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I purchased a policy thru American Auto Shield and have been paying on it for over a year. On a Friday, early afternoon, my starter motor went out. I phoned the roadside service # number printed on the AAS card. They were fast and had my car towed within 1 hour. HOWEVER, the roadside service identified an "Authorized facility" within 2 miles of my location. It turns out, not ALL "authorized facilities" are the same.

...thus "What they don't tell you"!

The service center I was towed to doesn't accept "outside" parts. AAS insists on supplying their own parts, mailed in to the service center. SO, apparently it goes down like this: I would have to wait until the next week for the part to arrive and then installed. What was, in reality, a 2-3 hour repair cycle would turn into a cycle measured in days. All the time, I would be without my auto.

AAS WILL NOT be sympathetic to your cause. You can just sit there and wait, for all they care!

AAS does admit that they have some REAL "authorized facilities". If you know to ask them they might tell you. But that doesn't take care of the waiting period.

Buyer be ware!

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      23rd of May, 2012

    I need a incoder moter on my 4 wheel drive GMC truck. I took my truck to a GMC garage and the want to put a incoder moter that has over 70, 000 miles on it. My insurance expiries in April of 2013. I paid around $2, 500 for the insurance with no deductable and now I get a part that is used. I am retired and don't use the 4 wheel drive much and this used part could havebeen used on a truck that plowed snow for 7 years. I finally had to pay out of my pocket $276.00 for a part that should have been pay for by my insurance. I was told that I have used about $1200.00 for the $2500 so far that I paid for insurance. I am not happy. I would havebeen better
    off if I paid for my truck out of my pocket . I now would have saved around $1, 000. Never again.

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