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No one likes dealing with customer service agents especially one involved in collecting a debt but this company is by far is my worst nightmare!

I took out my student loans through chase bank as an undergrad and since graduating apparently chase no longer does student loans AES took over my loans. Honestly, it should be criminal how they handle situations...

I have since entered into grad school and needed my loans placed in deferment. I have other loans that I personally didn't even have to communicate with and SOMEHOW they knew to defer my loans. But being an adult I decided to make sure I communicated with AES anyway. The first call the agent was such an imbecile I had to hang up, she kept repeating that my account was delinquent (which it wasn't) and taking me around in a never ending circle. From what I was able to gather I sent appropriate paperwork to my school and they would then fax the info to AES. My school did that and I heard nothing more until a collection agency calls my home. After talking with them I talked to AES again the girl said that she was going to send the forbearance form to the AES inbox--never was there. A week passes and the collection agency calls me again.

I would not recommend AES to anyone that values their sanity. I wish I never had to deal with them. Their customer service is deplorable.

Aug 09, 2016

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