American Airlinestheft of tickets

If tickets are purchased then those tickets should be honored. I'm told that unless I take the outbound flight, my return flight will be cancelled. I purchased those tickets and regardless of inbound our outbound they are mine. If I give up a segment of a flight, that's my business, but AA should not legally be allowed to steal flights and tickets based on my not taking one segment or another. There is no excuse other than the deliberate theft and price gouging for any other outcome to exist.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lewisville, TX The cost of a different outbound flight is $169. The cost to change the outbound flight is an upcharge to a changeable ticket + $200 fee. But if I want to pay for a new outbound flight for $169, they will cancel my return flight (i.e. steal the full sum of money I paid for the original ticket). Why? They stand to gain $169. They stand to resell a seat I'm forfeiting already - why steal my return flight seat too. That isn't enough money for them? They can't survive by being honest, fair and doing right by their customers? They can only survive by cheating them? AA is beneath contempt.

Nov 25, 2018

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