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American Airlines / ridiculous compensation for arriving 22 hrs late to destination

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I have submitted the next complaint to American Airlines and received a ridiculous compensation of $75... pls read below what I went through and tell me if you agree I should be getting more back...

On June 19th, I and my 3 kids (8.5 & 6 years old and 11 month old baby) flew with AA from SF to NY, and from there we were to catch an El-Al flight to Israel scheduled to arrive in Tel Aviv on June 20 at 5:30pm.

Flight 178 was delayed and we arrived to NY at about 10:30pm, when my next flight was scheduled to take off at 10:50pm. Till we got off the plane (in terminal 9) it was about 10:40pm and we started rushing towards terminal 4 for our next flight. However, El-Al decided not to wait for us, and gave our seats to people from the waiting list and took off.

You can not imagine how disappointed, tired and betrayed we felt...

AA managed to arrange seats for me and my kids on a flight to London (FLT 142) the next morning at 8:30am. But I had to stay overnight at the airport with my 3 kids because they could not provide us with a hotel room since they said they were all booked. Neither did they provide us with any food coupons. My kids fell asleep on the floor. This was the most horrendous experience I have had. I felt so helpless and could not believe that no-one cared to help us get through those long night hours in the airport. Not even a drink or something to eat to give us the feeling that someone was concerned for our welfare. The flight to London was delayed as well. We arrived 15 mins. Before our next flight (163 with British airways), so we missed this one as well... I just couldn't believe this was happening to me. I felt I was in the middle of a horror movie. This time, at least, AA placed us in a hotel. We got there at 1am and left at 4:30am to get back to the airport to catch our final plane. We arrived in Israel 22 hours later than the original schedule (June 21 15:30pm instead of June 20 17:30pm).

Needless to say no-one had any idea where our suitcases were and I had to file a tracking request. They arrived 3 days later on the 24th.

I feel that the airlines deserted us, did nothing to soften this harsh situation, especially since this involved 3 small children. Traveling with small kids is no picnic in the best of circumstances..... and here I was absolutely helpless and unable to do anything to alleviate the desperate feeling of abandonment.

I feel that the AA personnel at NY airport didn't show any desire to try and help me and my kids, stranded at the airport, in an extremely unpleasant situation. They showed no compassion to the fact that 3 little children were forced to spend the night on the airport floor, and even an offer of food or drink were not forthcoming.

Therefore I have come out of this experience feeling desolate and hurt, and turn to you to request compensation for what we went through.

Even if the tardiness of the flights, causing us to miss our connections, may be put down to "circumstances out of your control", at least the minimum we could expect would be to receive some sort of support while awaiting re-routing. This was not realized.

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  • Ma
      14th of May, 2008
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    Horrible customer service is using very nice words. Words can't decribe the rude, discourteous, threatning, authoritative, unhelpful customer service.

  • Sh
      30th of Jun, 2008
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    On June 19th my husband and I had the unfortunate experience of having to fly down to Miami for a funeral. Sadly enough, the unfortunate part of the experience was not so much the funeral as it was the horrible mistake we made of flying on American Airlines.

    After the funeral proceedings in Miami, we arrived to MIA airport that evening to find out that there had been several flight cancellations due to a severe thunder storm. Ironically enough, the delays were not the issue as much as the lack of customer service given to the countless number of stranded passengers. After arriving on time for our 7:25pm flight, we were told that our flight was delayed to about 8:30. Then again at 9:00 we were told 10:30pm and finally the last announcement said 11:45pm. By 11:48 we were boarded on what appeared to be the last flight out. After sitting on the plane for 30 minutes, we were told that they were still loading luggage. Despite all the delays we remained optimistic, until the plane started to pull off and we heard disturbingly unusual sound coming from below the plane. An announcement was made that they were experiencing hydraulics problems, and that the plane would have to go back to the gate where the problem could be worked on. After sitting for over twenty minutes in a warm and slightly uncomfortable plane with no beverages or explanations as to what was going on, the pilot came out to let us know that the flight was cancelled.

    To make matters worst, when we came off the plane it was after midnight and only 4 agents left to deal with the hundreds of tired and angry passenger. We waited on the long lines only to be given the 800 number to American Airlines in order to rebook our own flights. We were told that hotels were not available and given $15 food vouchers. Rather than get more agents to help facilitate the crowd, the rude agents threatened to leave and then called security. There were more security personnel there than agents to help the passengers, one of whom told me that this was a frequent occurrence on American Airlines at the MIA.

    Finally we made some phone calls and were lucky enough to rebook or flight with Delta Airlines. The agents at Delta were very understanding and accommodating. After spending 16 hours at the cold airport with hundreds of other dissatisfied American Airlines customers, we were glad to get back to New York and pick up our three small children.

    I am not sure if my letter will make a difference, but I felt that someone had to say something about the terrible treatment paying customers received. My husband and I are business owners who frequently travel, but I can assure you we will not be using American Airlines and have already started telling others to do the same.

  • Th
      12th of Aug, 2015
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    2015, and nothing has changed. They cancelled my plane because of engine issues, and later lied that it was duo to the weather to avoid paying compensation. Hours of queueing for service, just to be told the next flight is in two day, and no, there are no hotel vouchers. Lying again about no third party carrier being available (they were, just a bit expensive). And to top it off, they offer 2000 miles in compensation (for a cancelled 1100 mile flight worth about 200 Dollars). They have a strange sense of masochistic humor.

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