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This is the second time I have been in a Rated R movie and there children clearly under 17 in attendance without an adult. My issue is some adults don't have decorum in the movie, why would these kids? It is my understanding that these children are supposed to be ID'd when they get to the theater. The problem with that is the kids selling the tickets are just as young and just want to get them out of line. I was very annoyed that I have two sets of teenagers around me who shouldn't have been there in the first place, causing an unnecessary commotion and commentary during the movie. Needless-to-say, I told both sets to be quiet and only reason they would be quiet is because I told them I would get them thrown out of the movie. What really burned me up, I knew they were under 16 at the end of the movie b/c "mommy" had to pick them up. I just want the theaters to be a bit more responsible in who they let into movies. On top of it, the theater parents should do their jobs and make sure the kids are watching age appropriate movies in the first place. I don't need a kid next to me making exclamations b/c he's uncomfortable or too comfortable with a scene depicting a sexual act or violence.

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  • Me
      Aug 16, 2009

    Issue 1: Children under 17 in attendance without adult supervision. This can easily be explained by the parents buying the tickets, thus consenting to their children seeing the movies, and then letting them go off on their own. Not all parents hold the ideal that R Rated content is "not appropriate" for their children. My husband and I are firm believers that sheltering our children all the time from the "bad things in life" can soften them to the point where they won't be able to handle it when they become full-fledged adult members of society. Both mine and my husband's parents did this to us as well, the non-sheltering approach, and we both turned out fine.

    Issue 2: The children being loud. If they are being loud, ask them once to stop. If they continue, report them. End of story.

    Issue 3: Underaged kids selling tickets to R Rated movies. This is something you should report to management. Teens under 17 are not allowed in many states to sell tickets to movies they themselves cannot enter. Report this to management and if it continues report it higher.

    Issue 4: Appropriate content for children. This is debatable. As I said above, what is unacceptable to you might be acceptable to someone else. I feel that by being exposed to more at a younger age I was more able to deal with "The real world" when it came my time. Some parents take the opposite approach and use a gradual method of exposure while some just censor everything from the children until they reach 18 and move out on their own.

    Also, not all children who have "mommy" pick them up are under 16. Not all teens get their license at 16. Not all teens have vehicles they are allowed to operate (most states require a probationary period even after a license is obtained).

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  • Ka
      Oct 16, 2009

    I see where you're coming from, but thats just wrong of you to say you "knew" these people were 16 because "mommy" had to pick them up. I'm 20 years old, I hear all the time that I look like I'm 15, and I recently had my mother drive me to a movie as my car is being repaired. Who are you to say that these "kids" were not in a similar situation? Who are you to say that the people selling the tickets didn't card these "kids"? It seems to me that you just have an issue with young people, typing away on your keyboard commenting how you were "annoyed" because you had to sit by teenagers and how the problem is that the people selling tickets are "just as young." I have a simple solution for you; if it bothers you oh-so-much, don't go to the movies anymore!

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  • Je
      Oct 23, 2009

    Hmmm, I'm on both sides for this argument. I agree that if they are too young and their parents didn't know they were seeing it, then they really shouldn't be seeing it but if they were either old enough and just looked young or their parents let them see that movie then really what your complaining about is how loud kids are at the theatre, and if thats the case then why didnt you just A) move or B) tell the manger or someone who works there, but thats just my opinion.

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  • Ka
      Feb 16, 2016

    I have back problems and cannot sit through a two hour movie so my 15 year old and I went inher friend got tickets to see Deadpool which I bought
    for my daughter on line in her parents bought one for her online so they had them on their phone and they were not allowed in. I went in because my daughter said I need to show my ID so I went in to show the just the ticket taker my ID to let them in and he said they would not be allowed in unless I went with them I informed him I could not if I have a bad back and could not sit in the movie for two hours which is why I made sure her friends parents bought her ticket and I bought my daughter her ticket he gave me a hard time said that is not the rule and he would not let them in if I went to a manager who was even more rude and said that's impossible even though my dad had seen it two days before she had my permission I went in I bought her the ticket if I physically can't sit there I don't see how why they have to be so rude she had my permission to be there. so the manager heard me say to the girls you know what I'll find someone older and you can walk in with them and the manager said if that happens I will go in and look and make sure they are sitting together if not they will be asked to leave. in all the years going to the movies I've never seen someone asked for an ID this was ridiculous a waste of time and money she had permission both of the girls did their only two years off the age limit and cheap my dad had already seen it I am so angry I don't know what to do so my daughter can see any movies rated R if her mother has pain problems where I am legally disabled and are they going to pay for my ticket if they were going to make me go and I was treated extremely rude this just happened so I'm extremely mad Anna voice texting on a cell phone so some of it may not make sense in my grammar and punctuation is probably off and it was an AMC theater which I've never had a problem with in the two people I talk to I never seen there before ever!

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