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United States

Trip Date: Marc 17, 2017
FL confirmation: VWFUIK
Fl # 2365
Destination: from Miami, FL to Santiago, Dom Rep

After extensive delays at the airport the flight was ultimately cancelled and we were lodged at a hotel overnight (after waiting over an hour on line for hotel voucher)  The agents were very rude and not very hospitable.  After additional delays the following day the replacement took off.  This extensive delay resulted in loss of a full day of vacation and was extremely inconvenient. I was travelling with my sisters, Maxima Finn, Joanne Strader, Maria Rodriguez and grace Arrieta.
I also need to mention that the same thing happened same time last year. Same flight, travelling to the same destination. Unfortunately, I was not compensated for my loss, although  I was travelling with Rosamaria Solórzano, Maxima and Milton Finn Joanne and Darrell Strader and they all received vouchers in addition to miles for those that are advantage members. 
I respectfully request full refund for this flight and additional ticket to make up for the inconvenience.
Thank you!

Rosa Maria Solorzano

May 2, 2017

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