American Education Servicesft medical student - in repayment?

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So - I am one of the poor souls who must deal with aes. I took a private loan when starting medical school with "my rich uncle" managed by aes. I am now in clinical rotations. You know - the part where as a medical student, one works long hours with no pay - and apparently, aes does not believe that I am still a full time student. Funny - because my status definitely will not change for the full 4 years of doctoral work - and then there's residency to consider. I have insisted that my college financial aid office correspond with aes to resolve this issue - after many failed attempts of my own. However, I continue to be in "repayment." I have lost my low interest rate - and can't bear to look at my credit report - which until this incident - has been flawless. I guess that's one way to make sure they, the lender, get repayment priority - but it is in fact - an appalling dis-service. I wonder how many student borrower suicides can be traced back to aes? I won't be one - but there are those who would break under this pressure.

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