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Do not obtain a student loan through this company. The employees are all rude. If you are one hour late with a payment they start houding you with phone calls. I am on maternity leave and unemployed collecting no income and they refuse to defer my payments.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Harrisburg, PA The lady I spoke with on the phone screamed at me and threatened me with collection notices and phone calls if I miss one payment. This company is not worth the hassle or money. I would have rather worked at mcdonalds and saved money for college then taken a loan out with them. They are scam artists!

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  • Ma
      Mar 19, 2011

    I've. Made payments three separate times and each time they claimed they never received my payment and make me fax proof from my bank...then after hours of being accused of being incompetent they credit my account! Garbage company!

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  • Ka
      Jun 13, 2012

    I've had a problem with their online payment system--I submitted a payment and it was never debited from my account. This happened at least twice. I received the blame for it and they were unconscionable in how they treated my inquiry over the phone. They never exhibited any compassion or understanding for how something like that could happen, and they weren't at all friendly. In fact, the girl I talked with wouldn't even let me start talking, she just launched into a spiel about my late payment and how this or that awful thing would happen like docking my pay by up to 15% if I didn't pay the bill (I had just paid it online). I feel like it will take me another 30 years to payoff this loan since 2/3rds of every payment goes to interest!!!

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  • Fe
      Feb 22, 2013

    Extremely rude and inconsiderate. Your house could burn down with everyone and everything in it, you better believe they will dig your grave and ask where there money is. THIS COMPANY HAS NO REGARD FOR ITS CUSTOMERS...GARBAGE!!! If I could sue them for harrassment I would.

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