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American Mint LLC / coins etc.

1 Mechanicsburg, PA, United States
Contact information:

I just bought once from them replica of a coin for my grand son.Prior to this purchase, I was receiving a lot of unsolicited mail from American Mint.Being
an old citizen, I am not leading a very active life & restrict my outings to a limited chores like purchase of food in the close by neighborhood etc.
Never thought that I am going to be trapped in the biggest network of Scammers, I
placed the order for the aforementioned coin.Prior to its dispatch, I had completed the requisites of purchase & has given to them my CC # too.
They dispatched the coin & my CC was duly charged.This was also the beginning of my trap which is continuing for almost three (3) years.Soon
after the first transaction, I received from them another letter saying that
they have already mailed to me another replica coin & its value was charged
to my CC.I am leading a very frugal retired life & this letter was as if I have been stabbed in the chest.Just kept my lips closed & accepted the thrusted deal too.
Practice mentioned is continuing even after my both written & telephonic contact with their so called Customer Service Department which truly is a den of scammers & straight away tell you -pay or face the consequences.
Recently, I have been targeted to be a victim of a fraudulent purchase of current President's memorabilia.I had practiced after second forced deal
to return all packages sent by them as a practice of unsolicited deal, unopened to them. They as part of their illegal practice have never ever acknowledged receipt of returned goods?
I have returned every single unsolicited packet sent by them through my
neighborhood Post Office.They have now trapped me in their net sending
letter that in the month of early March, 2017 have sent to me a packet containing President Trump's inauguration material? Almost, they are mailing me every 8-10 days letter with invoice (interest is added on top of value progressively).Last one dated August 04, 2017 was received by me on
August 15, 2017, which is threatening me that matter will be handed over to
"Collection Agency"?I took a chance & contacted on phone their Customer Service Department & after 40 minutes on hold, my call was answered .I straight forward asked their representative to either give me the telephone # of Accounts Department or connect me with them.There was a long pause & she came online asking me details about myself & account etc.I told her that I just need to to talk to Accounts Department.Again there was a big pause & on my asking "Are you there"-she said you have received the PACKET & YOU HAVE TO PAY $91.00 (apprx.).
I got fed up & closed the line.Most interesting part of my story is that on their website, letterheads etc. the only phone number given is that of
CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT!! You just can not talk to anyone else in this organization? Department is staffed by people who have been trained to be rude to their victims & are constantly told by trained scammers to reply only in one sentence, after a long pause "you have received the packet & you have to pay".
In this case, I insisted on POST OFFICE staff who handled me to issue an official receipt that "Packet returned was recived by the POST OFFICE".
Arif Hussain,
August 16, 2017
7587 Abigail Dr.

Aug 16, 2017

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