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My grandson, Age 10, received a $25 gift card for his birthday in July. He lives 95 miles from the closest AMC. He has called the number on the back of the gift card at least 5 times requesting a refund. He was told he would receive a refund within 3-5 weeks. Well that was over 3 months ago. Each time he has called to check on the status he is told that they have referred the matter to corporate and that he should be hearing from them. Yeah RIGHT! We have provided the help line with not only our telephone and address but our email as well; and still no response. How can he receive a refund or at least reinstate his gift card so that I can drive him the 95 miles to see a movie.


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    pobarjenkins Oct 05, 2010

    Wow, I'm surprised they offered a refund at all. Companies usually do not do that.

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    Mabel Day Dec 21, 2010

    Do not buy a amc gift card not useable in most area.

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    sintheeuh Apr 07, 2012

    Instead, you should yell at the person who was smart enough to give your son that gift card.

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    Aston Fox Jan 11, 2016

    Any gift certificate sold after January 1, 1997, is redeemable in cash for its cash value, or subject to replacement with a new gift certificate at no cost to the purchaser or holder.4 Effective January 1, 2008, any gift certificate with a cash value of less than $10 is redeemable in cash, which includes currency or check, for its cash value. CA Law.

    In most states your consumer rights are being abused & taken advantage of because their allowed to get away with it living in corporate America means there is very little that you can do about your consumer rights . You can't email AMC, & the phone number is nonsense, when you go into AMC they tell you to get lost ! Can't take them to court for $15 So what we can do is:
    1/DONT BY GIFT CARDS and if anyone gets you one say thanks but I won't use those on principle
    2/Boycott those stores that participate in these the gift card "FRAUDULENT" Activities . (And that's a lot of stores) so that doesn't work but let's face it their are so many corporate scams just like this all for GREED I guess we will just have to find a president that will support our consumer rights or a optical hitman

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    DebbieSue Dec 20, 2017

    I responded to an email from AMC offering a free $10 concession card with the purchase of a $50 gift card. I received the $50 gift card but NOT the concession card. It was difficult to contact them but when I did, I was advised that this was a limited offering and once the the limited supply of concession cards were gone..they would not offer any more. So..according to them, they had only a few cards to give out to the hundreds/thousands that responded to their ad (it was Xmas time). NO where on the ad did they state this. Clearly FRAUD.

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