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American Education Services / incompetent/ unprofessional

1 p.o. 2461Harrisburg, PA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1/800/233/0557

i have done everything in my power to assist these people in correcting the problems they have caused with my accounts. i have two loans each requiring a $25.00. i send them a check for $50. or more every month. they will post the entire amt. to one account and let the other become delinquet and will harass me to death until i spend 20 minutes or so pointing this out. then they proceede to blame me for not breaking my payment into two checks. by the way when i call their recording asks for my account number 'which is located in the upper right hand corner of AA american education correspondence', in fact it is in the LOWER LEFT hand corner and is couched by three other set of numbers none of which is identified as the account number. to address the payment issue i have asked them to send one bill showing both amounts due and/or to send my billing for both accounts on the same day . that didn't work...they just went on doing the same thing. then i put them on auto pay from my checking account. every one of these attempts to satisfy them has required numerous requests before they will actually move. the first month of autopay they sent me their monthly past due letter. thinking that it was still in the works i sent out a check. then they took out 2 payments each per account. they were authorized draws of $25.00 each but took $50.00 twice anyway. i am on social security and this activity nearly overdrew my account and left me seriously without funds for the remainder of the month. to get my money back i went to the bank and stopped pay on the next months payment only. the aes. spokesperson said that they would cancel their witholding for the following month [and of course didn't]. what actually happened...they stopped one withdrawal and took the other one. they have never reactivated their right to begin payment on the one account and we are back to one auto pay and one check per month. when i inquired about this they told me that their computer says that they attempted to draw and there was no money. as i over pay them as many months as not i can never understand why they continue to send me notices of late payments or not enough funds to cover my payment. i have never to my knowledge been current in their estimation. constantly though my payments are an even $25.00 i will get notices saying that i owe odd amounts. in the latest case i thought i was current and they told me i owed a payment of $34.00. they can never tell me why this is. without exaggeration i can state that over the years i have had to make monthly calls and that i have logged the equivelent of 2 full time work weeks addressing issues that they create. recently i asked for a payment history and found on it 3 instances where they have applied whole payments to interest with only a dollar going to principal and of course a dollar more for late fees!!! never in my life have i ever encountered any business entity that was as bad as these people. i have gotten plenty rough verbally with them over time and one of them even took to yelling at me telling me i was obligated to send two checks [one per account]. telling me that since there payments are credited by machine that my obligation to them was not met with one check for both accounts. anyone wishing to use these people to fund their college education is correct in the assumption that it will take a masters degree to figure out what they are doing and how much to pay. illicit drug sales or robbery would be less hazardous to a persons good name than dealing with these ignorant SOB's. exhaust ALL avenues of options before taking a loan with these people. seriously!!!

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