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Do not do business with this shady company. The first payment my husband sent AES was over $1800 to cover the interest that would be rolled into the principal if we didn't pay it. Well, we made the check out to them, mailed it to them in their envelope, and the check was cashed, but they never posted it to the account. So for five months we have been out the $1800 and the interest got rolled into the principal, making the payments larger. The company has been completely incompetent in dealing with it. Repeated phone calls and faxes have led absolutely nowhere, and even though our bank is trying to assist, AES is stonewalling. All we get is a semi-literate customer service rep on the phone saying "we didn't get your check, " so it's not our problem. Our bank did a pipeline search for the money, which AES was supposed to complete. Again, just a phone call from someone who knows nothing saying "we didn't get it." No paper trail? No letter? No phone call from someone who makes more than $8/hr.?
They are forcing our bank to spend more resources to trace the cashed check, and I would bet the whole lot that it turns out to be within their organization, albeit in the wrong account. Although it also wouldn't surprise me if one of their employees stole it.

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  • Ti
      Mar 16, 2012

    WOW! I am going through the exact same thing right now. I made an over payment on my AES account accidently through my TD Bank bill payment online system. I paid my mortgage payment to AES accidently (they both start with "A") and I have went through hell getting a refund from AES. I faxed a letter to AES from my bank requesting the refund. 2 weeks later AES agrees to refund me after I had called them a dozen times. AES states they refuned my bank account electronically on 3/8/12 in the amount of 1200 dollars and some change... The money has still not showed up in my account. AES refueses do do a trace on the transaction. TD bank is researching the transaction and can not find any record of this refund. Someone at AES is stealling money - the 1200 dollar is no where.. AES claims it was refunded to Citi Bank Home Access. I dont have any accounts with Citi Bank Home Access nor does my bank where I house my checking account. This is fraud!!! I filed a BBB complaint.. but this needs a major investigation!

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