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Vudu - chargeback

In 2017 a VUDU rep stated that there was a chargeback for $15.34. This was 4yrs ago I am unaware of this supposed purchase but was willing to pay the fees. In August of 2017 I was in the Hospital having PARTIAL COLON REMOVAL SURGERY and would not have been able to purchase or decline any movies. Honestly I dont even know who actually setup this act if it was setup then due to health issues. I have reached out several times to clear this matter but have been on a hamsters wheel. No one would assist and kept transferring me from rep to rep from dept. to dept. with no actual help being provided for a $15.34 chargeback. My case is suppose to be escalated to the highest level of support for review and response again lets see what happens now. CASE: 2021101/-MWCQ1V (this is what I get when I attempt to rent a movie )(Aww dang it, something's wrong. Please try later).

Desired outcome: purchachaseability

Vudu - purchased movies

When I had fandango I purchased many movies. Now that Vudu took over :I cannot access those movies anymore. I called customer service 3 times and was told the problem would be corrected in time. Well, it has been 2 months now and nothing. I am very unhappy about it since all my movies are gone.
I really would like to go back to enjoying this new service but this problem gets in the way, Help

Desired outcome: to be able to access my movies Fandango.

Vudu - Bundled Movies

I really prefer to buy movies in bundles on Vudu. The problem with that is that if another sequel comes out, Vudu will screw you. They will either make you buy it separately, so it's not a part of your bundle, or they will make you buy the newer bundle with the newest sequel in it, but they completely refuse to refund you for the first bundle, so you're overpaying.

For example, I had the Jurassic World bundle. It included all 3 Jurassic Park movies and the first Jurassic World movie. Then they came out with the 2nd Jurassic World movie and I wanted to add it to my bundle. Previously, when I bought the newer bundle of movies with the latest sequel, Vudu would refund me for the older bundle of movies. But they refuse to do that now so they are screwing me financially. They've done this with 3 other bundled movies as well. They did this to me with How to Train Your Dragon, Avengers and Kung Fu Panda. They don't care about their customers at all and they are more than happy to screw us financially. I haven't bought anything on Vudu since this happened back in March or April and I'm looking for an alternate way to buy movies online similar to Vudu, but hopefully a better company that won't screw me and others financially.

Desired outcome: Refund of $200

Vudu - Bundled Packages

I have an account with Vudu. I have bought over 100 movies on Vudu. I really prefer to buy movies in bundles because all of the sequels are together. I recently bought 4 bundled movies: Avengers 4-movie collection, How to Train Your Dragon 3-movie collection, Jurassic World 5-movie collection and the Kung Fu Panda 3-movie collection.

I had bought the Kung Fu Panda movies individually. They deleted the individual movies that I'd bought since I bought the bundled package, but they refused to refund me my money for those movies. They are also going to delete my Avengers 3-movie bundle since I have bought the 4-movie bundle, but they refuse to refund me for the 3-movie bundle. They are also going to delete my 2-movie bundle of How to Train Your Dragon and my 4-movie bundle of Jurassic World, again without refunding me.

They say that they can't refund money after 30 days of purchase. Sequels often don't come out until years later. They need to either find a way to add sequels to a current bundle or to put single movies in a bundle package without screwing their customers financially.

For example, I just bought the 5-movie bundle of Jurassic World, it has all 3 Jurassic Park movies and the 2 Jurassic World movies. But they are going to release a 6th movie next year, the 3rd Jurassic World movie. I'd like to add this movie to my bundled package of Jurassic World without having to buy the new, more expensive bundle and not be refunded for the previous bundle that I currently have.

I don't want to wait 10+ years until maybe they stop making more sequels before buying a bundle of movies to watch. We enjoy watching the movies now. I'm just really sick and tired of Vudu screwing me financially like this!!! I'm a single mom and I don't make very much money at all.

Desired outcome: Refund of $200

Vudu - "another device on your account"

I cannot watch a single movie or tv show because I am being booted off every minute with an error message that says. "another device on your account has started playing this movie [#5002]". It occur...

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Dec 13, 2017

Vudu - Terrible customer service

their customer service is a real nightmare. I can't contact anyone to get some kind of assistance.
I don't think that my issues are big, but they can't be resolved without vudu customer service participation. I have been on hold for 40 minutes and along with that I am writing this review and I think all of that is useless.
Does this department actually exist? Looks like it doesn't...

Oct 11, 2017

Vudu - Useless company

Writing it and dreaming of how this company will be shut down soon. I don't know how and when, but one day it has to happen.
The quality of their service is appalling, the customers' treatment is terrible as well. So that;s why it's interesting how they are still operating and being well...
I always have issues with movies, they never download in full. Same thing each time. I don't understand what I pay for. Really.
Please, do us a favor and stop working at all, please. Vudu is useless.

Jan 29, 2016

Vudu - Customer service is horrible!

I was a loyal Vudu customer for a long time now, but things changed and now I will never buy anything from this horrible website! I bought a bundle pack but I was having some problems with it. I tried everything but still nothing worked. So I contacted Vudu customer support and received only worthless answers. There was no solution to my problem and Vudu representative was completely useless. Then I asked for a refund. I was put on hold for 30 minutes, and finally I was contacted with their manager. Their manager has a horrible attitude problem. Manager spoke to me as if I was stupid and treated me with disrespect. I was told that there will be no refunds. Horrible staff and horrible attitude! Don't deal with these guys!

I agree the customer service is awful.

Jan 19, 2016

Vudu - Customer service is horrible.

I was Vudu costumer for a long time now, but things had changed and I will never buy anything from them again. I was having some issues with the product I purchased. I did everything I could, but it was still not working. I contacted Vudu customer service, but after about an hour on the phone, I received only worthless answers. I then asked to speak to a manager or supervisor to see if I can either get a refund or even a Vudu credit. I was put on hold for 10 minutes and then I was disconnected. Called again and the same thing happened. Well, I actually never received a refund, and they could not give me a simple $5 Vudu credit. In the past I never had problems with this company, but now I'm really disappointed.

Vudu - They have the worst damn service I have encountered

I couldnt watch the film i ordered due to server issues and connection issues ; we ordered a film on the evening of 17 th, the movie was too long and we decided to finish watching it on the 18 th. At about 8 pm on the 18 th we tried to get vudu going and the network/ server error popped up 4 times, by the time that issue was resolved it told us we have 13 minutes left to finish watching the film ( of which about 50 minutes we yet didn't see) . Then server issue came up again and then we couldn't play the film at all because the time has elapsed. Either its some elaborate scheme or total and complete incompetence: but when i called : someone named DeeDee was trying to convince me that we watched the film all the way through. VUDU customer service wasn't in our living room on the evening of the 17 / 18, and trying to convince me that we watched the film isnt going to work. AND I WAS TOLD APPARENTLY THAT THE COMPANY DOESN'T HAVE MANAGERS?!


Several movies purchased, including today's movie called Lawless, will not stream and will freeze and skip. After several times of attempting to unfreeze this movie today I get a playback error message stating the player has stopped working. In the past I have contacted Vudu for refunds and/or technical assistance. I never get a response.

VUDU is a scam. They offer 10 tree movie to connect to ROKU, then get your information and want credit card number number. No free movies.