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I read some of the complaints when i went for my interview with american income but decided i would check it out for myself. I should have listened!!! Stay as far away from this company as you possibly can!! They promise you leads and a great company but instead all they give you is leads that are 2+ years old and terrible people to work for. They take everything you have. You pay and pay and pay to work for them, then before you can try to start earning anything you have to memorize a 16 page script verbadem and video record yourself before you can even start to work.
The boss and people you work for are so demanding of your time, you can't have a personal life whatsoever. Expect to put in at least 80 hours a week and not get paid!!! I only put in 2 and a half months with them and completely regret giving them a chance.
I'm just writing this to hope to save anybody else who is an optimist not to trust this company. They are everything that other people have written, do not work for or trust american income life!!! They will screw you out of a lot of money and time!!!

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  • Ba
      Oct 15, 2009
    Ail - Is it really fraud?
    AIL insurance
    United States

    Hello guys, i actually just got hired at ail, and then a friend of mine referred me to this link. I havent paid for my insurance temp. Liscence yet so i haven't started working. Should i get it and still pursue working? Is the money as good as they say it is even if im working like a dog? You can give me feedback at bam. [protected]

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  • Sc
      Nov 13, 2009

    At first when I was called in for a group interview I felt that it was like the whole prime america, thinking it was a pryamid scheme of some sort because everything that I was told that was achievable seemed too good to be true,
    I did some research, and saw there A+ superior rating with AM best, that they are a fortune 400 company, and that they were rated the 37th best company to work for in america for 2009 with Yahoo hot jobs, i realized that it is a wonderful opportunity.

    Many say that because you have to spend money on licensing, it isnt worth it, I looked at all the high paying careers. Money was spent to start all of them (college, liscensing and what not) I am in my 2nd month and I am actually happy to come to work everyday, and I enjoy helping others out. SO all of the people posting that this company is a scam do your homework first before you badger their credentials.;_ylc=X1MDMzk2NTExMzc4BF9yAzIEbGlkA0hKMTAwVG9wQ29tcGFueQ--?ultsrc=HJ100§ion=TopCompanyList

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  • Completely accurate. Pay them money you don't have, give them time you could be applying elsewhere, lie to people to get through their door, be humiliated by managers for not doing a good enough job, endanger your life by trying to sell in the ghetto.

    You will be told about 100, 000 incomes, but then you are told to be excited by making the great bonus of 1050 a week in sales, which will pay you less than 500. If my math is correct, 500 *52 weeks per year is 26000. That is before expenses. Remember, you are paying for your own gas and car, you are paying for your licensing, you are paying them an agency fee, you are paying for your cell phone, you are about to be asked to pay for your laptop to present on.

    Sounds like a great deal to me.

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  • Ex
      Dec 22, 2010

    If you don't have a clue how to sell into a low pressure environment, and you do want it handed to you on a plate ... then join the queue with the unemployed. My personal experience with AIL was $85, 000 in my first part year, with minimal poor leads. Having said that I did use their system to source most of my leads myself and make my own appointments. Still a satisfactory result for only 35 to 45 hours a week. And I was never humiliated by my manager for not doing a good enough job!

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  • Ra
      Mar 06, 2011

    Wow. This is a total and complete lie. I am amazed by some of the garbage people are allowed to post on the internet. When a person accepts a job for 100% commission, they have no one to blame for their inability to succeed but themselves. Its hard to look at oneself in the mirror and say, "I am a failure because I did not use my time or resource correctly." It would be much easier to blame an entire company for one's failure. For those of us who are intelligent, I will say this, the day you let the internet dictate your success and your destiny is the day you have surrendered your own ability to think for yourself. Never let anyone's poor experience keep you from achieving your goals. Remember that internet garbage is a one sided story. You may be agreeing with a lunatic . Who knows why this person was not successful. Perhaps he had anger management issues that could not be controlled. Or maybe, he was not as bright as he thought he was and would do better working as a w2 employee. Whatever the reason, it takes an angry vain person to post such negative garbage with the sole purpose of keeping you from realizing your ability. I would like to invite all readers to the website to view the increase in stock and client base. I love the company that I work for and the clients that I serve. They are happy with their products and come from all different walks and backgrounds. From the businessman to the farm hand, I will always be there for you to handle your insurance needs. May God bless you.

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  •   May 03, 2011

    My name is Anthony Osborne and I am an HR manager in Chattanooga TN. The above complaint is accurate actually. And you two are the liars. I don't make anywhere near that salary and I am way above you. This company sucks and no one should work here unless you want to work 80 hours a week for 20 grand a year!

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  • He
      Jul 01, 2011

    Just got a call for an interview today... After reading a lot of really upsetting complaints, I'm not going to waste my time. :( Too bad. Luckily I didn't get the call till I was on my way home from a legit, amazing job offer. :) I wasn't expecting such a bad repoir from a monter career post. Bummer.

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  • Ml
      Aug 31, 2011

    Hey Scam or Talk. Please show us where AIL (Torchmark) was ever a Fortune 400 company? Just shows us how brainwashed you've been or at the worst how you're willing to lie just like the rest of them.

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  • Yo
      Apr 24, 2012

    I have my 4th interview with AIL tomorrow morning and hoping somebody will comment to this and tell me his/her story. I would be working in Minneapolis, Minnesota and would like to know if someone reading this has worked for this company in Minnesota and would like to know their thoughts. Please help!!!

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  • Ri
      May 11, 2012

    Whatever you do, don't work for AIL in Minnesota. Really not at all, but specifically there. The Chad Deley, Jeff Churchfield agencies are the worst.

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  • Di
      Jul 14, 2014

    Im not sure who here has actually worked 80 hours.

    After quiting this less than mediocre gig, and then reading the complaints I have concluded that each agency is different and that I may have actually worked for one of the better ones...which is sad.

    Getting this out of the way, I never worked 80 hours, maybe 50.
    But of course I also saw many deductions that were not explained on my commission check which is one of the reasons I told them to suck it.

    I was making 800-2000 in sales each week. Which should net me 400-1000$ a week in pay.
    What I got was substantially less than that. And that isnt including my fuel expenses.

    Leads are garbage..Ok not literally, The leads are actually good people, and some have given me dinner, drinks, and on one occasion, a block of cheese. Figuratively though, The leads are not quality.
    You do bring them some lame ### free benefits, a 4000$ accident policy theyll never use, a vogue optical discount card and a psuedo will kit. This is just to get your foot in the door. The leads will have seen this before. Because we try to sell them stuff several times a year as it turns out.

    Once your foot is shuved firmly in, you sell em some insurance. Fittingly enough AIL has a pretty crappy product, a few days of research and checking out the competition yields some interesting results.
    Turns out AIL has among the HIGHEST RATES...
    It is very difficult for a good conscience to sell an inferior product.
    I could still meet targets all without selling my soul and without losing too much quality time with friends and fam.
    But for me, nothing is worse than knowing you sell an inferior product.
    The reality is, insurance is a product the general public knows little about. If you make an honest sale, be certain that the person buying doesnt understand fully what theyre buying. I always made the policy as inexpensive as I could and as suiting to their needs, but even then I knew my product was inferior.
    The people who claim to have really big sales numbers at AIL, well theyre either BSing to you or their clients.
    The latter is probably true.

    When I spoke with existing clients, I have concluded that probably 2/3s had been ###ed to by previous agents. And the most sickening part is that these people are not whales. They are not financially well off.

    At the time I accepted the job, I know i was in a financially weak position, and many of the people I would interview were much worse financially than I was...

    I did not feel comfortable selling people in weak financial positions an inferior product.

    Now dont get me wrong. I believe in Insurance, The reason I say that AIL has an inferior product is because the rates are so darn high and they do not offer a diverse range in products...

    Alright the final straw is the Tax fraud that goes on. Regardless of what agency you work at, your higher ups will put their sales in your name. What this does is put their pay cheque in your name. They then threateningly follow you to the bank to cash the cheque and demand their portion in CASH. Why? so that they can fly under the IRS or Revenue Canada's radar, meanwhile you look like you make substantially more than you actually do.

    Look guys, there are better sales jobs out there. Sales is one of the highest paying careers out their for people who cant afford the time or money to go to law school.

    You may certainly see 6 figure earnings with AIL, but the price is that you represent a morally questionable company, with no hiring standards whatsoever, who will nickel and dime your paycheque and trust me on this, doesn't matter how nice your audi is, you will feel like ###.

    Ive worked sales gigs before. In every sales field prior to this, NOTHING beat the feeling of making the sale, but every sale I made here, Well It was a meh, I would have felt better laying bricks is what it felt like.

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