American Automobile Association / AAA.comzacharah #504037 customer serv denied tow on r gold card alld 3 tows a year and we have not used even 1 of our 6 tows allowed for the last 2 years!

N Apr 02, 2018 Review updated:

Do not buy the road service its a rip off! We are gold members for over 20 years and never use my tows and Zacharah employee #504037 from customer service would not allow my tow from Pacifica to Livermore CA which is under the 100 mile limit!! We will be canceling our membership and telling everyone we know and BBB to complain. As a Gold member we are allowed 3 tows per card a year but AAA will not let you tow even once!! So buyer beware!!! We are sooo upset! We do not even use the towing service and then we are told no we can not tow our car from where it broke down in Pacifica Ca to Livermore CA where we live because we already got a ride home on Easter from a relative and figured we could have our AAA service tow the truck today Monday after the busy weekend for tow truck drivers and then we were told no by Zachariah!! Unacceptable!!! Sooo my husband is driving over to Pacifica tomorrow to meet the towtruck driver and give him his AAA card and then will drive in commute traffic to Livermore where we live!! Crazy and again unacceptable!! disgusting!!! Where did the great AAA reliable service go that we loved for so many years!! We are very sad at this recent experience!


  •   Apr 02, 2018

    Why did they say no?

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      Apr 07, 2018

    I know what you mean, that's why I went with a better service.I am with MCA I have never been told no from them they provided unlimited towing any were in the U.S. and Canada. Plus many other services for free with my membership I thank they blow AAA out of the water.

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