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American Airlines / frequent flyer miles

1 CA, United States Review updated:

After many years of loyalty to American Airlines, they unceremoniously deleted my entire savings of frequent flyer miles with no forewarning. One day I had 75, 000 miles, the next day American said they expired because of lack of activity. Other airlines give multiple warnings to you before the miles expire. Not American, they just delete the miles without letting you know. I could have done something simple like spend 1000 miles on a magazine subscription if I had been forewarned. There goes 2 tickets to Europe. I will never fly them again.

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  • He
      14th of Sep, 2011
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    Why is it that America Airlines never has the award you need when using miles, but has all kinds of flights going and coming to and from the destination you want if you buy a ticket?

    Another thing, if you are looking for the basic "anywhere in the domestic US" 25, 000 miles return ticket, good luck but again if you spend 50, 000 miles, you can get to anywhere in the country.

    It seems that AA may be cheating the public with their FF program.

  • Ex
      21st of Sep, 2011
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    Even worse, BA, British AirWaste, I have 600, 000 and they are useless because
    the ripp of BA, they charge as much and even more as coach class ticket as a co-pay, yes there is no way around these fees.
    Their advertizing is deceitful, promesinf this and that and when you ask the "free ticket" with miles the milking starts.
    These are not taxes, security fees etc, but BA invebted fees,

  • Sh
      14th of Aug, 2015
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    When American Airlines got my 177, 000 frequent flier miles from U.S. Airlines in their takeover merger, I thought they would contact me about their program and my miles. But today, in an e-mail to me, they said that my 177, 000 miles had been deleted as of 10 days ago. They wanted $600 to give them back to me! What a scam! They get my miles, don't advise me what their program is, arbitrarily set a deletion date, then contact me AFTER they have confiscated the miles.
    I got them down to $200, which is a lot, but my miles are worth a lot more.
    I am thinking that they are trying to use this merger as an opportunity to eliminate as many U.S. Air frequent miles as possible by scamming all of us with arbitrary deletion dates. And if we want our miles back, they rob us!
    I will use my miles and that will be the end of traveling with them. The FAA should investigate what they are doing!

  • Di
      9th of Feb, 2016
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    Look at AA new FF program 120 Segments or 100, 000 miles for top tier status. As a business traveler who routinely flies short to medium flights 500 - 700 miles per leg and routinely books direct flights which typically cost considerably more then a multi segment flight to the same destination it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to ever attain the status even if you fly all 52 WEEKS of any given year!!! This is crazy how can any carrier NOT want to keep a paying customer who flys this frequently. I have flown 47, 47, and 45 weeks out of 52 in the last three years 99% of the travel was direct and AA's answer to the my top tier status question was book multi segment flights or pay for a status uprgade. What??? I'm a business traveler and my time is important in terms of getting in front of customers so I pay a premium for the direct flight as opposed to a multi-segment flight and I am consstently shut out of the top tier status. NEWS FLASH AA and other Carriers when you force your FF program actually penalizes a segment of your customer base that uses your service at a higher cost then most other it may be time to reevaluate your business moel.
    Remember if I want to go from point A to Point B direct and I pay more then going by way of China and you reward those flyers who do there is an inheriient flew in your program.

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