American Family Caremy debt was sold to a debt collector without my knowledge.

My name is Sydney Anthony and I had a bad car accident about a year and a half ago. I was in a lot of physical pain and I came into an American Family Care for help. Not only was my doctor rude and uncaring, she also failed to tell me that my X-rays would not be covered by my insurance. So, I got a bill from AFC for about $1, 200 a few weeks later. I was appalled because as a college student I do not have that kind of money. So, I set myself up on a payment plan and paid monthly. One month I could not afford a payment. Although I thought I would be fine, apparently not. This company sold my debt to a DEBT COLLECTOR without even informing me. Even after I paid the company off in full, I still had the debt collector calling me. Although, I never answered because I thought it was a scam. Now months later I see a debt on my CREDIT REPORT. I need this corrected by the company that has put my through so much financial and emotional pain.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Birmingham, AL I hope the company calls the debt collector and tells them the debt is paid because I cannot afford to pay for a debt that I ALREADY PAID OFF. I need someone to answer me ASAP. I need to know that I am not going to have this debt on my credit report. YOUR billing department is so messy even after I paid for my bill, I went into one of the American Family Care's in Vestavia and they told me I had an outstanding balance I would have to pay before I see the doctor. I had to CALL the billing department just to get them to do their jobs and debit my account for all the money I have wasted. I need someone, anyone at American Family Care to DO THEIR JOB. CALL the debt collector and tell them to take that debt off my credit report, NOW. I have paid the company. I should not have had my debt sold without my knowledge. This company is underhanded and sneaky and only cares about money. SO disappointed in this company that is slowly ruining my life. Contact me at [protected]. Or e-mail me at [protected] Contact me ASAP so that we can get this debt off my credit response.

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