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American Airlines / bad service

1 Rego Park, NY, United States
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Please help me understand how a simple weekend trip for a security conference in Vegas could be ruined by the mediocrity of your standard service. Let me preface the following with the fact that the last time I took American your airlines had left me stranded in Chicago for 3 days, and wouldn't let me take a flight to San Fran instead, which I was scheduled to take the Monday after I returned from Chicago.

I had booked a flight to Las Vegas back in April that was scheduled to leave LGA on 8/7/2008 (#785 @ 6:25PM with a Dallas layover for flight #355). Well as usual, I arrived at the airport at 4:30 only to find out the flight was delayed until 7:30.

Upon finally boarding the plane, the pilot began to inform us of inclement weather (which there was none) and we would be taking off shortly... "Shortly" however turned into 3 trips around the airport and the pilot reporting numerous times that we are in queue for takeoff then back again to circling the airport. The last count I believe was 3 times we were in queue. Taking off after 2 1/2 hours of ground time.

As we are in the air, I know there is no way I am making my connection, so I'm fully prepared for more American issues. As we are approaching DFW, the pilot announces the gates for the connections. I ask the flight attendant if the Vegas flight will still be there. He responds by saying "oh yeh thats gate d26 you'll make it, the Oklahoma City folks probably wont".

Once we land at your hub, now we are circling for 15 minutes, because "ground crew" was unavailable. Finally we're off the plane. I ask the desk agent about the Vegas flight and she informs me that yes they are still here and you should be able to make it. So now onto my 20 minute walk to the other gate.

I get to the gate and they are just closing the doors... I immediately ask the agent why did they close the doors.. Only to be told they gave away my seat... Now I'm usually a calm individual but this was ridiculous... American kept me hostage for 2 1/2 hours on the Tarmac, and then gives away my seat on the connection??? I had a conference that started the next morning and now thanks to American I wasn't making it. She had also said we told them not to send you over here.

So I ask the agent about the next flight, and who would cover my room, since I had already spent 300 on a room in Vegas. She said that I am because it was an air traffic control issue (All my buddies that flew Delta got out...) Then she tells me the earliest she can get me out is 2pm the next day.. However when she saw it was a first class seat, she said she would be able to confirm me on the 10:30 flight, and she printed a room voucher for me. She also showed me the room voucher pointing to it, so the irate customer next to me wouldn't say anything because he was requesting a room as well.

Fine... Already I am going to miss the start of my conference... I wake up the next morning to head to the airport. The flight was supposed to go out of A11 at DFW (Flight# 1811) at 10:30. I had some breakfast, smoked a cigarette go through security and get to the gate at 10:05. No sign on the board... Hmm... Ask the agent and he said it was moved to gate D26. So now I have to go through the entire airport again. Have to recheck in because of change of equipment, only to find out the plane is delayed until 11:30. When I finally get into Vegas it is almost 3PST, and I had lost an entire day of the conference, and 300 for the room...

My flight back was equally as bad... Arrived at airport at 6:00 for a 7:25 flight... Flight was delayed until 8:15. Once we boarded at 7:30, we just sat... No informational announcements... Just sat and sat and sat.. Again 2 1/2 hours on the tarmac at the gate. To top it off the staff on this flight was just as bad.. While I was passed out the flight attendant walked into my shoulder while she was passing out food. Then I woke up and she says. "Oh do you want to eat too". Thats the worst first class service I have ever had...

Then it takes almost 90 minutes to get my luggage at JFK... So all in all I got on the plane at 7:25PST and didn't get out of the airport until 6:45EST for what should of only been a 4 1/2 hour flight.

I'm not looking for an apology... Just want a simple explanation on why you feel you can provide such horrible service. You are not the only airlines. I have cancelled my Citi Advantage mastercard today, and will be transferring my miles as well.. Good Riddance American.


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