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Last week I called American Home Shield because of a plumbing stoppage. A plumber was sent out and his diagnosis stated that there was a rubber piece in the main drain overflow pipe. The plumber could not remove the rubber piece and temporarily fixed the situation by propping the rubber piece with a skinny pipe and leaving the overflow pipe open.
This obviously did not fix the problem permanently. Then I was told by a followup phone call from AHS that AHS could not assist me any further until I removed the "foreign object" from the drain. However, the object in the drain is not a foreign object; it is part of the drain. It is the lid to the pipe that it fell into. On a Saturday my plumbing backed up again. I called AHS and was told that I had to talk to the Authorizations department which was only open Mon-Fri to argue the denial of service. Obviously, I cannot wait until Monday to argue the definition of "foreign object." I've called a plumber from the phone book to get it fixed.

It's a good thing that AHS was free and included in my mortgage for the first year; I only got duped out of a $60 service fee for the initial plumber. To fix the problem permanently, I was only charged $164 total. Even if AHS hadn't tried to weasel their way out of covering my problem, they would have only saved me $104.
I'll have my brother (a lawyer) threaten to sue on Monday for reimbursement from AHS. I'm in the military, working 65 hours a week and I don't have time to deal with crap like this.

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  • HOW DID THEY GET MY BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION? I cancelled AHS back in june 09. I received a bill for $520.00 in Oct 09, and threatening to send me to a collection agency if i didn't resolve it in 14 days. My question to everyone out there. When I initially signed up they stated they had all my account information yet I did not give it to them. Why is Wells Fargo giving out account numbers to people like this? This is the second solicitor that had my account information and started off the conversation "we are not affiliated with Wells Fargo". I am having identity theft problems and am wondering what and who all is involved. I think it is time for a class-action lawsuit against someone. Again, has anyone else had this problem of personal information being handed out to solicitors? [protected]

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