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I live in Atlanta and my account has been mixed up with someone else's in Houston and I have made multiple attempts to rectify this mix up. Few months ago, I was told it was fixed. My AC went out on sun July 29th and I made a service request and was given a contractor who called me on July 30 to schedule for Aug 1 2018. I waited the whole day and called the contractor who told me AHS had cancelled the request. Upon calling AHS, I was told that I called and cancelled the order on July 31st. I told them there was definitely a mix up as I made no such call and the lady Lashuanda practically called me a senile liar! I told her that she should check the call log and I could bet that the call came from the Houston number they have been mixing my account with since when she asked to verify who I was, that was the number they had on my account. Now AHS has refused to reinstall my account since 'I' cancelled it. The lady practically hung up on me. Now I am left with no AC sleeping on the ground with my young children in 94 degree heat at night. I am making a formal complaint and getting to the bottom of this!
Contract no [protected]

Aug 01, 2018

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