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AHS contract no [protected].

I have been bulling in to making two service calls for the same service. Which I refuse to pay until the issue with my air conditioner is resolved.

In reply to your two invoices for the services I would like to make following comments.

First invoice is in dispute because the work is not completed. The request was for to service two central air conditioners, one in attic and one in basement, along with checking gas furnaces attached to the same air conditioners. Temp Rite was assigned the service work. Under Temprite service order no 69270 on July 6th Temprite addressed only the attic air conditioner And failed to perform any work/diagnostics on heater or the second unit in the basement. Diagnosis was that the blower motor was bad. The tech changed the capacitor and got the blower running at a very slow speed. He set the thermostat on hold at 78 degrees. And blower motor fan in ON position so that fan will keep running and will never have to restart. Blower was hardly blowing any air out of registers. And condenser was running 24 hours a day trying to cool the house because the thermostat was calling for cold air and the thermostat setting was never satisfied. It appears that because of the lack of air flow the line set got frozen solid from condenser on the ground to the coil up in the attic thru the wall. Now I have water from the thawed ice in my walls ( hope we do not get mold inside the walls.)

Temprite returned to replace the motor under service order no 67728. Per this ticket the Tech left with us says " Replaced 1075 RPM 120volt blower motor w(?)new 10 mfd Cap. can not checked R-22 pressures because unit is frozen solid. Need to let then(?) return to adjust the charge." ( (?) means illegible) Temprite never called back and never finished the job.. My A/C is still not working. Matter of fact blower motor keeps running after turning the a.c. Off at the thermostat. This could be something else wrong with the electronics(?).

After several calls to AHS customer service I was told that the Temp Rite did not want to return to complete the job. I was told by AHS CUstomer service that the recall message and service update request were sent to Temp Rite but AHS never got any response from them. WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP AHS HAS WITH THEIR VENDORS?

As of this writing air conditioner does not work. The blower never shuts off even though the thermostat is turned off. The recall never worked.

Now the second service fee is assessed for different company to come and fix the unit. NOBODY HAS CONTACTED US FOR SECOND SERVICE TO COME AND FIX THE UNIT. We are being bullyed by AHS to make payments for both services which we did not get.

No payment for the Temprite service call will be made until after our a.c. Issue is resolved satisfactorily.

Jul 31, 2018

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