assisted in some way.

American Swiss

May 29, 2018

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