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American Income (Life Insurance) / Scam or not... Not taking any chances

1 IN, United States Review updated:

I read a couple of these complaints and had the same strange call come to me this morning. My first suspicion was the simplicity of the name so i decided to look it up. It has a website that looks pretty legitimate and almost took the bait. I then Googled American Income Life "plus" scam and a scores and scores of results came up. Clicked on a link to this website and was convinced that I should not waste my time with this crap. From the way people describe it, it sounds like one of those pyramid scams where you slave for the big guys in the company for little or non pay. In a pyramid scam you can get rich, if and only if, you are a huge liar that is willing to sell your sole to the devil by selling people a bs product. But either way scam or not, I'm not willing to find out from experience because i have no time or money for it. Oh and by the way I will not make that 20 minute trip for the interview tomorrow morning at 10:30. I will be back out there looking for a real job with real money every week. The more i keep trying, I know something will come up for me.

P.S. God bless this site and God bless the people willing to share their experience.
And curiosity killed the cat, but it wont kill me...

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  • La
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    The fellow with the above comment obviously is a FOLLOWER or an UNEDUCATED PERSON. Before you make a judgment toward the writer of the complaint, please understand that he/she is making an opinion. How much are you earning a week while being with the company? I used to work for AIL in California. I KNOW THE FACTS BECAUSE I WAS THERE! I agree with the writer's concerns. You spend your time on the field wasting gas, eating unhealthy food, being exposed to careless drivers, meeting rude and uncooperative prospects, and LYING ABOUT YOUR INTENTION from making the appointment to FORCING them into a sale. After one week, how much are you entitled to on your paycheck for all the crap that you go through, without accounting for the non-paid expenses out of your own pocket?

    I was also "wooed" into the $ sign of making 60-70K the first year while also being promoted to different levels of 'managers' that I forgot to use my freedom: reasoning. I worked and ATE all their lies from the day I started their class training to the day I went out on my own. What is the worst crime that one could do? AMPLIFYING THE LIE! Everything from phone calls to presenting the products was scripted. Where is the creativity or the chance for one to excel in a corporate environment? I loath the fact that my immediate managers were egomaniacs who spoke to me through COMMANDS and COMMANDS and COMMANDS. I studied SCIENCE for 5 years in a well-known university. They looked at me like an inmate who just came into the company. So insulting!

    So what evidence through your experience with the company that you so contradict the writer? One more tip, if you speak to me like that in my home like the way you write, YOU ONLY FURTHER STEREOTYPE THE ###S THAT DO STAY IN THE COMPANY TO DO THE DIRTY WORK FOR THE MANAGERS' SHARE!

  • Th
      11th of May, 2009
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    American Income= hard work, dedication, strength and big reward. It is fine to post your a opinion about a company that gives you an opportunity that you turned down. But these sites should be reserved for people who speak from experience. I value experience above all else. This career is not for everyone but if helping people is important to you then this career could be perfect. If you see this business as "lies" and you don't believe that insurance helps millions of people every year than go work in the service industry. Oh wait even McDonald's is scripted. Does that mean you don't want a hamburger.

  • St
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    You can go *uck yourself. Why is it that everyone who works at AIL bashes people who work at McDonald's? McDonald's, unlike your pathetic life isn't scripted. "Does that make any sense?"

  • Si
      21st of Feb, 2010
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    PEOPLE! Sales isn't for everyone! Especially thepeople who like a steady guaranteed paycheck. AIL IS REAL. I work for them and make a decent salary. Been there for a few years now. It's not for everyone. Life insurance is very complicated and we need a way to show people why they need it. If they don't need it... we leave. Plain and simple. I curently hold a degree from both OSU and UK. Masters in business. Been in sales all my life. This isn't the most straight forward job I've had, no. But the angles we use to get into the home are the only way 99% of people will give us the time of day. Otherwise were just another telemarketer. The insurance is real though. We give no cost insurance to union members and their sponsors. If they want the extra benefits that come after that, they buy them. PL]lain and simple. Not to complicated. People that do not understand sales will never understand what we do and why/ how we do it. SO LAY THE [censored] off and find a different job if you can't do sales. Fair enough right?

  • Mj
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    To silentk:

    "This isn't the most straight forward job I've had, no. But the angles we use to get into the home are the only way 99% of people will give us the time of day."

    See you're missing the point entirely. Some of the larger complaints on here come from unsavory practices from AIL agents and how they relate to the union members. And you just admitted that you're not upfront with union members and basically lie to get into people's homes. I would expect someone who has a degree from "both OSU and UK" to know better. Well, you work at AIL so I guess we should know to expect less from AIL agents.

    Oh, and Torchmark is not and has never been a Fortune 500 company.

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