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Brake Check reviews & complaints

Brake Check complaints 25

Brake Check - Damage to my car

10-7-21 I took my car to brake check due to the car and sensor light on. Adam order the part &said to take car bk on 10-8 to install. The part was never order till 10- 10. Took my car bk on 10-12 wa...

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Brake Check - Brakes

Damaged car from work performed at the Humble location. Eddie Guy did pay for my car to get services through Honda. However, I has to pay for detailing if my car out of pocket. My car was stained from grease from the tech who serviced my car at Brake Check. I had to leave work one day to take my car over because it was shaking. The whole experience has been an absolute nightmare. I have contacted Eddie Guy and he has ignored my emails.I have been more than patient in this whole ordeal. I have lost time, money, and trust. I have been waiting for a refund check for over 2 months.

Desired outcome: A full refund check

Aug 30, 2021

Brake Check - Brake and rotors making sounds

I took my Kia to get front brake replace after taking my car home about a few days brakes started to make a squeaking sound took it back they said they need to shaving them down took it back 3 times same problem then find out I need rotators now they are making the same sound talk to Willie in your Webster, TX office off if Hwy 3 now he tells me I need something caliber over a 100.00 dallars saying that the brakes are crysta lizing when I drive. Not true when I get in it the first thing in the morning drive toward and they make that sound
Can you help I am SOOO disappointed in Brake Check every time I slow down or stop it makes that sound PLEASE HELP ME!


Brake Check - Damage to my vehicle.

I took my van in for brakes lights on they lifted my van and cracked my plastic runner boards and then told me they couldn't check out my van because they couldn't lift it. I took them estimates like they said to replace but there doing nothing.I done everything they asked and they just give me the run around I want my van fixed from the damage they caused.

Brake Check - Service

I was referred to Brake Check by Discount Tires to replace 2 broken tire studs and all lug nuts on all 4 tires. I arrived at 12:56 pm for a 1:00 pm appt. I did not get attended to until 15 mins later. The manager was with a customer in the Bay Area. At approximately 4:20 pm, the manager came up to me to let me know they were having problems replacing the tire studs and to top it off they broke a third stud. He recommended for me to go to the other Brake Check on Bandera/1604 cause they just couldn't remove the tire studs. Besides now missing 3 tire studs I noticed I was also missing 5 lug nuts. He screwed one back in and then said he did not want to screw in the 5th lug nut because it was not going in easy. Also, he said he did not want to screw in the 24 lug nuts because they were not screwing in smoothly and did not want to damage the thread on the screws. I told him I had noticed that but Discount Tires assured me it was because they were new and had the zinc coating. But, judging by the damage already done, I decided to take the lug nuts back to Discount Tires. I noticed later on I received an email about the service I received but since I was busy going to DT and then the other location, I wasn't able to leave a bad review. At 10:30pm, I went back to my emails to send my review but now had an email that I had cancelled my 1:00 pm appt. I was there for 3 hrs and 20 minutes…time I will never get back. I think I was purposely cancelled to avoid me adding my review of their service. This is horrible!

Desired outcome: The job would’ve been complete in a less amount of time.

Brake Check - Brakes & calipers

I am very pissed because I brought my car to brake check not once, but twice to do a brake job. Instead they messed up the calipers on both occasions. Are you hiring because they say there qualified or you put them to test ? 🤬🤬🤬🤬. Either fix my Car or I'll take it to Cadillac and you pay for it. But I KNOW I WANT IT DONE RIGHT AND THIS IS MY LAST TIME ASKING. I PAID FOR SERVICES AND ITIS WAY BELOW STANDARD.

Desired outcome: Fix my Cadillac ATS right


Brake Check - Lifetime warranty

Wednesday 27 Jan 2021 I went to the brake check in Schertz tx for a alignment because I had new tires and had replaced front end parts, the manager told me he had to charge me $63 dollars because I...

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Feb 05, 2020

Brake Check - oil change service

I took my vehicle in for an oil change. Before leaving I noticed they damaged the side. I have called the 1-877 number provided and its always busy. I need tihs fixed ASAP....

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Dec 04, 2019

Brake Check - refund for service not received, no response from customer relationship manager

I purchased an unlimited front end alignment in 2017 for $144.00 and was not allowed to use it. The reason for the purchase was my having to drive over bad road conditions which was causing the front...

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Sep 06, 2019

Brake Check - brake job

My 17 yo daughter got her brakes fixed at Brake Check(Pearland). Manager, Chad, promised her that he would order and put a part that was broken on her car free of charge. We called to follow up...

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Aug 26, 2019

Brake Check - no receipt or itemization of what was done and observed to my vehicle-janelle corp office does not respond

I went yesterday to have ya'll inspect work done by Dave's automotive, they resurfaced my front 2 rotors. Ya'll said they were fine and I still had plenty of brake pad left. They explained, that it...

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Aug 06, 2019

Brake Check - brakes and roters

My husband took my vehicle in for break checks, brake pads need to be replace. After 5 hour job done because they didnt have the proper parts and said my rotters need it to be reface. it end up...

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Brake Check - brakes and rotors

A week ago I set an appointment for brake and rotor service. This morning I show up for my 7:30 appointment the man gave me a different quote and I said no thanks that was to expensive. Then RJ said...

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Brake Check - parts markup

Re: Invoice BC412-81312

I brought my car into your shop at 15826 San Pedro on January 4, 2019 because my car was shaking when I brake. I knew I was going to be needing work done on the front-end, however I was not prepared for the cost of the parts to have it all done. I paid for the work to be done, because I couldn't afford to not have it done. However, in talking with my father and my son-in-law, they said that the cost was way over-charged. I started looking at the cost of the parts and was astonished at the mark-up on them. I was told that the parts could only be bought from the dealer, so they would cost more, however the part numbers that were listed on the invoice, were basic part numbers, which I was able to find on both Auto Zone and Rock Auto, at a much lower price. I paid anywhere from $850-$1300 more for these parts, then if I had gone out and bought them on my own. How can you possibly justify such a markup? I go to your facility trusting that I am getting excellent care, however I cannot afford to pay the outrageous prices on the parts that you are putting on my car.

I would love to hear back from someone who can explain the disconnect on where you got the parts from, as well as to how you can justify such a huge mark-up on the parts you did put on my car.

Kelly Mireles

Note: I mailed a letter to Brake Check, 320 E Nakoma Dr, San Antonio, TX 78216
Attn: Customer Service on January 25, 2019, but have not heard back from anyone.

Brake Check - manager is a liar!

On last oil change of $80 they told me oil filter didn't needed to be replaced, but no discount was given. I talked to the manager and told me my next oil change was going to count as the 4th and was going to be the free one. I only had 2. I went today and guess what... All BS they charged me the $80 and played like it was nothing on the system and the employee called the manager and still they were like stupids saying there is nothing on the system. NOT RECOMENDED! if I pay for an oil change they should change the oil filter its already paid! I don't care if its not needed to be replaced, I paid for a full oil change!


Brake Check - resurface rotor twice, causing specs to go below requirement

Resurface rotor twice, causing specs to go below requirement. I was charged twice for a job poorly done. This is my 3rd time at this location Brake Check #406, the manager agrees this resurface...

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Brake Check - brake service on 05/29/2018

On 05/29/2018, I had my vehicle (2014 Kia Sedona) serviced at Brake Check Store 527. I spent 458.00 for Brake Services. On 06/01/2018 I went to the car wash and looked in my glove box for a bag of...

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May 04, 2017

Brake Check - Caliper repair

Took my truck in to replace the left rear caliper that was not releasing fully! They said what they do is rebuild the old one and would be like new! After 28932 left store and sure enough it over...

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Brake Check - rip off/slammed me with addl charges

On Saturday, 4/16/2011, at 7:23 am I arrived at Brake Check located at 8650 Marbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78227. The reason for my visit was an oil change and to get my brakes repaired as the rear...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Brake Check - Broke more than they fixed

recently took my car to brake check for brake adjustment and turn drums.first they broke tire stude then overhoned brake hub so new bolt wouldnt fit.told me it would cost 250.00 to fix it.then...

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