American Mintdissipative practices / charging credit card without authorization

I will keep this short, No need to give American Mint more then it deserves. First i placed an order with the offer for a knife for $9.95 + ship and handling. I received the product with a watch and 2 knifes. I looked at the invoice to see if they had made a mistake or if it was a promotion. I saw nothing to say I owed them 59.95. So I sent one to my father who is in the middle east US Air force Afghanistan. Later I noticed a charge of 59.95 on my credit card.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Mechanicsburg, PAI called and they told me i need to pay i explained that i did not order anything, they told me i did not mark on the card I told them I looked and did not see anything like that. Jump to now its bin 4 months and I'm still have this problem. They want me to pay 59.95 after they charged my Credit card. I called absolutely no help the most horrible service. They want there knife at all coast back.I was explaining to them that they need to be clear and stop these sneaky tactics. PLEASE I beg you to NEVER ORDER FROM THEM and tell your friends and family spread the word out!!!

Sep 20, 2016

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