American Home Shield Corporation [AHS] / air conditioner

We have had a American Home Shield contract for over 5 years with very little claims. We had an air conditioner repair man come and order parts that would not be delivered for 5 days. Our tenants have a baby and young children and are going without air in over 90 degree heat for 5 days. When I called to expedite the rep said they couldn't do it. We called out our own independent licensed air conditioning repair man who said hands down the entire system is bad and should be replaced. So, as we suspected the AHS repair man is putting a band aide on a major problem and our tenants are suffering in the heat. We have invested thousands of dollars in this policy. I called and was told I couldn't receive any help until Monday. I was told there was no one I could call and no one I could contact. A large organization such as this should have people available 7 days a week to handle such concerns. We will be canceling our policy and we will begin our campaign via social media and internet review to warn people of the terrible customer service, the lack of concern for people who are in dangerous heat situations, and the unwillingness to replace units that are broken even though this is part of the service plan.

Aug 04, 2018

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