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American Laser Centers / Refund

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Update on my previous post: Since arguing for my refund for over two years (and getting extra treatments at alternate branches, getting pictures, getting ignored in the field, etc.), ALC was bought or partnered up with a new company. And the very person I have been hounding for these many years, wrapped up my case and sent me a check based on their new policies.

SO, everyone, have heart. Call and make your case, this is your shot. I would ask for e-mail address as I found that MUCH EASIER than trying to reach someone by phone.

My thanks to the new Customer Service team for returning my deserved money.

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  • Ch
      16th of May, 2008
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    I bought a package with American Laser, in Mequon WI the summer of 2006. I went in for a consultation to learn more about it and was pressured into buying a package before I left. I called the next day to tell them I was not interested and I wanted the charge to be refunded to my credit card. They refused and said they have a no refund policy; I could only get credit (the package switched to a different area of the body.) The package was over $1, 300 and I didn’t want it, I was only curious to find out more about the procedure when I went in for the consult. I started sessions, after directing my concerns to the manager at the Mequon location, and she kept reverting back to their company policy. It’s been 2 years and yeah, there is a little reduction, but not the kind they advertise. It’s suppose to be 6-8 sessions, I’m way passed that! Recently I changed hair stylists and the girl who does my hair use to work for American Laser at the Mayfair Location. She told me that they swindle customers all the time with the “no refund policy, ” but the policy really applies to once you began treatment, not before. So in deed they misled and took advantage of me. She told me how her managers would put extreme pressure on customers to buy packages and they will use “discounts” as incentives to customers, but they’re not really discounts. They up the price of the package, buy the amount of the discount so it seems that way. And those drawings to win a gift certificate, 1st prize $500, 2nd prize $300 and 3rd prize $100 are all sales ploys to get customers in to pressure them into a package. I bought the package for the bikini area; my friend is having the same treatment done by her gynecologist. She started a short time ago and is seeing amazing results, it cost her under $1, 000 and it’s preformed by her doctor, not a beauty school estitition.

  • Sa
      27th of May, 2008
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    I paid over 2, 000.00 on my treatment for hair removal and facial treatments. Each time I called to make an appointment there was nothing available. Also, I was told that the facial treatments would eliminate scars completely and that each appointment had to be scheduled as told due to their regulations. Both statements were false. At one of my appointments I had a personal conversation with the technician. She thought the clinic she worked at was completely about money and unethical. I am in the health field and do not tolerate immoral or unethical behavior. In the future, I will strongly think twice before recommending their services

  • Cm
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    In May 2008 I went to American Laser Centers in Santa Rosa, California.

    I was told about this company because my friend gave me his $300 coupon he won at a fair.

    Long story short. I too signed the contract. The next day I was feeling I was being charged too much for only 6 appointments = + $5, 000

    I talked with a friend who said you should not be paying in advanced.
    His example was: If you go to the dentist, get a haircut, dr. appt = you pay as you go-- NOT in advanced.

    I called to cancel my laser appointment. No work or services were ever done to me.

    I was then told I had to pay the 10% administration fee.
    (I was furious! = + $500)

    I told the laser people under the California law according to the “State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, The Consumer Transaction with Statutory Contract Cancellation Rights there is a three-day no fault cancellation.”

    American Laser Centers would NOT honor this Law!

    I then consulted my friend who is a business person.



    (REMEMBER: ALWAYS BE professional and business like in your letters.)

    1.) Called my CareCredit number 1-866-893-7864 CLOSED the account over the phone. WRITE DOWN YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER!

    2.) Called GE the actual bank for CareCredit.
    TOLD them I had no work done.

    I sent a certified letter to dispute my account. Included in the letter is my: name, account number, day I signed contract, copy of the contract, include your confirmation number from closing your CareCredit account!
    GE Money Bank
    P.O. Box 981438
    EL Paso, TX 79998-1438

    3.) Contact BBB. I contacted the BBB in my area SF, CA. I was forwarded to the office in Michigan where headquarters of these American Laser people are Located.
    Contacted BBB of Detroit & Eastern Michigan
    3055 Southfield Road, Ste. 200
    Southfield, MI 48076-7751
    I sent a certified letter. In the HARDCOPY letter to the above BBB Address with a copy of your laser contract and a letter explaining what happened to you.
    AND: GO ONLINE TO: fill out the online form AND Write the hardcopy letter.

    4.) Sent a certified Letter to:
    Care Credit, INC:
    P.O. Box 1710
    Costa Mesa, CA 92628-1710

    TOLD them I did not have any work done.
    Tell them: “Please close my account. I want to Dispute the amount. I want a refund please.” (BE NICE and business like.)
    INCLUDE your: Name, account number, name and location of Laser store, your contact numbers, copy of the contract. Anything else you can tell them.

    5.) I wrote a letter to my Attorney General. (If you live in a different state than CA—do a Google search for the Name of your state you live in and “Attorney General”

    AND: YOU can send online COMPLAINT form—

    PLUS then mail in a hard copy letter including YOUR copy of the laser contract.

    For CALIFORNIA Send letters to:
    California Department of Justice
    Office of the Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, JR.
    Public Inquiry Unit Office of the Attorney General.
    P.O. Box 944255
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

    6.) I sent a certified letter to State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.
    State of California (YOUR State should have a Dept. of Consumer Affairs. Google search it to find it!)
    Department of Consumer Affairs
    Consumer Information Center
    1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N-112
    Sacramento, CA 95834

    Tell them about your unethical business contract with the American Laser Centers!

    7.) I sent a certified letter to the location of where I went to American Laser Centers. I told them to: Cancel my contract and services.

    8.) I emailed the office manager of American Laser Centers of the location that I went to. Look at your paperwork for the business card and the email address. Tell the office manager you want to cancel your treatments and services.

    9.) I emailed Customer Services at American Laser Centers: 877-252-2010

    10.)I went to Small Claims in my area for extra help. Do a Google search with the name of the county of the state that you live in and “small claims” for the location. BRING ALL YOUR PAPERWORK including your contract!

    MOST IMPORTANT: Keep copies of all your letters, your certified mail receipts, correspondents, emails…!

    BE Business like!

    Good luck! Think positive!
    Please write your letters!

    P.S. At first I did not want to write the letters. I was feeling like I was causing too many problems. That was until I was told I had to pay $500 + for no services or treatment.

    Do your BEST!

  • Ti
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    Money Bank
    Cardholder disputes
    P.O. Box 981438
    El Paso TX

    August 3, 2008

    I am disputing my bill from American Laser Center of Sacramento:
    In the amount of $804.00.

    I am making 1 last attempt to reason with American laser Centers of Sacramento before I take this to small claims court:

    I signed up for a contest at a bridal show at Sunrise Mall for laser treatments, and then I got a call a few days later stating that I won a prize valued at $250.00 toward services.. So I went down to American Laser center of Sacramento to collect my prize. The very high pressure sales person talked me into buying the whole package with my care credit card The manager stated that the procedures were not painful and you could not even tell you were having any work done. So you could go back to workright away. I ended up buying a whole package with my prize included which was valued at $250.00 Now I have cancelled the package because of pain during the treatment and black and red spots on my face for a week. This is my third attempt to get American laser centers to understand that what they did to me is unethical and illegal. American laser centers sent me a tiny writing explanation of what refund that I was entitled to which is only $1910.77 they said I owe $804.00 for two treatments instead of the (bargain) price in the package which is not right. I only cancelled due to pain and the red marks . Also I want my prize of $250.00 deducted from the left over and I will be happy to return the unused portion of the lotion which I do not need since I stopped receiving treatments. This company American laser is a scam I should not be paying the price of a one shot treatment that is not what I signed up for. Do not use this company for foto Facial or microdermabraision it is painful and way overpriced all work is done by a beauty school Esthtitionion not medical personel.
    Thank you very much
    Christine Nyser

  • Ly
      20th of Jul, 2011
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    I also am trying to receive a refund...i went in and got scammed into getting a "package deal" of photo facial and laser hair removal. After 1 treatment each which was painful and left me with a breakout on my face from the photo facial and no anesthetic/ numbing cream for the hair removal, i decided i can not trust them and refuse to go back to them...its been 2 months and no one has gotten back to me regarding this issue!!!

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