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This company is horrible. I paid my student loans with ease for years!!! Then as soon as Uncle Sam got involved and decided the federal government could "help" me and handle the loans through a different provider the nightmare with this company began. First, it was general confusion. Now, paying from more than one machine is a hassle. All in all, it's an experience that used to be great with no stress that is just a massive aggravation. Aargh!!!

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  • Wy
      3rd of Apr, 2012

    Horrible company

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  • Na
      2nd of Jul, 2013

    This company has the worst customer services. Almost stalker like. They call even when they do not receive payment within the next day after it is due. I tell them on the phone when I can afford to pay them (usually my next paycheck). And even with me notifying them on when I send the payment they call everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times. I answer the next day they call and tell them what representative I talked to and when I will send the payment but they still keep calling. Day 3 past due I talk to them again telling them I have already spoken about the issue. They tell me that there is no way to stop them from calling everyday until they receive the payment. The representative tells me NOT TO ANSWER when they call and that they will keep calling everyday. And when i was unemployed forget about it I was going to turn off my phone lines. They do not even consider lowering my payment or here is a great idea why don't these companies spend their time and money trying to find people jobs. If they help find people jobs they would get their money a lot faster and easier. It does not make any sense.

    This is the worst kind of customer service I have ever dealt with. My other student loan companies are NOWHERE near as bad. Sallie Mae is bad to an extent but they wont call until maybe 2 weeks past due and they actually listen to you when you tell them when the payment is coming.

    So please do not ever take out private student loans because they will harass you and not let you get on your feet after college. All they want is your money. They rather have you homeless so they could get their money. They expect you to pay them before your pay your rent and utility bills. Ridiculous! I hope there is some way to pass legislation on the harassment these companies will do. I am not surprised they don't hire people to knock on doors to collect late payments. (Maybe because a lot of former college student cannot even afford their own apartment.

    I hope people can read this and maybe we can start a petition.

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